Tom Hardy Is Venom!


This morning The Hollywood Reporter broke news that Mad Max and The Revenant star Tom Hardy is in final negotiations to take on the role of Venom in Sony’s solo anti-hero film. Director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland and Santa Clarita Diet) is also in final negotiations to helm the flick. Will this work??

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  1. Okay, so yes we have a great pairing here with Hardy as Brock. It's a dream pairing. But its a wasted pairing because it's Sony and they're going to screw it up. It's like we rolled a 12 with the dice when it wasn't even our turn.

  2. A Venom movie that has nothing to do with Spider-man. All I see is another attempt by a production company to schlepp out a superhero property that they know will make money just from brand recognition without taking the time to think about why people love the character in the first place.

  3. Spider-man and Venom have such a great dynamic that we will now probably never get to see in the MCU because Sony wants to pretend they know how to make superhero movies! And it annoys me to see people playing along!

  4. Tom….why did you take this role?!…. money. ah well…his sons will enjoy knowing their dad spit out poisen. lol.

    I'd love to see Tom Hardy as Robinson Crusoe. or count of Monte Cristo… Hamlet!

  5. Itd be really cool if they somehow secretely brought back Tobey or Andrew Garfield for a minimal part in this (like an origin montage of sorts) t. Keeps it out of the MCU but at least gives it SOME continuity.

  6. I kind of wish people would just stop seeing any non-Marvel Studios movies with Marvel characters. It's the only way Marvel will ever get the rights back, but it will never happen.

  7. Sony should keep ties with marvel to keep the shared universe together. By starting another separate universe you will confuse movie goers. Also Spider-Man has to be attached to a Venom movie because his powers mimic Spider-Mans because they were bonded. If they tell this story in the opening credits it can allow them to do the origins without having to spend an entire movie on it. Or it could be done in flash blacks similar to the dead pool movie.

  8. Who is the person the villains face off against in this universe? If they can't use Spider-Man then who? They should have waited and then used the flash Thompson venom for this. At least then they'd have a hero for the villains to fight

  9. I'm thinking about the tone. I don't think going with the tone of Spider Man: Homecoming will do. I think a bit of a gritty tone along the lines of Iron Man 3 will do. Because we got Tom Hardy I think due to his acting strengths, onscreen persona and what we have seen, a bit of a gritty tone might do. When I mean by gritty tone is that it should take a bit of a serious grounded approach. I'm not saying DC dark as I know people have a problem with that but something like Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I think this is the best way to describe what I mean. Although I would prefer the Venom movie to go the Deadpool route.I think it would suit and benefit the film immensely.

  10. Tom Hardy is an amazing and talented actor. He always becomes whatever character he's portraying, and as dope as it would've been to see him as Wolverine… that casting is just too easy. The idea of him playing Eddie Brock / Venom is intriguing and catches you off guard. Ruben Fleischer is also a nice and intriguing addition. Zomebieland and Santa Clarita Diet are dark comedies… that could work nicely in a film about Venom. I'm optimistic for this one.

  11. what if sony/marvel are telling us that venom is unrelated to the MCU because spiderman acquires the black suit via Infinity War and they don't wanna spoil it? yea I know, probably not 🙁

  12. If I was running Sony I would start a Spidey villain universe and keep the films lower budget (perhaps Venom being a bigger budget) and focus on the origin stories, and have Spidey cameo in each film. Then eventually bring in Spidey in a huge deal with Marvel in a full film with everyone.
    1. Venom (Horror/Cosmic)
    2. Kraven the Hunter (Dark Russian drama/Action)
    3. Mysterio (Horror/Thriller/Psychedelic)
    4. Black Cat (Mystery/Heist)
    etc, etc…..

  13. For fuck's sake sony. Why can't u just let it be an MCU movie ? I mean what r u going to do with spiderman anyway ? make a 4th reboot, or make another horrible end to the andrew garfield trilogy ?

  14. This could have been perfect like a decade ago. Like back in 2002, while Spider Man first came out Tom Hardy had his major debut as Shinzon in Star Trek Nemesis. Imagine coming fresh-off that character, he could have been perfectly 'icky' for Venom role in Spider-Man 2 or 3 back then. But now he's just too grizzly and bulky, not to mention a mumbler.

  15. People are expecting an origin story. My guess is it has flashbacks, but Venom is gonna be an established character and is hunting someone/something such as carnage

  16. SONY NEEDS TO JUS GIVE MARVEL EVERYTHING THAT DEALS WITH SPIDERMAN Tomhardy is my favorite actor but like the guy said u cant do a venom story without spiderman being in it cus basically spiderman made venom so idk wtf sony is doing

  17. The symbiotes are actually inherently peaceful. The personality of the first host greatly determines how they will behave when bonded with others. The reason why Spidey's symbiote was so messed up was because it bonded to Deadpool before bonding to Peter.

  18. I actually liked the dance scene , I don't just agree because everyone else does , Tony maguire was a good spidey , take a look at that other chump, Tom hardy great casting , I feel like venom even deserves his own film though , and my last irrelevant comment is Christopher Reeves was the best superman …why ? Because its all about character .

  19. Great casting. Great character. Great story. I honestly don't know how they could screw this up, but I'm sure they'll find a way. Still super excited for this it's about time.

  20. I think they are aiming for another DEADPOOL or LOGAN kind of movie due to how commercially successful those movies where. but this?? I don't think so 🙁
    they are using very nice elements to produce a mess. That's my opinion

  21. I think they are aiming for another DEADPOOL or LOGAN kind of movie due to how commercially successful those movies where. but this?? I don't think so 🙁
    they are using very nice elements to produce a mess. That's my opinion

  22. I think they are aiming for another DEADPOOL or LOGAN kind of movie due to how commercially successful those movies where. but this?? I don't think so 🙁
    they are using very nice elements to produce a mess. That's my opinion

  23. I'm excited, if the director of slither/writer for BOTH Scooby Doo movies make Guardians of the Galaxy, I can believe the director of Zombieland can make a great R rated venom movie!

  24. u can't make a venom movie without spiderman, it's stupid. venom is cind of peters greatest enemy. his main villain cuz venom knows everything about peter. if sony just wasn't stupid then we could have the darkest marvel movie ever. where venom litterly breaks spidermans will to live. venom could kill.or hurt anyone spiderman loves like the new charakter ned or something. it would be as dark as dark knight and it would be awesome. but nooo lets make venom without spiderman, it's the same as saying it's a movie about venom without venom cuz it just dosn't work at all. After all it may still be a good movie but it would never make sense, could be about another symbiot, not venom

  25. Why couldn't sony use the spiderman rights to make a miles morales spiderman movie with donald glover. Seperate from the mcu and they can do cool universe shit on their own.

  26. Well, technically, Sony can create the standalone Venom movie without involving Spider man, just have to be creative on how they do it. First of all, Tom Hollands Spider-man is still in high school, he need to get a job and a photographer in Daily Bugle to meet Eddie Brock and then the rivalry starts and you know how the story goes…. This venom movie can be a story that is happening in a different time line where Eddie is already Venom and dealing with his good and bad side, day to day struggles as both Eddie and Venom, more like a split personality and Tom Hardy got such a range to do that. Now the main question here is, how to explain the origin of Venom without involving Spider-man,

    We didn't see an origin of how Tom Hollands Spider man got his powers in the Home coming either, still we managed to understand . Here is one simple way to show the origin of Venom. when the title credit shows the name of the movie and the characters starring, Sony can show the origin of venom as an animation in the background with an excellent music score. and when the last name in the credit (usually the directors name) comes, we can cut the animation to real life, where Tom Hardy opening his eyes, waking up from his bed naked and with blurry memory of last night as venom.

  27. hey that was a fantastic idea man…have mayday parker or gwen stacey as the spider person of the sony universe..there are multiple versions of spidermen out there..think about it..


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