The Invisible Man – Official Trailer(2020) Elisabeth Moss


Check out the first trailer for The Invisible Man starring Elisabeth Moss. A modern remake of one of Universal Pictures’ classic monster characters.


  1. You damn near showed the entire movie. On top of that.
    He fakes his death to give her money… Then mess with her so she doesn't get said money?

    Whats the point? On top of that he is already a psycho. So we don't get to experience his decent into madness (Ya know the most interesting part)
    Can't tell what looks worse. This or Black Christmas.

  2. I don't even think this should be classed as an adaptation of the H.G. Wells book or remake of the 1933 film. Just looks like your bog-standard stalker thriller with invisibility being the twist. Don't see what this has to do with a scientist making himself invisible and slowly descending into insanity whilst looking for a cure.

  3. In the will, he specifically wrote she couldn't be rulee as mentally incompetant in order to get the money. He basically said: "You want the money? Do not tell anyone about me haunting you." It's another way for him to control her beyond the grave.

  4. Blumhouse is involved…that answers enough that this wont be worth the watch plus it's there thing for just ruining the movie with the trailer regardless if it's a remake or original

  5. I would love if the final twist was that even though we see all this invisible man action, it turns out she really was crazy and we get 10 minutes of reality, during which she's actually just hurling herself into chairs and walls.

  6. Erm, I hate to burst your bubbles but true invisibility means total blindness. Unless one was Matt Murdock before one became invisible man, one is totally useless while "invisible."

  7. When I saw the scene of a person in the gurney with bandages on his face, I felt it looks like an homage to Claude rains when he had bandages on his face in the original film


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