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Yes, I’m 25 & I know that’s weird but I never learned how to cook lol (I’m single and have no wife duties thank god) so I thought it would be a funny video if I try following a Pinterest inspired spaghetti recipe courtesy of the food network! how hard could it be?

Enjoy watching me fail miserably! Safe to say my place is in the mall, not the kitchen 😛

2,694,000 kisses!
Amber 🙂

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  1. When people say, “no hate but…” then they start hating 😂 who cares how she ate her food and where it came from growing up. Live your own life…tbh this was just content for the hello fresh promo at the end

  2. Oh, I'm late to the party but I'm gonna comment anyways!
    Dont feel bad or anything about being 25 and cooking now.
    I literally bought a Crockpot a month ago and started cooking for the first time. Everyone learns and grows differently, and at least you gave it a try!
    Also, I reccomend you trying Pinterest for recipes! So so so much variety in recipes!

  3. Don't let him chew on your shoes you'll come home on day and he'll chew one of your faborites, just saying. My old dog went from underwear to my electric blanket!

  4. That would be so cool if you had an occasional cooking segment!! This was so fun and cute to watch #sisterbonding

    Just dont forget me as a guest when you're going to try your hand at baking gurl! I'm @loveleebakes 💛💛🥧

  5. As a Chef, I still love you for trying to learn how to cook one full entree. I see, everyone bashing you about not knowing this life skill but it’s not for their understanding on why you don’t know it. Your laugh is hilarious!
    Kisses until next time boo 😚💜

  6. I see all these negative comments… ugh why though guysssss if she doesn't want to cook, she doesn't cook that's it. "It's a basic skill" yeah k but in 2019 you don't necessarily need to cook 🙄🙄 just have fun and don't hate

  7. People be mad because they dont have the privilege to eat without cooking I understand that it is out of ordinary to see someone lacking cooking knowledge but if that makes you mad then you are the one with a problem

  8. So you could not follow the recipe from your phone? You know that you need it a bigger pot to boil the noodles. You most make good money to eat out, or somebody pays for your dinners if you can't cook basic spaghetti. Specially since you say that eat healthy, and organic food that are so expensive. So what gives???

  9. ,,,Hahaha!!! you forget to put some oil or salt to the pasta while its boiling so its not going to stick together,,, But not bad for a first timer like you amber,,, So cute,,, From Philippines 😊😊😊

  10. Some comments were actually quite rude.

    Anyways.. for the spaghetti to not stick together one pouring out u can rinse it undsr cold water and apply olive oil.. it should make the spaghetti more chewy and non stickable

  11. In 33 and dont know how tf to cook because I am literally fine with making eggs, frying a piece of meat, and eating vegetables that I ain't gotta boil or cook or whatever.

  12. You dont have to fit all of the pasta in the pot just let it stand and the other option you can do for the meatballs in deep fry and the you can use tomato sauce and paste

  13. LMAO!! IDC, you may suck at cooking but this was fun to watch!!! I had high hopes for the garlic bread, everything else not so much. The very last meal by Hello Fresh looked okay! Lol


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