Valve’s 30% Cut Is Actually the Industry Standard


Let’s breakdown how much every major retailer takes from the sale of a game.


  1. Stop bullshitting with Epic's ponzi scheme.

    Epic gets funds from the chinese $300M from their unsustainable 12%.
    Epic Shills…

  2. So are we just going to ignore that there are a lot more costs in the rest of the industry compared to just making a digital PC store, like Steam?

  3. They keep complaining that they want other people to change the standards.

    Do you even economic.?
    But then again, why take advice from a company that bankrupted 10 year ago…

  4. I mean, Valve was the first digital store ever. They SET that 30%, which yes, they said was 'equal' to physical retail. The reality is, the physical retail justifies the 30% due to transport,storage,running the physical store etc.

  5. If a developer is successful, they owe to their fees to their engine, and Uncle Sam, and Gabe. We creep closer to Soviet Era Russia with how deep we put our artists in the hole to be published wholesale.
    Is this the case? Is this what we want? It sounds like oppressive taxation

  6. Listen I just want one pc launcher and Iโ€™m sorry everyone steam was the first and still is the best and have never done anything that makes me hate them so can we just keep steam nobody wants to launch on your shitty store and the only reason anyone uses it is because of fortnite

  7. Stuff like this is what made me want to support Epic when the store first launched. Unfortunately their strategy in every other aspect is damaging to the industry. If Steam would just reduce their cut since they're not a physical retailer then the biggest reason for anyone to support Epic would be pretty much gone

  8. The only difference is that it doesn't matter for console and mobile but on PC you actually have a choose what digital store you want to use

  9. Not exactly standard, since they dont invest in console, controllers and accessories R&D. They get a big cut for selling stuff played on non-proprietary hardware.

  10. 30% is the โ€œmagic numberโ€

    In the restaurant industry, third party delivery services (e.g. UberEats) also charge restaurants a 30% commission fee per order.

    If you order a $10 meal, $3 goes to the delivery company.

  11. Hey it's even lower when compared to consoles, they charge for every patch that devs release for their games but vavle doesn't.

  12. I think the difference is to compare it with other companies, the only thing that Valve does is create a store, but other companies like Google, also builds an open operating system to support it, Apple, builds an operating system and hardware, Microsoft – OS and console, Nintendo – OS and console. So Valve really isn't doing much to earn that 30%.

  13. Maybe have 30% for Activision/Blizzard, EA, 2K & Ubisoft, then everyone else gets a lower cut. Call it the greedy bastard tax lol. Similarly, maybe just take a massive cut for any game that features microtransactions! That seems like the perfect solution!

  14. the thing is for physical retailers it makes sense, they have a lot of risk and a lot more work to do than a digital store.
    It also makes sense for console companies because they also have a lot of risk bringing all the time new consoles to the market etc…
    But for Steam or the Mobile App Stores it's just ridiculous to charge 30%. For steam you could at least say they give you a little visabillity but for mobile app thats not the case at all


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