Updated everyday makeup tutorial & NY Meet-up info!



Day: Sunday 29th

Time: 1pm

Location: Staubucks 1021 Third Avenue (A few shops up from Dylans candy bar)

Duration: I’ll be there for about an hour

Also: Please dont murder me! x

Products Used:
Nivea Daily essentials oil free moisturiser
MAC Pro longwear foundation in N40
MAC strobe cream
Bobbi brown corrector – Peach
MAC Select cover-up concealer
MAC Studio sculpt (For blemishes)
Laura Mercier Mineral powder – Natural beige
Sleek brow kit – Light
ELF brow gel
MAC Ricepaper e/s
Bobbi brown gel liner – Black ink
Max factor 2000 calorie mascara
Sleek contour kit – Medium
NARS Blush – Luster
MAC Pearl cream colour base
MAC Creme cup lipstick


  1. I think u look gorgeous both with or without make-up on! People should stop pointing out every single negative thing they think about other people. Loving the tutorial and will definitely try this out! Greetings from Denmark xoxo

  2. Would love a drugstore haul! No matter how much i would love to buy higher end products, unfortunately i just don't have the money at the moment.. Possibly because i am only 14:) Hehe:L Love your videos:)xx

  3. Hi, I currently have dark hair and wanting to go a bit lighter. What colours did you ask for in ur hairdressers? Urs looks v natural almost sun kissed which is the look that im wanting also. Enjoy NY i was there in Dec, its fab!! xx

  4. Heey, im just wondering , what do you work with for the moment? I mean you buy a lot of stuff so i was just wondering if you had a job. Keep up the good work! πŸ˜‰ Decues.

  5. @teesfella You are one of the reasons why some youtube gurus stop making vidoes. You and your unnecessary rude comments. There's an extent of having your own opinion to just being plain rude. This is the part of youtube which most people hate, the negative feedback which aren't even critical to the subject… Just offensive.
    & btw, adding "nice face though" doesn't make your comment anymore acceptable.

  6. I live in Cornwall but visit London alot im 13 and really into fashion and makeup and would love to meet you so if ur New York meet up goes well can u do it in london at some point? If not i hope to bump in to you in Topshop in London !!!! I love Topshop ! Great video by the way you always get your eyeliner perfect! Please reply and say hi! Xx ^_^

  7. Hey dont ask why i stumbled upon your video……lol
    Perhaps its coz you look a little like Noemie Lenoir??

    Anyway you're going away for how long? Im going away on the 31st for 2 weeks to Egypt. You seem really nice. Be careful if youre meeting ppl.

  8. I don't get why people make comments about your legs! Its stupid since I have thick legs and I love them and compared to yours mine are like sequoias (huge trees)!!! They should just let you live!

  9. @beautycrush i feel that you must be really insecure to put comments up like this, beauty crush has her own style and is absolutly beautiful inside and out, shes confident in her skin and thats her attraction….i feel its horrible as a human to point out peoples so called "faults" but anyways beauty crush ur fabulous my dear! hehe xx

  10. I love the new hair color and style. Like the look sometimes I skip a lot of steps too because I'm running late or my hubby is rushing…love the finish look! Flawless

  11. @teesfella. Hahah, you don't feel like your comment is a bit sinking low? She's beautiful and looks perfect!! And since when is a wrist tattoo a tramp-stamp??

  12. You are a delight to watch on here, i love your upbeat personality too. If i could i would meet up,but i live in PA. Sounds like alot of fun tho, and i hope you enjoy yourself in New York. My favorite Makeup is Mally, her products are sold in Bendal;s on 5th aveune. So if you get a chance check her products out. Have fun, and be safe!!

  13. Your just tooo lovely! my gosh! I love that lip color on you! How do you find lip colors that your comfortable with? Do you just experiment? With my skin tone i can never find the right one :/ do you have any suggestions?

  14. @roseyli1 haha! Thank you! I dont know what they think im trying to 'hide', I approve 99% of comments, I just disapprove the rude/nasty ones that are not constructive atall! xoxo

  15. i love your channel, inspires me to be more creative with my style. also see what other girls my age like and are inspired by in other countries πŸ™‚

  16. i think your eyebrows looked better before makeup you made them a little too thick for your new hair color i think but you're finish look was gorgeous anyway you're so beautiful x

  17. while you are there you should definitely check out some shops in SoHo…i live less then an hour from the city and i absolutely love going there. they have the cutest shops in soho and i think you'd find a lot of things that go with your style! One store in specific you'd probably like is Brandy Melville, there are 2 locations of that store in soho but one of them is 83 spring street. The shops i mainly like in soho are around brandy melville.. Have fun πŸ™‚ x

  18. whats this glowy laser-thing in the background? xD i love you so much πŸ™‚ i think the lipcolour is a bit too light but it doesnt look bad o-o you always look great!


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