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  1. no, the fuck. armys ain't helping anyone. we focus on bts so if yall fucked up asses come for the fandom saying we do this and that under a twice video, then it's on mother fucking sight. those "armys" under this video helping are bangtwice stans not bts stans.

    edit: yall can shut the fuck up because we know very well that no other fandom helped us stream our fucking song except we armys.

  2. Look who just finally watch their Teaser video although it was being released a few days ago 😂😂😂😂 it gonna be a bomb on stage cuz IZONE on promotion still,BTS just on stage, now Twice wow I wonder who gonna win

  3. Blinks are here to support Twice with their comeback. I hope we can all put aside our differences and show idols our love together. 😊💕

  4. ARMY is going to help you stream fancy Just like you helped us with boy with Luv Fighting ❤️

    陸軍はあなたが空想の空想を手助けしようとしているちょうどあなたがLuv Fightingの少年と一緒に手助けするのと同じように❤️

    군대는 당신이 Luv 싸우는 소년과 함께 우리를 도왔 듯이 당신에게 화려한 스트리밍을 도울 것입니다

  5. I don't stan groups who has cute concepts but there's just something about twice. Twice is only the cutesy group I stan. I don't mind if they change their concept. I know they'll rock it. queens 😭💖

  6. Stop saying "im a army and im supporting TWICE" And bla bla and some thing like that, im happy at first but then i scroll down to see another comment but i see ALOT of comment like that, i mean.. why are you so proud being an ARMY who supported another group, i mean its okay but it just offend some people, and im ready to fight your comment 😁👌


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