The Mighty Ducks: Where Are They Now?


The Mighty Ducks: Where Are They Now?
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Quack! Quack! Quack! Not too many movies can call themselves the most successful sports films of all time or can say that their stories spawned a legit NHL team, but Mighty Ducks can and did. And the stars of the classic 90’s trilogy recently got together for a reunion inspiring us to wonder…what the quack happened to everyone?

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  1. Between making a joke about fat camp and neglecting to mention the cake eater kid who was also in the sandlot because he's black, that's totally unacceptable. I'm so tired of all the liberals in my industry not living up to their own standards of tolerance and political correctness!

  2. A bunch of people mentioned Ken Wu and Jesse & Terry Hall being
    forgotten, but what about Peter Mark (little leather jacket badass)?
    Tammy & Tommy Duncan (figure skate team)? Dwayne Robertson(cowboy)?

  3. It was because of D2 that a Hawaiian kid took up the sport of hockey in a cold place. It's films like these that need to be filmed more: something that inspires kids to do something.

  4. I love The Mighty Ducks, always have always will. I can quote these movies. Glad to see the cast again. I love all the Ducks but my favorites where Charlie and the BASH BROTHERS!

  5. I wish there was a mighty ducks 4 where Charlie Conway coached the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and his former team mates caught up for a reunion and that would include another reunion with coach Bombay.

  6. You forgot Kathyrn Erbe (D2, Michelle McKay), who went on to do Law & Order: Criminal Intent with the hunky Vincent D'Onofrio.

  7. They should make a new one but with Charlie as a former NHL coach who got fired for getting mad to much or something and forgot what Gordon really taught about the game so he goes back to his home town where Gordon is running Hans and Yans shop. So he goes or Charlie visits him and have a argument about being a rightful coach so Gordon gives him a team that was the same as the ducks with losing and has to teach them about the game but he looks for help from Adam Banks to help him coach to but the enemy’ coach who is one of the top coach and has a team who plays dirty and has been winning the pee wee league by cheating so the coach of that team is Either One of Coach Reilly’s Grandsons, Gunner Stall or one of the jocks from the third movie


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