The Grudge – Exclusive Official Trailer (2020) John Cho, Andrea Riseborough


“I think something followed me home.”

Get your exclusive first look at the trailer for The Grudge, directed by Nicolas Pesce and produced by Sam Raimi. Set in the United States, the movie follows a detective (Andrea Riseborough) who investigates a serious of suspicious deaths all stemming from one house. The 2020 Grudge reboot also stars John Cho, Andrea Riseborough, Betty Gilpin, Lin Shaye and Demian Bichir.

The Grudge hits theaters on January 3rd in the United States, January 9th in Australia and January 31st in the UK.



  1. im interested, but at the same time im scared that its gonna be a rehash since the shower scene already was in the original.
    im hoping this ''new'' take on the grudge is actually going to be new

  2. Ju-On was such a great japanese horror movie. No wonder Hollywood had to remake it to cash in. No wonder Hollywood had to remake it again to cash in.

    I'll be back to edit this post by copypasting that previous sentence in ten years.

  3. in the year 2030 we will have a new movie called…. "The Grudge". Then in the year 2050 we will have another movie called…. "the Grudge". Oh my fuken Gawd when will it END.

  4. I heard that they would change the ghost in this movie (as in it was not going to be the same ghost) but this seems to suggest otherwise. Just hope they aren't changing her story or anything

  5. Soooo taking the grudge out of Japan kinda strips it’s Shinto context away from it. Which, to an American watching is what makes the grudge so damn scary. The American remake succeeded because it placed an American in the main protagonist role, giving the audience a POV character to latch onto for the duration of the film. To put this in america, with a mostly American cast is what’s gonna make this SO boring.
    Unless they’ve got a new angle. Sam Raimi’s name is on this as a producer and he knows his stuff and I’d be disappointed if there’s no twist that allows that makes this unique. But we’ll see.

  6. I came here to tell the truth about my first real fear in the world. The grudge is a terrifying concept and I don’t think they should ruin future children’s sweet silent nights like mine were for 9 months at the tender age of 10.

    That hollowed groan is absolutely Petrifying 🤢🤮

  7. steve spencer? really?

    couldnt they have named his steven chang or something. or are we gonna ignore that the inmovie character whitewashed his name to fit in society?


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