The Dark Knight: How Heath Ledger’s Joker Was Born


Oscar-winning make-up artist John Caglione, Jr. retraces the steps of creating the Heath Ledger Joker on The Dark Knight’s 10th anniversary.

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  1. Heath Ledger tell his sister that The Joker is his favourite role,and he want to play as the Joker again in another Batman movie

    Ledger listen

    Where ever are you now,you are still the best Joker ever,and no one will beat you to act like the joker like you,from me,your biggest fans and the biggest fans for The Joker

    Best villain of all time-Joker
    Best actor who act like 100% joker-Heath Andrew Ledger

  2. Its sad that any future actors who will play the joker will alwys be compared to Heath. You cant compare. All previous Jokers were great at the time.
    Heath has left his mark in the film industry so stop hating on all the actors who played and who will play the Joker.

  3. Play a role that people will always remember, or play a role that inspires actors to play a version of that character, but play a character so layered and complex you inspire fear to other actors even thinking of doing anything related is legend. Thank You Heath Ledger. Thank you very much.

  4. Do u think any other villains role gets remembered as much as the Joker..
    He does not have any superpower(just has more physical endurance of taking a beating)Still that lunatic is the best villain in comic book universe.

    For me the Dark Knight is the best comic adaptation movie ever made.

  5. Amazing how much we cling to those few tiny moments we have of Heath just working the character, they are precious now. For me the scene that makes Joker is where he has his head outside the cop car window, the way all dogs do!, it just fits the character perfectly

  6. This movie set such a standard for me that i simply cannot watch any other comic book movie and not leave the theater disappointed. The Dark Knight is just one of those movies where you can't find a single flaw no matter how many times you rewatch it.

  7. Maybe the new Joker film coming out with Joaquin Phoenix is an inspired prequel to Heath Ledger’s joker that John was talking about at 7:46 it would be pretty cool if they took Heath Ledger’s idea for this movie

  8. I think Heath with his take on the joker…with the makeup and acting…..shits allover jack Nicholson and anyone prior and to come well I am biased…but I continue to watch his acting in batman and he is ???????? whatever…miss you matey ANNIELEE

  9. I being a complete snob when it comes to movie's like this. Wouldn't even bother to take a look at this type of movie until I saw this movie. I'm blown away!!!!! Can't get enough of the Joker. He feels like Sunday morning… yah ahh. Listen to that song. Sing with me. Powerful stuff!!!!!!

  10. Heath and Nolan and all the writers and crew gave us one of best villain and tragic antihero performance we will see in a long time. I just wish Heath was still alive today to see the effect of his performance upon cinema as a whole. And it would have been exciting and mesmerising to see him offered as intelligent and thrilling roles and how his career could have gotten even better

  11. That was awesome what a video I realy enjoyed watching itx I love watching great actors and their great performances just something about the ability to escape for awhile not only to escape but to totally transform into a whole new realm like through some sort of vortex into another world. I think this video of the behind the scenes make up footage of Heath Ledgers joker optimises thatxx great video great uploadxxx……..

  12. To see more of Ledger's Joker would have been fantastic! But now he is timeless, we can only imagine where, how, when, what could have happen. We have the glimpse of pure perfection and a legend. A pretty much perfect Joker.

  13. The funny thing is Heath Ledger was extremely handsome, so his joker actually had great style too, even with those scars and make up. He is the best looking and most intellectual Joker ever, the very epitome of a saddist, who takes pleasure and fulfillment in Saddism.


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