Venom – Full Review! (Spoiler)


Roth Cornet & Dan Murrell breakdown everything the thought about Sony’s Venom movie in this full spoiler review! Tom Hardy’s performance, the plot, the credits and more!

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Venom – Full Review! (Spoiler)


  1. I agree with Dan much more than with Roth. It's a flawed movie filled with great noments, a great protagonist and a fantastic leading actor.

  2. Alot of nit picking about this movie. To many critics are stuck with movies have to have a certain structure etc other wise its a bad movie. What has no one seen From Dusk Till Dawn. That movie had a total theme shift half way through and it was a good movie. Like so many say Venom is not going to break any records or is ground breaking in any way. But its a fun entertaining movie, for me that means its a good movie. Not Great, but good.

  3. I thought it was pretty fun. Maybe paced a little too uneven for its own good (too slow in some areas, too fast in others to develop certain ideas) & a little dated compared to other modern superhero films, but it was nowhere near as bad as I expected. And I'm a huge Venom fan, lol. It was actually more interesting in some ways when Eddy & Venom were first conversing than it was when Venom was in full form. I felt genuine suspense when Eddy was first changing.

  4. Go Dan Go! I felt the same about how Eddie Brock was portrayed. I believe Venom wanted to stop the rocket because he saw his chance to start a new life where he could have and do anything he wanted.

  5. At the end of the movie, Venom says he needs food before he eats Eddie’s liver. I took that as, at first Venom didn’t care and he was slowly consuming Eddie’s organs for nourishment. But by the end, he agreed to lived together with a Eddie, not hurting each other.

  6. to me …talking about the movies comedic timing and tone  … if the audience is not really sure if the film is being intentionally funny . the film is not in on it  , therefore is a mistake  … not a joke.   that being said  … I really enjoyed  the movie.

  7. I didn't think I was going to like his movie but I absolutely enjoyed it. I enjoyed the first 50 minutes. I enjoyed the end. By no means an Oscar contender but it doesn't have to be. I loved the fact that they weren't pushing some social agenda or teach me some moral. It was a fun well made movie. Could it be better? Definitely. But it's fine as is

  8. Im so happy Dan's view on this is the same as mine.
    Also the Thursday this came out and the retroactive reviews about Venom being a secret "romantic comedy" and not an action movie, I completely, not once, thought they were talking about Eddie Brock and Michelle William's character, I completely believed it was about Brock and Venom

  9. 90% of the movie was shown in the trailers, the plot was basic with a boring and long intro to an abrupt conclusion…Apart from Hardy´s performance and Venom´s screen time, the movie was trash…It reminded me of the spiderman trilogy (not a compliment) 4/10

  10. Actually I really enjoyed the way they established the relationship of Eddy and Annie.. He's so impulsive to open that mail that shows his priorities of being a journalist is higher than being truthful towards the s/o. Venom even has to remind him that he hadn't apologized. not going into too much detail here but I enjoyed many things a lot (also the Dialogue btw) and it was refreshing to see: 1. Annie breaking up instead of making up after a small fight, 2. although Eddy doesn't particularly like Dan, he's still respectful with him and doesn't want to beat him up and actually accepts help without being "I don't need your new bf, I'm fine, I'd rather die than get help by your new s/o" ect
    I really don't want them to come together in the next movie.. I want them to stay friends but not become a couple again. Eddy betrayed her trust and broke it. End of story.
    I don't know anything about Venom, haven't read comics, thus I didn't have any expectations, when the first trailers came out I wasn't interested in watching it but in the end decided to go and I wasn't disappointed at all. Wouldn't give a perfect score BUT just because I would have loved for the movie to explain a few things more.. Like what did change Venoms opinion? Just a little addition to the "Eddy, you changed me" would have been nice.

    I don't know, maybe the translation for the german dubbing was better than the actual dialogue otherwise I can't understand Roth opinion on it. ^^;

  11. I don't think Venom took 50 minutes to show up. Venom was there, for me, the moment Brock broke the pod and had to escape the facility. The car chase was all venom. I really enjoyed the movie better than I thought I would. I also agree with Dan a lot. Venom was serious about him being loser; it's why he connected with Eddie. Also, Eddie is great at his job, but also the architect of his own destruction….a very flawed character.

  12. I agree with Roth, the movie is full of stupid people doing stupid, inexplicable things. Eddie is the worst reporter ive ever seen, Venom is too powerful so there are no stakes, and situations are set up and dont pay off. I completely blame the director; the movie is put together poorly and the performances are uneven. Worst of all, i found it boring and no fun at all. my expectations were low, and the film exceeded them.

  13. had hardy landed in a MCU take on the character the film would have been huge. as it was floptacular other than hardy. that wig and forced love angle derailed everything. please sony just sell the rights back to marvel before you introduce spiderman and kill it outright (again)

  14. I’ve never agreed so much with a reviewer than I do with Dan on this movie. He articulated everything I was thinking about the movie and a succinct and easily comprehensible way. I loved Venom so much- I was the most fun I’ve had watching a film all year. I can understand why someone wouldn’t enjoy this movie but as for me it was super enjoyable and I’m so excited to see how they follow this up (if they do indeed make a sequel)!

  15. im really glad Dan like the movie just because personally i really think its fun and different in its own way. While antman and the wasp to me was just more of the same fun but people like that movie more.

  16. It's funny, cause many critics gave this film terrible reviews. But majority fans enjoyed it. It goes to show that critics aren't always right

  17. For the sequel they want to work, they need to introduce Spider-man. Even if it's just a cameo or introducing a scene where Venom and him hate each other so Carnage wins against Venom in movie 2, which forces Venom to team up with Spider-man in Movie 3 to take him down. My only gripe with seeing Venom 2 with Carnage in it, is a movie where there is no spider-man and Venom takes down Carnage all on his lonesome and lives happily ever after. That won't work for me. Maybe flesh out Cletus Kassidy/Carnage a bit more in the sequel, but don't make him the main villain. Save that for a 3rd movie. I fear a sequel with Carnage is going to be rushed and not done properly.

  18. Saw Venom tonight and I loved it! I sort of agree with Roth that the first bit is slow, but I wonder if the shift in tone was intentional. It started out with a typical super-movie kinda vibe – a "dark and gritty" DC kinda vibe, actually. It might have even been a subtle jab at DC movies. But the more we saw of Venom, the weirder it got. The funnier it got. The better it got.

    As a fan though, I did wrestle with Venom's origin. At first, the change bothered me. Venom is Venom mostly because of Spiderman. (Also Deadpool, but that's another story, for another movie). That said, there are like a thousand Spiderfolks across the Spiderverse, so… There's gotta be a lot of Venoms too, right? So, I watched this movie through the lens of another dimension, and I was able to appreciate it for what it was – a brilliant bromantic comedy. That kiss tho! 😉

    That said, there's still room for (new) Venom to complete his original story arc, after the fact. If this Venom and new Spiderman ever meet, I want it to be a bromantic dramedy. Venom cheats on Brock with Parker, because superpowers, but then Parker rejects Venom, so Venom goes crawling back to Brock, but Brock won't take him back, until he agrees to dump Parker forever… via death. Fighting ensues.

  19. We didn't need any symbiote-man-woman love story in the movie… I understand that Sony wants us to view the Venom II movie, but I think that it's too soon to have a fight between venom vs carnage. Maybe we could have Scream, Toxin, in the second movie, while we know more about this new Clatus… I don't really like this movie but I enjoy it, I like the way they tell the story of Venom without Spidey, that was a great move, but maybe was too soon to defeat Riot/Carlton, I was expecting something about other symbiote hosts.

  20. I love how entertaining this movie was, its very easily enjoyable, it wasnt slow or boring, it kept moving the whole time, it and both serious stuff and funny stuff, they nailed it with Venom and Eddie Brock, it focuses on them which it 100% should have and the rest is pretty much irrelevant and there is no reason for you to really care about anything else apart from those two, they had to get Eddie Brock and Venom right and they did which makes it a good movie already cause thats the whole point, Carlton Drake isnt a bad villain I think people just expected something more or different which I dont understand why, he was a very ambitious guy who didnt care about anyone or anything and he just wanted to achieve his goal, it was fine, Michelle Williams was also fine she was a good complement, she wasnt there to steal the show, she wasnt there to be great, she did her job, the movie overall also looked pretty good, maybe the start could have been a bit faster and we could have gotten to Venom a bit earlier but it didnt really feel slow and boring, I dont really see too much wrong with this movie it is what it should be and it did right what it should have done right, Tom Hardy was amazing!

  21. I went to see this movie with zero expectations at all, and I ended up being satisfied with the final product, is not the best movie, it could have been better and it could have been presented from another perspective, but I liked it a lot , I thought it would be darker, because that's the feeling you get when you see the trailer, but the most important thing, was Tom Hardy , what a great actor, and I liked how much they show about the bonding of venom and Eddie, that's the main highlight for this movie

  22. I think if they did something like the netflix films with the antiheroes and villains, where daredevil does his thing and fights his villains and Luke Cage fights his and so forth, and then there's a big team up where they fight as a team, with characters like Green Goblin and then had them pair up with the super villains from the spiderman movies, for that long coveted Sinister Six-esk movie, i feel like you could pull it off, with Avengers infinity wars levels of action, constantly have spooderman fighting someone or something, and have all their backstory with a movie or two reinforcing it, so it's not just, nameless heartless villain we don't care about, but someone who actually matters to us on both sides. Have a real Civil War scenario happening, plus Disney and Sony can work on it together.

  23. I really enjoyed the movie! It pulled off a ridiculous premise without a major character. Tom Hardy was perfect! I am going to need Roth to go over the next script though cause she could definitely fix what was wrong with the movie. Still loved it though.

  24. I just saw the movie and I'm with Dan on this one. I think it's a good enough movie, the relationship Eddie-Venom is interesting, the action is exciting enough, it's funny, they develop some characters (not all) nicely. I really enjoyed it and was frankly surprised because I was not expecting that of this movie. I think they made a good job of explaining the background of Eddie and Venom and I think it opens the door to a more sophisticated and interesting sequel. They made me care enough about the characters to want to see what happens to them. And of course, it's not a perfect movie, and Roth has some good points on that, but still I enjoyed and I honestly can't wait to see Tom Hardy and Venom again.

  25. I did like it, i give a 3,5of5 or 8of10
    So venom was my we are venom movie, so nice to see him almost kill every cop in that house. So nice to see she venom, riot was like venom 2.0
    I really hope that carnage is in venom 2

  26. Roth, much love, but I didn't interpret Eddie Brock from the beginning of the movie as "world's best journalist". He does a web series and the bar for success on the web is popularity over ability. Eddie is popular, not necessarily good. And that makes sense throughout the movie as evidenced by his relationships with people who should hate him or be adversarial instead love him (new boyfriend & doorman best examples).

  27. I loved this movie, even though some of the criticisms are accurate. The interactions between venom and Brock are so awesome, so fun that it's failings are immaterial in the end. The film HAD to be an origin story, (Venom is a significantly less well known character and that alone necessitated the origin story) and comic book origin storie films are NOT popular these days (including with me). But it had to get done because of the brutal kinda-cannabalistic nature of venom-as-antihero, and because it was meant to set up a new shared universe at Sony. Thankfully it is mission accomplished over at Sony!

  28. I loved both venom and predator because there so stupid and thanks to reviews like this I was well prepared when I saw it and I watched it for what it was

  29. I totally agree with Dan on the loser thing. Because otherwise it would make no sense for Venom to stop the other symbiotes from coming. Actually after watching the whole video I agree with Dan on most of the review. And thinking about the part when Venom was inside Anne – maybe if he isn't hungry he can like temporally decide not to eat the host from the inside?

  30. It felt like the once Venom came on the movie was on fast forward. They had so little bonding to propel Venom to change his mind. They def shouldve mentioned that earlier. Also Drake was by far the worst part of the movie. He was stiffer than the corpses he was throwing out his lab..

  31. Dan is really on to something with the impulse control comment – that could be what makes him such a strong match. No resistance to Venom's control. Great call there

  32. The first time venom says “Eddie” in the bathroom and Eddie screams like a little girl in a horror movie. Lol just perfect 😂😂😂

  33. Seeing this movie a second time I can only say …wow, wtf

    Upon second time attempting to watch this, it's so mind-numbingly bad we damn near walked out. Not helping was the audience of about 50 going through their own visible and audible pain trying to sit through it – laughing only twice the entire time, once flat out at the comically bad visuals and once at a joke, but merely yawning and sighing otherwise and having no problem leaving the theater for breaks.

    This, like Suicide Squad, will be a laughingstock in a few months as it has literally nothing going for it once the initial shock of its utter incompetence is known and you know what to expect from Tom.

  34. I'm with Dan on this one. I had a lot of fun with Venom mainly because of Tom Hardy and Venom! The two characters just work so well, and Venom felt like a seperate independent character. Also it was a lot funnier than I expected!

  35. I actually missed the first 15-20 minutes of this movie and I think it actually helped the movie for me. Because I went in seeing Eddie as this loser guy, his ex left him, and possessed by venom. It worked for me

  36. Y'know there is one thing about Venom. Venom was only a bad guy as most people know because at the beginning of his time on earth he took over Deadpool and deadpool's insanity was transitioned onto Venom which caused him to turn evil by the time he was with Spiderman. This Venom didn't get Deadpool, nor Spiderman. So he's not evil.

  37. I agree with Roth 150%…Venom is not a good movie. That first half was BRUTAL so terrible. But at its best is just the romcom relationship of a boy and his symbiote.

  38. Just finished watching Venom and came here to see what Roth and Dan thought.
    Have to agree with Dan. I am genuinely surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. Thought it would be 'meh' like The Meg…and it was for the first 20 minutes or so…but once Eddie/Tom Hardy gets that symbiote back to his apartment and the bizarre battle/relationship between them begins, this movie becomes a funny, kinetic, bonkers experience that just had me smiling almost the whole time. Even the Venom theme song at the end was pretty darn good!

  39. I may disagree with Roth but damn if she isn’t a really solid reviewer and good at her job. And yeah the wig and MWs costumes were a train wreck (both of those tend to be a trend with women in comic movies. I’m sure there is a memo somewhere about how they target demo won’t notice the wig jobs).

  40. The film was mixed for me. I loved Hardy and Williams performance, Reuben fliescher's direction, The design, visuals, chemistry between Brock and Venom, and the black comedy. I didn't like the lack of action sequences, Ahmed's performance, and inconsistent tone.

  41. It's a lot like they said in the review, it's a buddy cop movie with tentacles. It's like Bad Boys, but they share a body. I imagined Will Smith delivering the "turd in the wind" line and it would be flawless.

  42. This is such a fun movie, after Venom shows up, but the writing IS lazy and I wish they had noted it more specifically. The female characters are completely under developed. Major character decisions are done in throwaway lines, and so much more but I really did enjoy it.


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