Trine 4: 11 Minutes of New Gameplay


Take a look at 11 gorgeous new minutes of alpha gameplay from Trine 4, including an early boss fight.

The First 15 Minutes of Trine 3 – IGN Plays:

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  1. нет, второй Trine был лучше всех,
    а этот – не лучше третьей
    зачем Понтия сделали бомбой?
    дизайн персонажей ужасен, надеюсь они вернут старый дизайн

    и уберут эти глупые головоломки для детей со связыванием объектов…

    я надеялась что они учтут свои ошибки с третьей части…
    но в трейлере показали что они допустили еще больше ошибок

  2. Looks amazing and like a proper return to form. I hope those "press x to attach here" button prompt on can be replaced with something a little less intrusive UI wise though.

  3. So let's hope that this one doesn't end mid-story like 3 did? Glad they're going back to 2.5D though. Really wasn't a fan of the 3D aspect they did with Trine 3. Appreciated the experimenting, but ultimately it fell short for me.

  4. Imagine how cool trine would be if they would evolve it a bit to like a metroidvania with an open world, instead of a couple of hours of linear game that you will most likely never play again.
    Even if the game looks nice the easy puzzles look very unsatisfying to me.

  5. The first two were great. In fact, the 3rd game was also great, but the lack of development time (and money) really was noticeable. But the little they could do was enough to make it great. Regardless, I'm happy they came back to 2d, because it was better than 3d and it's a smaller scope, which allows more complexity.

  6. They're doing exactly as I had wished for after finishing Trine 3, introducing new puzzle mechanics and systems while polishing the animations and movement. Very much looking forward to getting this one and binging it with a friend.

  7. The first two games are great but the third one was a disappointment and way, WAY too short. Took me only ~5 hours to 100% on Steam… never played it again. This looks like Trine 2.5 which kinda worries me. I want to see some new stuff this time around, they have to step it up.

  8. Гавно уже с 3 а 4 г тоже ну я просто не знаю как сказать персонажи выглядит как дерьмо бедный Понти а Зоя реально дебилы не учится на своих ошибках и делают все хуже и хуже. 8 GB ОЗУ Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Raden R9 280 а игра гавно и выглядит так же. Лучше не выпускать это.

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