The Walking Dead: Season 10 Premiere Exclusive Sneak Peek


SPOILERS! In this exclusive clip from The Walking Dead’s Season 10 premiere, Michonne is rattled after a short-tempered Aaron rushes in to take down the undead, proving that Rick is gone but not forgotten. The Walking Dead Season 10, episode 1, “Lines We Cross,” airs Sunday, October 6 on AMC.

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  1. I watched every season and I gotta say that it's starting to become a bit boring due to all the interesting / OG characters being killed off and removed from the series. Which in and of itself is fine but no new cool characters come back in return (Rick's daughter is an exception for me personally as I do like her character, Negan and king Ezekiel also) which makes the show as a whole a bit dull – because it's all about the people in this show after all. I'll still be watching it though, I mean I'm 10 seasons in so I might as well finish watching it all.

  2. I never understood how they can be overpowered by Walkers. The Walkers shouldn’t have muscle mass so it should be as easy as pushing them away, but he struggles? Does that mean the Walkers still have a metabolism?

  3. damn, they manage making it even worse, how that now is even possible is beyond me. sadly to say but i cant help but think "michonne" just cant "die" quick enough. well well, the brainwashed majority probably cant get enough of it 🙂

  4. For those that are still watching, how is the show now? The last episode I saw was S08 E01, I remember very clearly rick had an open shot on Negan and he didn’t take it.

  5. Am I the only one that thinks the people wearing shoulder pads that look like they were made for an acting troupe is so off putting- @thewalkingdead please stop putting your actors in the corny outfits.

  6. The amount of times this show has had a walker grab somebody with a music cue is ridiculous, they are literally tired malnourished homeless people and the show still tries to show them as scary lol

  7. We don't afraid of these kind of scenes anymore; furthermore, It's been 1 year and since then, I've been thinking about Rick every single day. I personally don't give a sh!t about things that could happen to the rest. I need Rick and I need him now.

  8. I wonder why they dont make body armor like with tires and leather to perfect themselves from the walkers??? And why cant anyone hear the helicopters except the Walker's??? Just saying.

  9. I feel bad for people who stopped watching before season 9 aired, the new showrunner is top tier and knows what's she's doing

  10. Very excited about this season and the rise of Negan! Sure I hated him in all the best ways in 7 and 8 but really hoping this new Negan will rise up and become the great hilarious leader and redeems himself and actually unites everyone to kill the very annoying whisperers. Of course it better be Carol that kills Alpha though!


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