Tom Holland: Spider-Man is ‘Safe’ in Sony’s Hands – IGN Daily Fix


Tom Holland say Spider-Man is safe with Sony, Boba Fett is not a Mandalorian and NBA2K20 will feature the WNBA.

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  1. Will Marvel and Sony come to a new deal?
    Will Tom Holland continue on as Peter Parker/Spider-Man?
    Is there really a curse with Spider-Man 3?
    Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!!!

  2. SPIDEY safe in the hands of Sony? Need I remind those fools what happened that prompted them to make a deal with Disney? The MCU doesn't need Spidey to survive but SPIDEY NEEDS THE MCU TO SURVIVE.

  3. Im calling 🐂💩! Boba fett is mandalorian. Hell he was the ruler of mandalor in the books. Disney has pissed all over the star wars saga by throwing out 40+ years of great books and stories.

  4. Just like Ghostbusters, men in black, spider man 3, the amazing spider man, the amazing spider man 2, and venom. With tom Rothman, the man who infamously suppressed deadpool, while greenlighting fan4stic, I'd say spider man couldn't be in better hands.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Maybe Tom is too young to remember the entirely forgettable Sony Spider-Man movies. A lot of people will be skipping any Sony flicks with him because of this. I have absolutely zero plans to watch any no matter who plays, sorry Tom. Hope to see you in other non-Sony flicks.

  6. Mango pretty much died early on. Boba couldn’t capture Han without Vader’s help, and died by rocketing into a critters stomach while running away. Boba is the ultimate Poser, hanging around acting tough and looking “cool” but a useless wanker underneath.

  7. I'm sorry but I can't exactly trust a person who not only is just trying to keep doing what they like but also has their contract through the company lol. I hope Spidey is fine but my prediction is they attempt a Venom crossover and then go back to negotiating with a better understanding of how well they can do without Marvel Studios.

  8. I don't want Spider-Man to be "safe." I want him in the MCU, and if that's not safe then it's worth the risk. Though frankly, Sony hasn't done much to inspire confidence with a track record like theirs. After five movies, all critically acclaimed, I'd say Marvel is definitely the safer bet.

  9. Tom Holland: Please I Want Spiderman Safe?

    Sony: [Holds Super Shotgun Behind Silently And Sony Doesn’t Want It In UNSAFE]

    Me: Warning You Are IN DANGER, Tom!

    Disney: Hey Guys I Have An Idea!

    Disney Has Left The Chat


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