things are looking up


Bless up for a new month! But for real, September has arrived and I don’t think your girl has been more excited to start anew. Take a tour of our new home(s), watch my Virgo mom personality come out to play, and live the Instant Pot chronicles, all in one vlog.


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  1. Happy Sunday everyone! I'm reading all the giveaway entries and it's making me so happy to see everyone open up. n_n It's gonna be tough choosing the winners.

  2. omggg girl, is that your natural hair or do you have extensions on? Because it's a lot of hair, I'm so jealous haha I'm trying to grow it out but it looks a bit too wispy in the ends for my taste but it looks like you've got so much hair!
    btw, my insta handle is @gyovyleon and my chapter title would be "do not recommend: planning a wedding on your senior year of college" haha

  3. Life stage: 30’s thriving and trying to understand everyone around me to the best of my ability. It’s so nice that you can gain perspective as you get older and use it for good! @liannamay

  4. IG: @syahirahkmrdn

    This chapter of my life is called “idk what the fuck is happening but imma roll with it.” Going into senior year of university has made me feel MORE confused than ever about my life choices but i’m just gonna enjoy the ride and see what happens.

    Love you, Jenn!!

  5. @hehechelle
    I would name the current chapter of my life "Re-re-re-re-re-discovering my identity," since recently I've just been constantly figuring out more and more about who I am and who I want to be.

  6. IG: ailinhchoi
    I finished my university studies but decided to go in a bit of a different direction for my career and to do so I'm going back to uni for three months for a training. It's going to be challenging but i'm excited! I would title this chapter of my life "Facing new challenges and rock them".

  7. I would say my title would be "growth"
    Graduated uni 2 years ago, the growth is definitely not only on my career but also my personal growth!
    Would love to learn and improve along the way to be a better person!

    Thank you Jenn for doing this giveaway!!
    ig: morticiac

  8. IG: anna.h.o.a.n.g

    I would name this “The clearing after the storm”

    I thought you handled your unfortunate situations so beautifully. Because its okay to be sad and cry during the storm when things go down, as long as you recognize the clearing afterwards when things go up and don’t let yourself get stuck in the storm. Which I thought you did so beautifully, Jenn! And by sharing your story you’re also motivating others to not get stuck in their own negativity! ❤️❤️

  9. I haven’t gone to social media in a really long time! I’ve missed watching your videos, and I’m glad you had a vlog up, I laughed at the instant pot reactions ^_^ (I had the similar ones, my mom just got two instant pots). And my bf has two dogs so I think cheeki is normal! one dog is super needy and always by anyone she can be, the other one likes to chill by herself and actually removes herself from social moments haha.

    IG @anitasoz
    Chapter title: I’ve got nowhere to go and no job until I try, so gimme some courage

  10. Chapter title: “Gotta figure out of the core”
    Cause my life right now is full of mess which I really really need to figure it out before things get completely insane for meh.

    IG ID: a_____a567

  11. ig: @godlyaudrey
    Coming to Terms
    I’m a firm believer that acceptance of our emotions and our circumstances, including all the good and all the bad, help shape us into who we are.

  12. chapter title: despite the tenebrosity, chzzie, we love on

    am at the final lapse for preparing for my A levels, my biggest milestone exam. I’ll continue to love and be the kindest version of myself, because that’s what I fight for 🤧💗


  13. IG: @celestecornelia

    I would title it "finding happiness in this hustle"

    just a back story as to why i would name it that is cos i'm juggling uni, and various part time jobs. my days are mostly packed with work, workout and school (': THE HUSTLE IS REAL AND THE SLEEP IS NON EXISTENT

  14. ig: itsgohare
    this chapter of my life would be called "even when crying your eyes out, remember to kick ass"
    like for you, august was a really tough month for me and has really tested the strength and happiness ive tried so hard to build but! its just another opportunity to prove how resilient i am i guess

  15. IG: @courtneyw10
    Current chapter of my life: Marie Condo that sh*t.
    Just trying to figure out what brings joy into my life. What do I need more of and what would be best for me to live without.

  16. "Rollercoaster – part 2"
    the high sand lows are all stuff i've been through before, and it's both good and bad that it seems like things will change for real this time.

  17. For me it’d be: You gotta start somewhere. I’m in this chapter in my life right now whereby I’m unsure of what the future wil bring if I make a decision for a change. Getting stuck at this chapter in my life for the longest time and I know it’s time for a change, and I gotta start somewhere. Lots of love from Singapore! 🧡 IG: @ohhhlimin

  18. Hi Jenn
    IG account : lollipoprincess
    I’m 29 yo and I’m finally feeling like I’m growing up. Being a nurse and dealing with my mom’s breast cancer made me realize that I’m an adult dealing with shitty thing (had a miscarriage two years ago around the same period) and I can get througt and help my loved ones too. So I would call this chapter « growing up and reaching out »

  19. IG: joyg.lee

    This chapter of my life… I would title it “Before the happily ever after…” as I am not only getting ready for a wedding but spending the last of my 20’s still struggling to fit into the real adulthood. This title holds a lot of different meanings for me although it may sound cliche for others.

  20. @jesrever , and I would probably title this chapter "persevere past the fear that you may amount to nothing."

    thanks for doing a giveaway!

  21. where are your lashes from in the very first shot of the video when you're about to go on the movie date?!??! you look stunning as always, so happy to see you happy 🙂

  22. IG: thisgirl_andie
    "A life of abundance"
    The reason for this title is because I've realized that although many of us feel like we've living in the most violent & distant world (because of wars, the toxicity of social media etc.), I firmly believe that we are truly the luckiest generation because we are born in an era where nothing is impossible. It's so easy (compared to the past) to make money, connect with people, collect more knowledge etc. which is the reason why this would be the title of this chapter in my life right now. Grateful & appreciative.

  23. IG: ashthetic_things
    “God only gives you what he knows you can handle “ when I think of this quote it reminds me that I’m stronger than I think I am even though I’m going through this hard chapter ☺️ You got this Jenn your lowest Lows bring your highest highs ❤️

  24. Hi Jenn, my name is Sino Kwili and my IG: @sinokuhle._ I would call this chapter of my life "who are you?" Cause as a recovering people pleaser who has been struggling with my identity since i started university. I am finally learning to love and accept myself for who i truly am. Ps: im in south africa but I wanted to share this with you anyway. I love you❤


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