Thrifted Transformations | Ep. 8 (DIY Princess Jasmine & Aladdin Costume)


I went on the hunt for the perfect clothes to transform into Aladdin and Princess Jasmine! Watch how I created their costumes 🙂

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  1. I just discovered your channel and I am seriously blown away with your transformations! Keep it up! And I would love to see a alice from alice in wonderland costume! :))

  2. Where did you purchase your gold fabric? I've been trying to search for some but I just don't know the name of it because its kind of soft on one side and then gold and shiny on the other side.

  3. I started watching these thrifted transformations, and I couldn't stop! They are so creative. I would love to see a sweetheart top tutorial too, and keep up the great work! 

  4. Love all these transformation videos! I'd love a tutorial on how to sew on elastic!
    & maybe a corpse bride dress or little mermaid 🙂
    I'm just getting into sewing and making my kids costimes this year, this is so inspirational!

  5. I really like this. And I was wondering if maybe you could do a review on that sewing machine you were using because I'm looking to buy a new one and would really like your input. Thanks! 🙂

  6. this video is so cuute the transformation and u and ur bf are just w
    does anyone know the background music of the video would really appreciate some help thanks! :>

  7. Dear Coolirpa, I love how the jasmine costume turned out! and I'd love to see an updated sweetheart bodice tutorial. Your projects are lovely and you make it look so easy. I love your tutorials and must compliment you on how you edited this one, love the flying carpet act with you both on it. I think your boyfriend is fantastic to participate and I love his costume too. your instructions are very clear.

  8. i'm not sure if anyone mentioned this, but you have such a hot bod! you pull off this outfit so well and your skills are out of this world !  🙂

  9. i find it so funny that his name is Eric and you went as Aladdin and Jasmine instead! You totally missed being Ariel ahah c: Anyway, fantastic process! The costumes turned out so good!

  10. I don't like how she shows what it looks like at the end at the begining of the video. My favorite part of these videos is when she reveals what it looks like at the end, ps ur like the best tailor/ person who sews I have ever seen

  11. Absolutely awesome!!! I would love to see what your brain does to brides maid dresses? Do you take challenges? Like if I sent you the most ugly dress ever to see if you could do something cool?


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