The Forest Review


The Forest reviewed on PC by TJ Hafer.

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  1. Remember when this was in early access and they had a ps4 trailer and was so excited. Over time I thought it just wouldn’t happen. To my surprise I saw it on the ps store today for only $20. Extremely excited

  2. I'm fairly certain that losing sanity has a couple more effects other than the ability to craft effigies. For example I was playing with my brother and I lost nearly half my sanity when he was at 97%, and in my game I would constantly hear screams that he didn't when we were right next to each other and once saw someone running around who vanished into thin air, so I think you suffer from hallucinations as well.

  3. If you hit women in the game it pisses off the cannibals off more than normal. If you don’t show aggression after a while most of the cannibals wont attack but will watch you. Its a lot of more actions that make the AI seem smart.

  4. I wouldn’t say the ai was particularly clever. They don’t attack immediately which is interesting but it’s not as in depth as this review makes out.

  5. Regarding the sanity scale; the mod "Dust" for Fallout New Vegas had a practical and interesting feature. If you committed an action which would harm your sanity then you would eventually begin to hallucinate as you lost your mind. This would spawn shadowy characters which could cause real damage to you and also allowed for different endings to the game, I believe.

  6. The forest deserves a major tweak and a full revamp and claim its rightful spot on the array of mainstream horror games. The forest deserves better graphics now! Id like to see the game grow to its maximum potential.

  7. Uh yeah, the lighter is meant to be used how it is used in real life, to ignite larger things to be used as a light or heat source. Sorry, everyone brought this up but I felt the urge to type something also.

  8. Thankyou for this review, I would have blindly bought this game if you hadn't mentioned the lack of gamma settings. I'm on an old Panasonic plasma tv with no remote and no ability to change my tvs brightness/contrast. This game would be unplayable for me, you just saved me $18, thanks IGN.

  9. The Ai is not clever. They are super agressive all the time. Even if its just one. They always charge me. In numbers they never disappear til i killed them all.

  10. To be honest, the coolest thing about this game is the amazing a.i. I love how a cannibal could stalk you, find your base and tell his friends to attack, that sort of a.i keeps me always on my toes and I love the thrill I get especially when hearing the monstrous noises of an armsy or a vaginia


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