Thrifted Transformations | Ep. 10 (DIY Sailor Moon Costume)


Learn how to make a Sailor Moon Costume! I will list all the materials down below. For more pictures, follow me on Instagram & Facebook 🙂
The sewing machine I use is a Juki-HZL from, the direct link to it is:

Extra Materials:
1 yard Red fabric for the bows
1 foam sheet for the Tiara
1 heart magnet from Walmart
Spray Paint – Krylon Red Glossy and White Glossy (I forgot to mention that if you spray paint the boots, they will chip. But it does the job for a costume.)
White Shoulder Pads from Joanns
White gloves from Savers
Velcro – for the back bow, and necklace

Background Music by Erik Moua
Transformation Song by Kunning Fox:

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  1. Hey thanks for this helpful DIY Video. Your costume looks amazing.
    But could you help me? I need the measurement of the bow for the back. The Front isn´t a problem but the back =( Could you help me?

  2. Wow, I'm amazed by your talent. I've never seen someone who can create an amazing sailormoon costume like you did in this video. I'm still shocked by how amazing it looked. Also love how you kept up with the details. Listen, you're awesome and you have amazing talent. Keep up the good work. I'll definitely be talking about you to everyone I know.


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