Thor Ragnarok Set Photo Reveals Odin’s Fate


Thor Ragnarok Set Photo Reveals Odin’s Fate
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New Thor: Ragnarok set photos have revealed the fate of Odin and we’re breaking it down for you right now. Things are not looking good for Odin as his whereabouts have finally been revealed. Yesterday we brought you set photos from the first day of shooting on the streets of Brisbane on next year’s Thor: Ragnarok and today brings new photos that reveal just where Odin has been since the end of Thor: The Dark World. You may recall in that film that Loki had disguised himself as Odin and taken over the Asgardian throne, but it was unclear what had actually happened to the real Odin. Thanks to a set photo posted by photographer Glenn Hunt on Instagram, we now know that Odin has been living as a homeless man on the streets of New York. While star Anthony Hopkins was clearly mugging for the camera, his character looks drastically different from the warrior king we’re used to seeing. Instead of his Asgardian armor, he’s sporting tattered clothes, an unkept and unwashed beard and a piece of cloth in place of his signature eyepatch. From yesterday’s set photos it looked like Loki and Thor end up returning to Earth in search of Doctor Strange, but this new photo has us wondering if they are also on the hunt for Odin or if perhaps they will happen upon him during their search? Considering Loki is the one who put him in this predicament, we can’t imagine he’d be in too much of a hurry to find him, but we’re eager to find out when Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theaters on November 3rd, 2017. In other Thor news, The Wrap brings word that Devo frontman, Mark Mothersbaugh will be composing the film’s score. In addition to being the co-founder of the popular New Wave band that brought us the seminal 80s hits “Whip It”, Mothersbaugh is also credited with composing the score for film’s like The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street and Pitch Perfect 2. So, what do you think of Odin being homeless in New York and how will his predicament fit into the film’s plot? Share your thoughts in the comments and then click here to find out what we want to see happen in the movie. I’m Miriam Isa, thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon with more movie news!

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  1. I'm thinking maybe Lokie used his powers on Odin and now he may not know who he actually is? Or similar to what Odin did to Thor is the First Thor film, he may have stripped him of his powers somehow? Only time will tell.

  2. patrick Doyle's score for the first thor is in my view the best score composed for any mcu film…..why did they have to get rid of him and why now do they get a composer from fucking pitch perfect 2 and 21 jumpstreet….what the actual fuck

  3. sounds like Thor and Loki have to team up, again, and go searching for Odin to fix Loki's problems, maybe, and they need Dr Strange help to find him which makes sense because he would have to hide him from Heimdel's sight In order to masquerade as king making Oden nearly impossible to find.

  4. That is awesome!! Can't wait to see this movie!
    I know it will be epic, it will be funny and full of irony. And it will be as dark as it can be too; for is the story of Raknarok. How will they incorporate Planet Hulk in the mix? I don't know but I'm eager to find out

  5. Mark fucking Mothersbaugh?? Are you fucking KIDDING ME???? You follow Patric Doyle and Brian Tyler's magnificent scores with THAT fucking hack?! My anticipation for this film just plummeted.Dear God……

  6. Back in the late 70's Odin had lost his memory for a short time and was living on earth in Marvels Mighty Thor series while retaining his powers. Marvel tends to use story lines from the parts of old comic books. It appears that Thor and Loki are looking for Odin on earth and will have to help him restore his memory as Odin and return him to Asgard.  As for Thor having the address of Dr. Strange, I believe Thor and Loki have had their powers stripped from them, as Thor is without Mjolnir, and possibly banished to earth.  This could have been done by the Amora, the Enchantress or possibly by Hella.  Dr. Strange's Macic could possibly help them regain their powers and return to Asgard. That's my guess.

  7. Odin visits Midgard every now and then and his signature clothing is a blue travelling coat, so i dont think the photo truly reveals his fate. Perhaps he's been to Midgard again and Loki prevented him from coming back?

  8. Moral of the story: If you banish your first born to Midgard and imprison your adopted second born after making him feel homeless… Your second born will banish you to Midgard as a homeless person! XD

  9. This happened in the Comics in the 70's.
    Odin was a homeless bum but his power eventually came back . Great storyline.

    I cannot wait to see Surter and his fire men. If Asgards going down only Surter can do it.

    During all this I'm guessing Thanos sneaks in and claims one of the infinity gems.


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