Venom Opens HUGE in China; Grinch Rules US – Charting with Dan!


Dan Murrell and Lon Harris break down Venom’s massive Chinese opening, The Grinch’s impressive domestic opening, and more.

Venom Opens HUGE in China; Grinch Rules US – Charting with Dan!

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  1. It makes me happy to know that movies like Warcraft, Venom, WW etc. are so well received in China.
    Especially Warcraft because I was very sad that Americans didn't go to see that =(

  2. Those first 2 Venom posters were sick! THAT'S the kinda shit I want back here, that's exactly what we were talking about last time!! China needs to get in touch with Disney. The others were absolutely hilarious and very charming, again, way better posters. They tell me nothing about who's in it, or even what the heck it's about, but it creates intrigue! I'd look at those and go "what???" and I'd need to know, and in order to find out you go and see the movie! Props to China on their campaign for Venom, no wonder it made so much money!

  3. Those Venom marketing materials are misleading as hell. It's no wonder Chinese openings are huge and then can drop off a cliff.

    Then again, maybe they TOTALLY change the stories for the Chinese audience.

  4. I live in China, watching charting with Dan EVERY WEEK haha.
    Venom was a phenomenon. And the jokes and humor translated well. People we're laughing during the movie repeatedly. I think it's because it mainly relies on his relationship with Michelle Williams character, Chinese love love stories, action and the Chinese lady from the store made her effect. Also they were using qq app which is from tencent. It is used by the young Chinese people a lot.

  5. I love how in depth Dan goes in his box office analysis. I appreciated that he showed us examples how Venom was marketed to the Chinese audience. Just shows how much he loves analyzing the box office and is why I love this show so much!

  6. Man it's so sad that The Girl in the Spider's Web was so botched from the start. I LOVE the Fincher movie and I want more R rated franchises like that, but it just got so fucked up by Sony

  7. I really like listening to dan talk about the charts. I think this is the kind of subject that could easily be boring but dan makes it interesting. He could probably make a good college professor

  8. The correct pronunciation for Voldemort is with a silent t. You’ll notice with the audiobooks that after the first movie came out, which was after book 4, the pronunciation was changed in the order of the Phoenix audiobook to match the movie. However after the initial confusion this was remedied and thats because the film got it wrong.

  9. Who is this "Grindelwald" person? I'm following Mr Sunday Movies lead and only referring to the movie as "Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Gay Wizard Hitler".

  10. That is not at all what the chinese words translate to please……..😑 我要我稳稳的幸福,能用双手去触碰 meant i want a stable love, that i can use both my hands to touch. Gosh who translated this😂only 2 translations were kinda close to what the poster wrote….

  11. Break more commemorate plates. I’ve been waiting so long. I don’t care if it’s Dan with Negan’s bat and a gotti plate, while the music from the office space printer scene plays. Just please give me one more.

  12. I can answer why – there hasn't been many overseas movies opening in China for the past few months because of the "local movie protection month" by the government, and the Chinese movies sucked as always. Venom is a superhero movie with some bad quirky humor which fits Chinese audiences appetite perfectly.

  13. When Dan said they were selling Venom as boyfriend material I was so confused because I thought he meant as in… boyfriend material for Eddie

  14. Hi guys, there’s a peculiar film out next week you didn’t mention and I’d be interested in the numbers on it. It’s a documentary, which you’ve talked a lot about this year, and a foreign film. It’s in korean with English subtitles and it’s out worldwide this week. It’s called ‘Burn the Stage’ and is about a korean music group called BTS and their 2017 tour. I know multiple theatres in the US and around the world has had to add additional dates over the weekend to accommodate demand, despite the Thursday release date. If you could find a per screen average or other numbers on it I’d be super grateful 🙏🏻 thanks as always for an incredible charting show, it was awesome to see Venom do so well in China and those posters were incredible, the Disney umbrella poster makers could certainly learn a thing or two!

  15. This could be the end of Spider-man as we know him. Sony have a deal with Marvel for 4 films with Tom Holland, unfortunately Tom Holland has a contract with Sony for 5 movies. And since Venom did well in China Sony might try to make a Spider-man movie without Marvel and we all know what happens then………………….

  16. Here's a more accurate translation of the boyfriend Venom posters (also, they all rhyme in Chinese):
    1) I want a stable happiness that I can touch with both hands.
    2) How can I be so good looking?
    3) The most beautiful thing is not the rainy day, it's the moment you hold up an umbrella for me.
    4) Ever since I've had you, shopping has become beautiful.
    The stamp says something like "Venom: a considerate and protective boyfriend". Monster romance has always been a thing in Asia. This marketing strategy doesn't surprise me one bit 🙂

  17. I just barely remember the whole thing with Gary Hart. I was six and understood none of it. It was just something on the TV. Yeah, "The Front Runner" is one I'll wait to stream because I don't want a movie about a presidential campaign right now. Later, perhaps, but not now. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't open in my smaller market, anyway, with how sluggishly it's doing. Thank you for charting, Dan and Lon! Tuesday's weird for you, but I always watch Charting on Tuesday mornings because of how late it uploads in Eastern time, except for now when I'm watching on Wednesday morning! Best.

  18. Worn out of politics or, in a country that elects Donald Trump, people just don't give a shit about it, or are too dumb to go see political documentaries. Not surprising honestly.

  19. No one cares about Gary Hart self destructing his campaign. He didn't go on to do anything of note in his life so you might as well make a Dukakis biopic about him putting on that stupid tank helmet. Not every story of a fuckup is interesting.

  20. I think the 'Voldemore' pronunciation is an issue with whoever is reading the US audio book. The UK audio book by Stephen Fry has a pronounced 't' at the end of Voldemort just as it does in the films. I realize that 'mort' is a French word but Voldemort isn't a French name, it's an anagram & is therefore pronounced phonetically rather than in the French style

  21. You know I haven't seen Venom, probably won't as SuperHero movies not my cup of tea, but I'm happy for it. Even though it's a big studio franchise, I keep getting the vibe of the little weird movie that could. It just seemed everyone was naysaying, critics to pundits, that it came off as an underdog. I actually feel happy for it even though I have no investment personally.

  22. I love these videos and the section on venom's marketing was incredible. I'm studying marketing and advertising at uni over in the UK but this video has really inspired me to try and go into the film industry working on campaigns and such as it obviously has a huge influence on box office figures.
    Just wanted to say thanks for this video especially to Dan Murrell, keep up the good work guys love it

  23. This is going to be weird. But every time I watch Charting With Dan, it makes me want to play that old computer game from Lionhead Studios (Which doesn't exist anymore) called The Movies. It was a game where you built a movie studio, hired writers, actors, a crew and extras and filmed movies while trying to top the box office and win awards. Sadly, the game no longer works and is not available on steam. Sad Face.

  24. Movies need to make at least 3x their budgets to be profitable for studios. Keep this in mind when analyzing box office performances.

  25. I think what they’re saying about Venom and Thanos ties into a story they did the previous week of Super Heroes being more violent than the Villain. Also is there something going on in the human race that for what ever reason most of the new world leaders are Monsters and we as humans are embracing the Monster villain characters????

  26. Venom is one of the most popular characters of all time in comics. Period. That's been under-reported and not been a focus of many stories, but Venom is one of the most important characters in the Marvel Brand. His only rivals are really Wolverine, Spider-Man, and maybe one or two more in terms of popularity.

    Venom is beloved.

  27. 7:25 Evidence that women have to work twice as hard and be absolutely the best at what they attempt in order to get appropriate recognition in a male-dominated field. Not that it's a perfect comparison, but their movies made significantly more money, and Dan seems to be insinuating that the premises and plots are essentially equivalent.



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