Torch 300 Calories in 30 Minutes With This Cardio Boot Camp | Class FitSugar


Get ready for a full-body tone and to torch 300 calories in this cardio boot camp.

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  1. I feel great. I was going to skip my workout for today, I am sooo glad I did not. Another Popsugar workout in the favorite folder.Yea. BTW, Anna, I call the rotator cuff stretch the "sassy" stretch. It feels amazing and I do it all the time. Until the next workout, let's keep "give [ing] the people something good to look at as we leave". Rainer Pollard

  2. I love these videos. I've been overweight most of my life and your chanel has helped me change that! I'm not just losing weight…I'm changing my outlook on life one video at a time. It's been one of the hardest things to just keep going no matter what happens. I've lost over 30 lbs and gained so much

  3. Was a bit disappointed with this one I only burned 218 cals and I used a heavier weight than you and kept in time with you throughout 😫 still love your videos though 😘

  4. Anna your such a great instructor. I have fun with you even when I have to force myself to workout (like today). And I lost my shoes during that first round of pikes 😝😱 thanks for all the great videos and for making workout fun.

  5. Could we have more of these 30-40 minute workouts?? I love them and see great results but get tired of doing the same ones all the time. Combining 10 minute workouts isn't my fave.
    Love this though!

  6. I've been subscribed to this channel for a while now, and haven't written any comments, but I looooove your videos, I feel amazing after every workout, and I love how you explain and show every exercise. What I love about your channel is that different to others, you also struggle, and get tired while doing the workout, in other channels instructors tend to show effortless, and this I hate!!!! I will keep watching always! Thank yooooou

  7. Absolutely love this workout, especially the stretching routine at the end. New stretches I had never tried. Extremely effective!. Do Not Skip the stretches! Thanks for another great workout!

  8. OMG this was SOOO AMAZING ! Love working out to Anna's workouts. such a lovely woman! wish she would be my friend in real life haha
    im pouring sweat rn but with Anna's attitude it didnt even feel like 30 mins. thank you Anna! god bless your sweet soul! such a genuine human ♡

  9. I just finished this! great workout. I did it full and burned 245 cals, then before doing the stretch I added 2 rounds of 3 abs exercises and ended up burning the full 300 by the end. Thanks Anna!

  10. I was only able to do half of this because my mom needed me to help her pick cherries, but I was sweating and I already did the 15 minute intense body weight this morning, so at least I got 30 minutes today.

  11. Dear Anna! Thank you so much for all the workout series! I truly enjoy every single one of them. After having three babies I messed up my hip and had therapy, I started doing ur workouts little by little and now I feel stronger! I think my little ones are used to your voice by now :)! Blessings to you!

  12. I love your workouts! you have a great positive attitude…very motivating without being pushy. This was a good work out but my fav killer one is your 45 minute workout to boost metabolism. It’s my go-to when I need to work hard!

  13. Love this one! I feel great, got some good ideas for my classes, and I thought I was going to die on the low single leg jump (started on my weaker leg). Thanks for challenging us, Anna, and your attention to form and many ability levels. You are an excellent trainer! ❤

  14. Love, Love, Love this workout!! I was dripping sweat by the 10 min mark. First time I used 10’s and a 5. Will try bumping up to 12’s (& a 5 😄) next time. Thanks, Anna!

  15. Totally love popsugar, BUT this one not so much. I think it should be titled some type of "toning",not "cardio".
    Also** the bridge with chest curls would have been WAY more effective if they lifted one leg. Sorry! Just saying. Anyway, still love them. I am just used to Jillian Michaels kicking my ass!

  16. Hello, pop sugar iam for about 4 months, I'm exercising with you every day. My boobs are obese and I want to be slim. Can I use dumbbell movements for my arm? Thanks


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