The Top 25 Scariest Games of This Generation


With Resident Evil back on track, Shinji Mikami returning to the world of survival horror he helped create, and surprise indie hits like Outlast, the current console generation has been a treat for fans of the dark and dreary. Here are the 25 scariest games of this generation (November 2013-present).


  1. I’m glad P.T. Was number one. It terrified me when I played alone in my apartment for the first time in the middle of the night and still scares me today all these years later!

  2. The evil within 2 is my favourite horror game ever it’s just so fun to play and the characters, story and premise is just so cool and I’m holding out hope that Kojima could one day return and finish Silent hills

  3. I know I'm gonna be hated after this but I'm gonna say it right now. P.T. maybe great. but since it was just a demo I can't count it a part of a scariest horror game list since it was never finished!

  4. Yeah Yomawari is scarier than Slender! Where the f… Is Slender? WTF! Slender, P.T., Outlast and Amnesia (the first one) are the scariest games of all time in my experience.

  5. EW 1 and EW2 is less on the list than resident evil 2 remake? theres no sprint button on re2 remake, the game mechanics are clunky, story doesnt make sense, clunky controls, this is when you know IGN does popularity selection, not actual talent, any game that Shinji Mikami makes is above the rest, even Hideo Kojima himself, this is attributed to content, gameplay loop, satisfaction and fun, oh and lets not forget, story beats

  6. Am I the only one that thinks Blair Witch deserves a spot on this list? I thoroughly enjoyed it because the horror was mostly subtle, not too many jump scares, a story that kept you on the edge of your seat to solve the mystery of a missing child, and the feeling of dread knowing that someone or something is always watching you through the tree lines of the forest.

  7. Amnesia. SOMA, and Bloodborne so far down the list is wrong. Last of Us definitely shouldn't be on this list. FNAF, The Forest, Outlast 2, shouldn't be so high up. Outlast 1 definitely shouldn't be second place.

    On the other hand, I LOVED seeing Alien Isolation so far up. IMO it, Resident Evil 2, and Amnesia should have been top 3. I loved PT, but a demo shouldn't be top anything.

  8. Lone Survivor??????
    Yeah it was 2012 but still, it came out on the wii u and ps4, like pretty early in the transition, an exception could've been made.

    "The Evil Within didn't disappoint"
    Disppointed me, sequel's better, even if not amazing.

    Last of us and Bloodborne are really difficult games on default, with this in mind, the gauntlet style nature makes the horror fail weaker in my opinion. The designs may be fantastic, but the delivery uneventful.

    Overall this list shows me how sad this generation is for horror.

  9. How could you miss-Dying Light(!!!!),Condemned,Man of Medan,Fear1,2 and most of all 3,Dead Space 1,2 3!!!!This are games of resonance man…you have nothing in common with games!!!Don't quit your day job….:((((((
    PS Metro the series…Jericho….Dead Island….leave the games to someone else man,you have nothing in common with them

  10. My top 5 scary games:
    1. The Evil With (Laura)
    2. Dead Island (Butcher)
    3. Dying Light (nighttime)
    4. Red Dead Redemption II (First time seeing Manmade Mutant when it is nighttime in game and playing in dark room)
    5. Uncharted 3/4 (Spiders chasing after Sully, Elena, and you.) (Running through the a maze full of mummy bombers)


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