Venom Director Says Sony Leading Towards Crossover With Spider-Man – IGN Now


The director of the first Venom movie, Ruben Fleischer, Sony is leading towards a crossover between Tom Hardy’s Venom and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. We share what he said and pinpoint when this potential crossover would take place, considering the new state of Spider-Man after the new Disney/Song deal.



  1. i wish there was a different solo spider-man being made that had less iron man, spider-man had less hi-tech gadgets and that he struggled through hardships of life :/

  2. I think this will be Spider-Man 3 all over. I want Tom Hardy to meet Spider-Man but Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man or another Spider-Man. They could re-introduce Tom Hardy's Venom with a competent direct then I would be happy but this way Sony is doing it. I'm calling the new Spider-Man 3/Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  3. I would rather have no crossover than have the Tom Hardy Venom, with its origins, shoehorned into the MCU. Give me a Venom that originated around Spider-Man, and involved Spider-Man.

  4. This is sad. Venom was a typical generic hollywood blockblaster. I hope they remake Venom to reflect the true Venom and Eddie Brock from the comics

  5. I don't how any fan of the comics enjoys these movies at all.
    Like if u read any dr strange comics the ancient ones casting was insulting,
    Venom in the movie isn't venom, he has no connection to spiderman, he's missing the iconic white spider visual. He's literally just black snot on tom hardy . And the villains in these movies are just awful,half the time they arnt even super villains just edgey government agents in black leather.

  6. When they fight, it’ll be all because of a misunderstanding.
    Venom/Eddy believe Spidey is a villain because of JJ’s constant ranting that Spidey is evil

  7. there’s a certain group of people who think Venom is “cool” or “sick” and those are the people who probably still listen to Eminem in 2019 and you sir are their target audience.

  8. An im sure people ignored the fact mcu spiderman was'nt comic book accurate an it got no hate for tony stark basicly erasing the impact uncle ben was to peter life who taught him About great power comes great responsible one of the reason why peter/spiderman was'nt a team player! but change venom a little an it gets hate!! Yea the character development could be better with better cg other then that nothing was bad about that movie

  9. Its gonna b a disappointment like all of the Spider-Man or spider spinoff movies have been. Hope im wrong but most of the super hero movies have been a disappointment

  10. I found it refreshing that the Hardy Venom wasn't automatically shoehorned into the MCU. He was in his own universe and that was just fine.

    This crossover would be like if they added the Joaquin Phoenix Joker to the current DC Movie Universe.

  11. I don't care we saw Kraven in Spiderman Far from home I don't want a new venom movie that's ready to disappoint me Kraven would be the more interesting choice

  12. Listen. Since Venom's owned by "marvel" (aka spinoff :P) I just, got on my ship, and when i was out at sea, i saw the movie. I liked it, but i wouldn't buy it. Also, Crossover? (Que Jackie Chan's wtf meme) (>ლ)

  13. but isn't venom's appearance originally base on Spiderman, after being attached to him? so…like…
    wouldn't that realistically mean he had already met Spiderman or something?


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