Venom Gets Official Release Date and Director


With an Alex Kurtzman helmed Venom now officially set, how does this fit in the MCU? Is Tom Holland involved at all?

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  1. Venom is such an easy character to use but seeing how he can't be used with the now MCU Spider-Man what are they gonna do with him and hoe are they gonna put him anywhere on the time line IF they give rights to marvel

  2. Sony just hasn't learned their lesson yet, if this cash-grab keeps the symbiotes out of the MCU, I'm gonna be almost as pissed as I was when the not-so-amazing Spider-Man series kept spidey away

  3. It's ok if it's in it's own universe, if it's as good as Logan or deadpool that is! I'll wait for more details before judging the project.
    I just love the slight of hand Sony did with the date, like they were waiting for WB to move so they can jump on it

  4. I'm not opposed to a stand alone Venom movie in general, the character has enough potential, but as things stand for Sony, it can't work. Because, whether they want to tie it to the MCU or not, they've already established that Holland IS part of the MCU. So their options are 1.) cast a different actor to play a different version of Spiderman just for the Venom movie. Two Spidermans at the same time from one studio? Sounds awful, let's not consider it. (Unless we're talkin Miles Morales, but he doesn't have a relationship with Venom as far as I know). Or 2.) make a Venom movie without Spiderman in it. Now this is actually a possibility, at least for a single movie. The character has enough going on, and has been both villain and anti-hero. It doesn't HAVE to have Spiderman. But that would just be an utter waste of the character, when it makes so much more sense to play nice, share with Marvel, introduce the suit in the classic fashion, with Spiderman first and then the birth of Venom… It may have been done already in Spiderman 3, but it can be done BETTER!

  5. dont take this the wrong way Joe but you really should work at that "Ehmmm" between every sentence. it's ok with a moment of silence rather than using a predictable noice to fill in that silence. At certain points all i do is listen for the "ehmmmm".

  6. Didnt Fox need to make Spider-man and Fantastic4 movies every x years, or they would lose the rights for the characters? maybe that's why they need to do this Venom and Sinister 6 movies, not to lose the rights to the characters to the MCU.

  7. people say how venom will appear withough the alien custome will let they pretty much may take after venom disappearnce in spiderman 3 or they may show a scene of venom vs spiderman (tom holland) and that scene will happen in a future movie or the alien custome may appear after credits in avengers infinity war THESE are the ONLY 3 ways for venom to have a movie

  8. This sounds like a wierd idea, but yet I'm curious about it. But how can you make a Venom movie without Spidey? Maybe this is an alternate world or something where Spidey doesn't exist in Venom's world. I don't know but I'm curious.

  9. Did anyone else know Joe mangianello played flash Thompson in spiderman 3. Sony should go from there Joe would be incredible as amputee flash. They could even show the suit murder (topher grace) Eddie brock at the beginning, for a bit of fan service. Stick the carnage suit on that guy who played the joker in Gotham and you've got a movie. Throw in antivenom, and the hob goblin and you've got yourself a trilogy include a rebooted r rated ghost rider and Sony could actually make some decent movies for a change

  10. Not in MCU??? I have so many questions! Is Andrew Garfield coming back? Is the Sinister Six happening still? Are the Amazing Spiderman movies canon again? How does Tom Holland fit into this? What the hell's even happening?

  11. They should make a rated R venom movie a dark (Not super dark) gritty and suspenseful movie but I think it should be kind of like an origin the movie should take place in space

  12. Don't see why this needs to be in the MCU? Logan isn't but it's a good story. It doesn't need to be a contingent story it can exist in its own timeline and its own story. As long as there is a good script it can spawn its own sequels without having to rely on other MCU characters.

  13. lots of marvel fans in the comments
    or should i say dc/sony/fox critiques,
    oh wait a second, theyre not offering anything constructive,
    so theyre just haters.

    way to give marvel fans a bad name, ill be over in the cartoon section where DC trumps marvel everytime, 90s and now
    (except spetacular spiderman, underated gem, proof peter can have a girlfriend of color and not having to name her mary jane)
    no hate, but homecoming did change one of the few great ginger characters.

  14. While I would love it to be a part of MCU, I'm not opposed to a standalone venom movie if it is done in the way of Deadpool or Logan where it is barely connected

  15. If SONY wanted to do their own thing, it would make more sense for them to go down the ultimate universe with Miles Morales. Atleast that way they could use Tom kill him off and even go down the spiderverse storyline.

  16. Answer to the the why is venom not on the MCU
    Spider-Man Homecoming looks like a teen comedy and venom needs a more mature and greedy/Dark tone
    And yeah, in the comics there are 3 Jokers so, I don't see why not

  17. I have a theory that probably Sony was planning this in secret without Marvel knowing because they still want to make their own movies and still do the Sinister Six storyline. Then, decided to blurt it out to make Marvel go WTF. I really do hope that it'll be part of the MCU because I did thought that Sony still wants to do the Sinister Six storyline, but it'll still be part of the MCU. I wonder what changed.

  18. I think it would be cool if it ended up being in the MCU. Especially if we get the black suit in infinity war. He can go beserk on a criminal in the beginning of this movie, ditch the suit, and Eddie Brock can be a photographer that sees Spiderman swing into wherever and follows him just to have the symbiote get him when he tries to snap a picture

  19. what if ady is Carnegie and flash tomson is the agent venom in spider-varce. then both studio (marvel & sony) will have problem to set this up.& I want ben (scarlet spider) too

  20. This seem like a big mistake. I all for a Venom movie but I think Sony should wait for Spider-Man from the MCU to be ready to face Venom (which should at least take 2 movies). Then they can make this movie and it can connect to the MCU.

  21. I have a dream that Phase 4 will be based on Secret Wars. It would be a perfect use of Venom and give the MCU something new to explore. I can't wait for Infinity War so it'll be interesting to see where it goes after that.

  22. I will watch every single movie of the MCU, but given that this Venom movie isn't in the MCU I wont be watching it. I really think this is a case of corporate greed from Sony. Why they can't just play ball with Marvel I don't know. I mean, seriously, have Venom be in a Homecoming sequel and then 'if' u 'have' to do a Venom Spin off do Agent Venom (after taking the time to set it up) and only as part of the MCU. Venom thats not part of the MCU is just completely pointless and honestly irritates me that we wont then be getting Venom – or Carnage (and I am a HUGE Carnage fan) as part of the MCU! 🙁
    I honestly want this film to tank and for Sony to lose ALOT of money, maybe then they will get their heads out of their asses and be more willing to play ball 100% with Marvel!


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