Trolley Tom Decision #2


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  1. Why can't we just take a poll instead of you guys taking time to read all these answers, but I'm gonna go with right, Hitler gets killed in the end anyways, and cancer can be cured by someone else and plus I hope this little Hitler youth becomes a character in the cyanide and happiness universe.

  2. Right
    If the Doctor is learning way to have the cure for cancer, one of her Colleges can further her advancement. I choose for the Boy to live because he beat cancer and hasn't lived a full life yet. And under the right influence the 80% chance of him being the next Adolf Hitler will slowly shrink. And if the right people stop him when he's older, he will be stopped. Also not to mention, there's still a 20% chance that if we do nothing, nothing will happen.

  3. Right after all there is a 20 percent chance he will be good and who knows what the doctor pp will do if they are cured of cancer there may Be ten Hitler's


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