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All aboard! We’ve partnered with Skybound Games to bring you Trial by Trolley: a new party game about moral dilemmas and trolley murder!

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  1. I don't know if this game will sell well honestly.

    It is genius, it really is. We just live in a generation where people get offended because you refuse to play pretend on what every gender they think they are and instead you actually accepted them for who they really are but since again, you refuse to play pretend with them they get really offended. So IDK how a game like this would sell if not playing pretend with them hurts their feelings.

  2. Kickstarter the perfect place for people with a game idea who want to make games but don't want to take a finical risk or lay down the full investment.
    And the place where people go to pay to have a game created, so they can pay to play the game ^-^

  3. How many players do you need to play this game? Because I'd love to back it up but I don't exactly have a lot of friends…

    Joking Hazard is great, cuz you only really need 3

  4. Hey guys awesome to see another cool card game! I have an extra feature that would be awesome to add. Using the photo wake-up algoritme you could make the cards come alive and play the animations on the table for some extra gore!!!
    Let me know if you want to know more about the idea or how to implement it!

    Link to an example:

  5. Should've killed the cat and dog, there are hundreds of cats and dogs around the world that can be cute, you could've killed them instead of the babies. The babies will be needed for the next generation for us to keep living on, don't call me an animal hater. I do love animals alot too, hurting the cat and dog would hurt me too but. The babies need to live.

  6. Tell me that beard the lady is wearing is included in this game. Also, "Do I kill this pool full of babies or do I stop the next Hitler?" is a strangely difficult choice to make. :))

  7. Really? No comments about the Valleyfolk being guests? Elliot Morgan, Lee Newton, Steve Zeragosa, you can finally say you made it big, congratulations


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