Venom Appears to be Critic-Proof – SJU


Our SJU panel talks about Venom’s weekend performance and how it compared to critics reviews – it’s SJ Universe

Hosted by Roth Cornet, Spencer Gilbert, & Dan Murrell
Featuring Billy Business

Produced by Billy Patterson
Tech Director: Josh “JTE” Tapia
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
Production Coordinator: Ryan O’Toole

Venom Appears to be Critic-Proof – SJU

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  1. I'm glad someone in a creative position came out about not needing to remake every character as diverse (or, non white male) as possible. I agree with with Spencer on that is should be considered case by case, and what is fundamental to the character. Bond is male cause it's kinda how and why he was created… like how superman is male. Supergirl is great, but there's a reason she isn't a one to one carbon copy of superman. She hulk is great cause she isn't just female hulk. There are aspects of characters that are fundamental to who they are, and creators should take that into account when reinventing characters. What are the implications of making such a change on who this person is.

  2. I never thought of myself as a Tom Hardy fan, but I do think the guy is a great actor and he always turns in a great performance. I really enjoyed this performance in this, so maybe I am a Tom Hardy fan! But I also liked Venom and the rest of the supporting cast. I really enjoyed this movie. It was a little rushed, but that never bothered me.

  3. Tom Hardy is the draw for me. I was not familiar with Venom. I looked forward to a differently type hero movie. So, put me in that 80% and I love it. Need it on DVD

  4. Every movie should be critic-proof. The only opinion you should really take into account is your own AFTER you've seen a movie you're interested in.

  5. Poor Mrs. Billy, lol!!! 😀 Venom voice… Btw, I would love an SJNews episode with all the hosts' spouses and special others, too. That would be amazing. Can we make that happen, if they agree? Would be so awesome!

  6. I love the chemistry of the screen junkies folks, no over the top aggression, they're fair & rational yet passionate, and they mostly time their talking almost perfectly, so in sync!

  7. Venom probably will get a sequel, if you compare it to something like The Predator which also got bad reviews but its audience score is 43 which isn't great because it's not a good movie, the difference also is The Predator has been out a while with 123.4 million from an 88 million budget so they got 35 million back I think, Venom is only out and has 200 million from 100-116 million budget

  8. Does the Doctor actually choose what he comes back as? I thought it was random, she always seems surprised by the new body she finds herself in.

    Also 009 is the best choice for the number for the female spy movie in the Bond universe. (006 is the next best sounding, but that was Sean Beans number so anyone who uses it will die in the movie) Get the same M, Q and Moneypenny from the recent Craig movies and just do it! I nominate Emily Blunt.

  9. Any movie that gets written off by everyone from the beginning that does so well in the theaters gives me a great joy 😀 I haven't even seen Venom yet. But I'm glad it is doing so well.

  10. I agree with Billy. James bond is very,….he's like a stone statue. Ethan hunt and just the whole franchise has much more heart and so is easier to follow over the years. James bond, it's kinda boring after the first one
    I mean, sure it's cool, but I don't care about bond as a character

  11. I would watch Philosophy Corner, sounds like a really interesting idea for a weekly clip. Perhaps looking at older movies so they can spoil the hell out of them and not care about people complaining about it.

  12. Insofar as the Bond comment goes…I'm in the minority apparently but I don't see a single reason why Bond can't be a female, or Black, or whatever.  IF we are going along with the Daniel Craig explanation of how MI6 works, and we believe that both the Bond name and the 007 designation are passed down through the agency with the position, (basically laid out in the first 10 minutes of Casino Royal when Bond earns his 00 status) then ANYONE who is an active MI6 agent with the proper qualifications and has their first kill confirmed can be "Bond".  Idris Elba can be one, (Black British people do exist despite popular American belief as Idris is one), and Emily Blunt could just as easily be one as well (as she's British in real life also). 

    The only real adjustment to the mythos would be that she likely wouldn't inherit the first name James.  She'd likely change the iconic line from "Bond.  James Bond." to "Bond.  Call me Bond."  Everything else would be business as usual.  In fact, the idea of a story based on a woman who clawed her way through the MI6 ranks despite how much some agents within the organization itself may not have wanted her to, in order to become the first fem-Double 0 could be very intriguing.  Even if you wanted to believe that Bond as a franchise is about masculinity in the modern world, why couldn't that be flipped on its ear to examine how much femininity a women so driven would have to sacrifice in order to be masculine enough in the eyes her peers to do what a Bond does.Atomic Blonde was very nearly a 007 movie itself in its structure.  Well…007 meets Bourne at least.

    Even the idea of Hollywood simply titling such a film "Bond" is tantalizing to me.  WHAT WOULD THE OPENING SONG EVEN LOOK AND FEEL LIKE??!!  And insofar as Venom is concerned…

    This isn't the first movie that Tom has played duel roles in.  He did the same in Legend where he played mobster twins.  And while the movie was far from good, he was amazing in it.  Hardy is ALWAYS worth watching even if the movie he's in is not.  That being said, I plan on seeing Venom.  Hopefully, I will be in sync with Dan's views on the film.

  13. I was slightly disappointed in Venom given Dan's approval of it. I agreed with his sentiment about how the relationship between Eddie and Venom sold me on the whole movie but the problem is there wasn't nearly enough of that to make the movie work as a whole. I needed more god damnit.

  14. Suicide Squad was also "critic proof", look at it's reputation now. the critics are season moviegoers, they know the tropes, the ins and outs, their job is to look at a movie as objectively as possible.
    Suicide Squad made money, but in the end it's reputation was terrible as more and more people realized what an aweful movie it actually is.
    same thing will probably happen to Venom, it's straight up not a good movie, and I'm gonna go out of a limb here and say that Tom Hardy was just as bad as anything else in this movie- his performance was too weird and neurotic. Eddie Brock is supposed to be an angry resnetful man, not a twitchy slob, also that New York accent… good god!
    the "people have spoken" so far are the die hard fans, expect the actual movie going crowd to not be too kind to Venom as the initial wave of fans.

  15. The guy on the far right gets it, all the push back on the net is from critics over stepping. Trashing a film is not the same as critiquing one, if anything this has exposed the trolls and shills from the professionals. This was a decent movie with some minor but obvious flaws, mostly a simplistic painfully straight forward plot that pushed through without much attention to detail. Today we have some great movies based on comics but Venom was never meant to be anything more than a simple action flick.

  16. "Bond is a male character" no shit…..shouldn't even be a discussion. Adapt characters is stupid, create new original interesting characters from other races and other genres!

  17. It's basically a mater of whether you view movies as things meant to be dissected or just as a means of entertainment. It's a fun movie, plain and simple.

    Also, the "turd in the wind" in the trailer should've been enough to tell you the tone of the movie. It's not something meant to be taken seriously nor is it meant to bring about any deep thoughts.

  18. It's funny to me as an older guy (I'm 44). When I grew up, people (in general) loved living in a country where people have individual tastes. That we live in a country where you could find every style of food and every type of movie and having choice was great.
    With movies, they factored in how much money they would make for that type of audience, instead how do you make a movie that pleases everyone. They still had a target audience, something a bit more rare now. Now it's make the movie vanilla. At least with the big blockbusters.
    I'll stay movies because, well, this is screenjunkies, but these days now people have fits simply because people like a movie they don't. It's been happening for the last….I don't know, 10 years or so seems where it's gotten severe and widespread.
    The need for validation is weird for me. Why are generations coming up so insecure that even their entertainment needs to be agreed on like a mass whole to all like and not like the exact same stuff?
    It pours into other things beyond movies, but all this talk about divisiveness over….well, seems like just about anything these days. Friendships will end over whether toast is better than untoasted bread.
    I don't understand why anyone cares what someone else thinks. Sure, it's good to find someone who does like what you do, paticularly in entertainment, because it can be fun to talk about a movie you both had fun with. But who cares about trying to change someone's opinion?
    The weird thing is there are people looking at Rotten Tomatoes to dictate if a movie they're interested in, whether they'll see it. Many don't even read reviews, they just look at the numbers. Low critic numbers, many think it's bad. As if it were fact and not opinions.
    Why are so many people so uptight? I'm really glad I didn't come up in the current generation. They seem awfully miserable and nit picky about everything to a ridiculous level. Even something as silly as Venom is causing namer calling, haha.
    With that, I'll just toss out I think Venom is great.

  19. Leftists in Hollywood, especially the critics, have been out of touch with the general movie audiences for some time now. Watching these fools trying to discern what is going on is hilarious. Just more proof of how they live within a bubble.

  20. Hollywood needs to give us our Black Widow movie before they even get their Jimmies rustled about a female James Bond… :/ There are lots of great female characters ready to go for a spy movie. We can have a female James Bond if they want but they really need to do these other EXISTING female characters first… IMHO… They've been promising a Black Widow movie for like 10 years…

  21. I enjoyed the movie. I wanted to see the movie because I was a fan of the Todd McFarlane artistic style back in the day. I enjoyed the banter between Venom and Brock. Critics don't think for everyone because everyone has different taste.

  22. As my go-to film new stop, I was REALLY hoping you would give Scott Wilson more credit than the other new sources that just credit him mainly as "the Walking Dead actor". I understand that TWD was his most recent success… but this is a season actor with things like "In Cold Blood", "Monster", and most recently "Hostiles" under his belt. Hardly any new source is going into his extended filmography and it makes me sad. I was hoping you guys would. *sigh

  23. Venom works as a guilty pleasure i dnt think its a good movie ….and some critics went out if their way to shit on the movie and jump on the bandwagon of hating on venom….

  24. Venom was a lot like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Godzilla (2014), and The Last Jedi, in that I hated it so much that I sincerely wish death on everyone involved in its production.

  25. Tom Hardy in Bronson definitely showed off his versatility as an actor/ability to play more than 1 person, that's still my fave role of his lol.

  26. I loved venom! It was exactly what I wanted,! Venom makes no apologies. I actually read the venom comics as they came out. Is this a 100% faithful adaptation no. But it's so much closer than what we've previously gotten. Spider man 3s Venom was a complete panty waste compared to this version! People liked Venom because he was raw, Savage, uncompromising. The people that like Venom as character and enjoy the movie or the ones that can identify with that. The people who want depth and pacing and complex plot building are the ones who didnt like it.

  27. I think it's possible many critics are simply not good for movies. They might even be especially bad for theaters. Venom is a terrific movie for people who like to PAY to see movies in theaters. If critics were in charge, most of the movies made would not be worth seeing in an actual movie theater. Think HEREDITARY and BLADE RUNNER 2049.
    VENOM delivered and it was made for people who enjoy movies rather than critics who apparently don't really like movies but "appreciate" them.

  28. Critics don't realise that this movie puts a positive spin on masculinity and ego as as seemingly evil but actually powerful and useful trait , plato once said plays showcases the subcontious thoughts of a society , thus the movie is anti pc and hence pc type people think its boring

  29. Everybody brings up that Monica Bellucci Scene from Spectre as being very sexist and terrible and it totally is… But why do y'all ignore the scene from Skyfall where Bond meets a lady who tells him she's basically been born into sexual enslavement and his next move is to break into her place and walk in on her showering? Yeah that's not taking advantage at all.

    Awesome show as usual!

  30. Critics are film experienced people. They focus on the little things like continuity errors, inconsistencies with character mentality, good looking action scenes, and of course the acting. Audiences just want to be entertained

  31. (wrt to "is it a superhero movie thing?" and the forcefulness of naysaying, gatekeeping, etc.) it's a nerd thing. nerds are awful and ruin everything with their divisiveness and entitled, abusive behavior. i know you guys run a channel dedicated to the following and discussion of nerdy movies, and that's cool and all (i watch these movies, too), but… you folks know your audience, right? the internet has become a culture of picking a team and sticking to it, rather than thinking for oneself. to the point of death threats and doxxing. that venom would be yet another movie subject to this horrific nonsense is predictable, and so goddamn tiresome.

    uh, so… my thoughts are just: disregard these people. your channel will be better for it.

  32. Not to hear a dead horse but Roth literally called out the problem with the New Star Wars franchise that tires her out so much. They head faked one way and did nothing with the mysteries they were setting up to explore.

  33. stop gender/race bend estabilished character FFS!!! just make a new franchise and new stories and characters! i know its hard but stop being lazy and try to hide it behind some diversity bullcrap

  34. A great performance in a mostly god-awful movie. The only actor who had anything to work with was Tom Hardy, and he swung for the fences. For that reason alone… I kinda loved this movie. I still acknowledge that the plot was terrible, the villain was terrible, the romantic subplot was terrible, the action was often incoherent, the PG-13 rating neutered some great comedic/dramatic possibilities, and and the whole motivation behind the thing was pretty cynical (it feels more like a product than a movie). I loved it for the same reason I love fast food.

  35. Not the venom I wanted but I still really liked this. I feel they got the symbiote really spot on… I wasnt fond of Eddie nor the story but it was a good fun movie!

  36. I'm not a critic, but I didn't like almost nothing from venom, it's just bad. Messy screenplay, 0 characters (except Tom Hardy), flat villan, confused action scenes (Venom is black, and all the action scenes take place during night or dark environment.. I just couldn't tell what the hell was going on) glossy CGI,.. the only cool thing were the interaction between Eddi and venom, when he's talking into his head and Eddi has to keep acting normal in front of other people, but there's like 3 minutes total of scenes like that..
    This movie is just bad, it's like suicide squad level bad, but it's marvel so everyone can't stop jerking off

  37. It was awful. Even as a junky crap fest – it was awful. Its not like its the little underdog – its Sony. The same group that said "hey look at this wall of equipment – just guess the movies well make from this crap"

  38. Sigh. Just because something exists doesn't mean it's good. I like the Fantastic 4. Should I automatically love the most recent movie? Hell no. I want to see Venom on the big screen but I did NOT want to see THAT crap.


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