The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Scenes That Were Cut From the Movie


A bunch of footage was cut from the wallcrawler’s latest sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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  1. If he really cared about someone making the connection from Peter to Spiderman he wouldn't have been swinging around with his classmate (Michelle) at the end of the movie

  2. It's funny how often movie makers nowadays compromise the quality and care put into their films to make it worse than what was envisioned originally…
    now they are chopped up and torn apart just to have the parts that should've been in the original sold off as scraps as a cheap way to get more sales…

  3. I like the film and all but do we really need a comedy spiderman trilogy? Like come on. These movies are well written but I just want my favorite character to be taken seriously. It just feels too kiddy. The rami films, specifically 2 for example, balanced the serious emotional moments with the light hearted moments in a way where I felt like the movie was still epic. Homecoming and Far From Home have not one epic moment that isn't followed by a joke. Predictable mcu formula where a random villain shows up who hates Tony Stark. I'm sick of the formula. I want new stories that can stand on their own. This movie cant stand up without endgame and the post credits scenes backing it up.

  4. In-universe people use blip to reference both the disappearance and return of half of all life because no one knew Thanos’ snap was the cause. For us though blip is the “unsnap” and snap is the first “blip”

  5. The Manfredi mob fight was cut because of the amount of action scenes already in the movie, they thought adding another one would ruin the pace. At least that's what the director said! It makes sense to me, but I'm definitely excited to see it on the blu ray

  6. The blip is the reappearance of everyone in endgame, the snap is when Thanos wiped out half the universe in Infinity War, why is everyone getting them so mixed up

  7. I knew I wasn't buggin out when I realized all of these scenes from the current trailers were either still altered or didn't appear in the final film.

  8. This is shaaaady. Adding a short film to the blue-ray is great. But using those scenes over and over again in the marketing, despite knowing they won’t be in the theatrical release is shady af.


    When fury discusses Becks backstory
    Trailer: He's from earth, just not ours.
    Movie : He's from earth, just not yours (Likely a slip by Talos but changed for trailer to avoid anyone picking up on the twist)

  10. In a I believe Japanese trailer of spiderman he's making his suit however in the trailer it showed holograms of spider suits one was a classic iron spider suit I don't know if that was suppose to be in there or not but pretty cool if you ask me

  11. Didn't you guys just cover the news about the difference between the snap and the blip? Kevin Feige literally said "The Snap" refers to the moment everyone disappeared, "The Blip" refers to the moment everyone came back. The two are not one another. They are different events.

  12. Trailer clips not in actual film? Hence the reason why I refuse to watch such movies in cinema. Will wait for it on terrestrial TV.

  13. Actually the "vanishing act" in 2018 was NOT referred to as "the blip" in the film. "The blip" WAS used however in reference to everyone returning in 2023 after The Hulk snapped. Just to clarify.

  14. If you guys were as big of Marvel fans as you think you are than you’d know they purposely put things in their trailers that are likely to or have already been cut.

  15. I do wonder why they went with Blip in the movie. In End Game Cap is talking to people and says that Thanos caused half the pop to vanish so I'd think Thanos would be common knowledge.

  16. If Marvel keeps doing that i will sue them for false advertising. The biggest one was with infinity war with the whole team and hulk running. Was never in the movie

  17. I found the way he kept his identity a secret very inconsistent. (Not that it mattered in the end!) Like when he and Mysterio where in the Bar and he was just in the suit but not the mask. Also why would Spider-man be swinging around the city with some random girl? I loved the movie but this part was strange.

  18. "We've narrowed it down to: the Snap is when everybody disappeared at the end of Infinity War. The Blip is when everybody returned at the end of Endgame… and that is how we have narrowed in on the definitions," Feige clarified.


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