Updated tattoos & piercings



Ok so this video was highly requested! I didn’t want to do it to ‘show off’ or anything, I thought it right to update you all because I wasn’t sure wither to film it! Hope you like =]
I hope it helps, please remember everybody’s pain thresholds are different so what didn’t hurt or hurt me..it might not be the same for you!

Previous tattoos & piercings video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMkr3fAjAys

What i’m wearing:
Top – Religion (from Topshop)
Lips – Russian red
Earrings – Urban outfitters
Rings – h&m, Topshop, LLYMRS Shop


  1. i know you didnt put it in this video, but did the tattoo on your shoulder/collar bone almost hurt because its kinda right on a bone? Thats were im getting my first one for my birthday next month. i'm under age, but i've been 110% positive about this for the past three years and my mom has agreed to it since she has 12 tattoos of her own.

  2. i have my counch done wid a gun n it didnt hurt ^_^ i want my rook done sooo bad..had my tragus done but it got swollen so took it out..i want my tongue done..i love ur cross tattoo its cute the placing is cute lol..im in love with the sugar skull on ur leg its done soo well u have the coolest places tattooed lol

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this part of yourself with us Sam! I just wanted to know…. How do you feel about color tattoos on tanner skin like yours? My skintone is similar and I feel like color might make a piece look cluttered on my skin because the colors wont pop as much as on lighter skin…. you know what i mean? Anyway, just wondering….

  4. hey there 🙂 i really love! your sugar skull tattoo and am wondering if you designed it or you had a picture of it cause i am thinking of getting one and yours is just what im looking for 🙂

  5. I LOVE your mexican skull tattoo! I really like all your tattoos but i've wanted a mexican skull with background detail for sooo long, i've just never been sure where abouts to get it done, but the skull will defiantly be my next one 🙂 oh and i love these sorts of videos.

  6. I love all your tattoos. I know what you mean my family is very catholic and they dislike body modifications, but like you I see tattoos as a form of art & self-expression. I want to get so many, but Monday I get my first one. A memorial for my dad who passed. The pain will be so worth it though. 🙂 thanks for uploading.

  7. any tattoos that you regret doing? because a piercing is easy to take off if you don't like it anymore, but not a tattoo. So any regrets? I wanna get a tattoo but i'm scared im not going to like it anymore in 5 – 10 years

  8. I think there is a third kind of person too though, I wouldn't ever get a tattoo myself, but I respect and find it interesting listening to why people get theirs and the stories and meanings behind them 🙂

  9. i love you're hair in this video ! 😀 and you're feather tattoo, for my 18th birthday i want to get a native feather behind my ear, with three beads – because i'm native ! :3 , i hope it doesn't hurt though ..

  10. Holy crap! That same flower thing on your wall in the background i have it on my wall too. Just gor it from ikea. Wow. I was about to get that mirror too lol. Also from ikea.

  11. I totaly agree with you on the tragus piercing! I wanted to it for a while now but then everyone got it so I thought maybe I would get something a little less popular 🙂

  12. i have some of the same piercings, and i took one of my traegus piercings out too because everyone has em and it travelled on me too … my rook hurt more when they were putting the jewelry in rather than the initial piercing and took for freaking ever to stop being sore. it healed quickly but if i sleep on it wrong it still gets sore. i love your cross tattoo too

  13. love love love your thigh tattoo, I also have one on my tattoo 🙂 I'm just preparing for my second one, probably a latin quote going down my back… kind of scared about the pain on my back! xx

  14. i got my conch pierced like two years ago and it got this really nasty scabby bump on it…totally gross. so i contacted the chick that did it and she told me about this product called H2Ocean, and it worked! so next time you get pierced and it gets all icky…try it.

  15. Tattoos really interest me and I agree that they are really beautiful if you get the right design. However I would never get one because I'm a wimp and they aren't my style really. I love the video tho and yours are gourgeous 🙂

  16. yay 4 tattoos!! i really love the sugar skull one and i hope to save money to get a big piece done. i have a feather tattoo also bcuz i am part native american, overall very nice video : )

  17. I wouldn't suit a tattoo, but yours really suit you and seem well thought through. They look great on you and so do your piercings! Who cares what anyone else thinks 🙂

  18. I weirdly love all of your tattoos and I don't normally like big tattoos, like the candy skull one, but that looks so gorgeous on you. Anyway, how long did the tiny cross take? I really want that as a tattoo!

  19. I love watching tattoo videos because it's so inspirational watching peope talk so passionately about the deep meanings behind them 🙂
    I think yours are pretty tasteful as well 😀
    Sometimes people get big scary ones and it's like aaahh you're gonna scare your kids and seriously regret that!
    Haha.. I do admire the bravery you have to have in order to get a tattoo though, I would be way too scared of what other people think and what I might think in the future..xx

  20. I say get as many as you want, because like you said, they are definitely a personal preferance and a form of self expression. My family hate my tattoos but honestly after a while they don't even notice them anymore because they are such a part of me now. I love your sugar skull piece, it's absolutely beautiful, and I really like your feather anklet as well.

  21. i got a cartilage piercing done 3½ weeks ago (july 29th), but it just wont heal!! please answer me and tell how long it should take to heal? i'm thinking about taking it out but i'd like you to answer first, maybe i should just be patient with it? : )


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