Venom – REVIEW!


Our SJ news crew gives their thoughts and review Sony’s Venom

Hosted by Dan Murrell & Danielle Radford

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Venom – REVIEW!

Venom is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel,[5] and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, it is intended to be the first film in Sony’s Marvel Universe. The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer from a screenplay by Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, and Kelly Marcel, and stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom, alongside Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, and Reid Scott. In Venom, journalist Brock is bound to an alien symbiote that gives him superpowers.


  1. I kind of agree with dan, I liked this movie despite so many problems it has hardy as Eddie and venom steals the show so much that it makes the other bullshit in the film passable, I agree dan not great but not bad

  2. I am still excited to see it. I like Tom Hardy so looking forward to watching Venom tonight. I like Dan's thoughts on the movie, but I would say to think of the DC movies in that regard. A lot of people hate on the DC movies, but there are good things to come out of them, yet people can't have rational conversation about it. Either way I am just happy we are getting superhero movies in general, and even with the mistakes/issues. Hopefully people learn from it and improve on superhero entertainment in the future.

  3. Just watched this Movie (literally sitting in Leicester Square outside the cinema) and maybe maaaaybe I didn't "get it" but this movie is just dogshit!! Plot bland, characters boring, next to no chemistry between any of the actors. Not even average but actually shit. I wish there was a way of getting my money back!

  4. Nobody is gonna argue over venom. Nobody cares when its in Sony's stamp of approval. Like a turd in the wind, we will forget this movie. Hell, im not gonna watch it cuz I'm gonna forget what Im talking about… actually… what WAS i talking about?🤔

  5. It was great. I know the comics inside and out (literally grew up in the 90's reading them every night and watching the cartoon in it's prime)
    It was that era packed into a great movie. SO FAITHFUL to the source material.

  6. Saw it tonight and while it's no winter soldier, it was fun. If Tom Hardy isn't in this then it's a complete dud. It's not memorable or quotable but it was a good time.

  7. I actually quite liked it. To me it was at Ant-Man level of good. Not great, but fine. There are loads of "Superhero" movies I enjoyed far less. (Thor 2, Iron Man 2 and 3, Guardians 2, Avengers 2, most X-Men movies…) Dont know why all the fuss about this movie being horrible. People at the theater clapped at the end and i heard people talking about how much they liked it. It was fine. Enjoyable. Not offensively bad at all. Imo. 💁

  8. I personally think it's the worst comic book movie I've seen.. ever. I don't care if the comedy was "intentionally," that doesn't mean it didn't suck.

  9. I went in to this movie with zero expectations….a little put down after the reviews but wanted to make up my mind on my own. Wow, was I glad I did. This movie is great! Tom Hardy is the soul of this movie. His back and forth dynamic with Venom is fantastic. Lord every second he was on screen. As for the rest of the cast and overall movie, it was just ok. Nothing spectacular. If you go into this movie wanting a hard violent serious take on Venom, that is not what you are going to get. As Dan puts it, is a self aware, goofy, fun movie that Tom Hardy shines in.

  10. Usually agree with Dan, but Venom without Spider-Man seems pointless to me. Tom Hardy's great and all- but that "Turd in the Wind" line gave me flashbacks to "Batman and Robin" and I think I'm just gonna pass on this one..

  11. My son and I had a great time, the movie was a lot of fun. I would go as far as to say they violence and sex was shot around better than any other PG13 SH movie I have seen in recent years. Issues I had with Iron Man 1 these guys got right. kept it PG13 but you never felt like you didnt understand what was going on.

  12. I agree w/ Dan 100%. I was rambling on and on after the movie about how Tom Hardy was what carried the entire film for me. Everything else was… meh dumb, not great, but Eddie Brock and Venoms relationship were frickin amazing and I loved that.

  13. As of me writing this comment it has a 31% (critics) but 89% (audience) on rotten tomatoes. After me watching the movie I have to say the theater audience I was with seemed to have great responses during the movie, laughing and gasping etc. I'm a little biased since I'm a personal huge fan of them so it's hard for me not to give venom a good review. I definitely would NOT put it in the same category of Sony's fantastic four or Catwoman or green lantern, even from an objective standpoint. I feel like there's general presuppositions for the general consensus of Sony's track record which makes me can't help but believe that the reviews would have been at least 15 or 20% higher than they were had the movie Ben released solely by Marvel and not by Sony. All in all could Venom have been a better movie? I feel like that would be like saying could Jurassic world, or the amazing Spiderman etc. be a better movie? Yes. Does that mean that these type of movies are bad? No. I feel like this will end up being a movie that the critics hate but the audience will inevitably love overall.

  14. The movie was awesome, I’d rate it above Antman and Thor 1-2 and on par with Spider-Man home coming. I took my kids to see it and they raved over it, it’s a comic book people, not fifty shades of grey

  15. it feels like a movie that got chopped up and redited like 10X by a drunk person who approved this plot ??? its kinda sad could of been a Really good movie

  16. Your reactiosn prompted me to take my family to Venom last night. And no joke the theater was clapping at the end. Really fun movie. In the same vein as Deadpool. And you guys nailed the review. Hardy's performance is outstanding and Venom was freaking awesome. I was laughing consistently at the interplay between Venom and Eddie. Venom's voice and personality nailed the character and humor. I really don't get the critical hate. The only real flaw of the movie is that it was too short; many scenes felt rushed and the beginning plodded along before Venom made an appearance. Also agree that the secondatlry characters were a bit cookie cutter and some of the CGI was meh. As you said wig work on both Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson wasn't good. IMO apparent there was some major cutting. Can't wait for the rumored R rated director's cut. Surprise Drake wasn't driving around in an electric car. 😉 All in all exactly the type of movie I'd expect from Zombieland director. Can't wait to see it again. Defintely buying the Bluray!

  17. I'm shocked . This movie was bad. Tom hardy is so out of place , hes supposed to be a popular news reporter and he has nervous ticks and talks like a group therapy patient. It does not work. His chemistry with Michelle Williams is also terrible . I'm shocked.

  18. WHAT THE F IF YOU THINK THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE YOU ARE absolutely right! My son introduced me to u. He watches you all the time and now you have a new fan. Keep up the good work. Very easy to listen to. I'm shocked this is only 15min. I could have listened for another hour. Stay Iconic!

  19. Venom with a PG rating was about as fun to watch as it would be to watch Deadpool if it had a PG rating. Not sure what dan is talking about but this movie has quiet a few plot holes and scenes that don't make sense which if you dive in further you notice that it's because 40 minutes was cut from the film.

  20. This movie has useful Freudian psychological representations on screen: Venom represents the id while Eddie represents the ego and Annie represents the superego.

    There’s a remark in the movie where Venom actually tells Brock that they need Annie. Them working together is indicative of how our id, ego and superego all work within us (cooperatively or combatively).

  21. i watched the movie. was not disappointed at all. Definitely Not a trash film. I agree with Dan here. Can not wait for the sequel!

  22. Rotten tomatoes and metacritic have 0% credibility for me now as Venom was good and deserved much better score, rotten tomatoes and metacritic no more

  23. Have not seen the film..but am not in the slightest interested in paying money to watch it. Any Venom movie that exists completely and totally outside the Spiderman MCU is a shit show. The entire character makeup of the Venom character surrounds the life and events of Spiderman. Without Spiderman, Venom's backstory is a pile of hot garbage made up on the spot to try and pull a Spiderman related movie together without having the rights to do so. Sony can't make superhero movies to save their asses..never have.

  24. Thank you for this review you guys. I have now seen Venom twice, and I loved it both times. I'm a Tom Hardy fanboy so that probably explains it. Don't get me wrong, it's a very easy movie to pick apart, from the script, to other actor's flatness, to bad editing and CGI or sloppy takes. It SHOULD be a 3 out of 10, Dan (who's side I take on this review but I also really really loved Danielle's take and can't poo-poo it) put it at a 6.5 (per RT, not sure if that's the SJU aggregate score or Dan's own score though)…but I have it at an 8+. That's ignoring the technical aspects. After seeing pretty much every single super hero movie since Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man, this movie was soooo refreshing. Despite the incredibly cliche and poorly executed plot. I thought Infinity War was great, but even though it's not over until Endgame, it kind of closed that Marvel door for me, where I went from obsessed to like okay, I'm full with this giant food baby, time for a nap. Venom was just a great time and although it's hard to rank against other Marvel films because most of them are objectively better, this one gets placed right up near the top for me, despite it's lower quality. I never thought I would enjoy a movie so much despite Sony's dirty finger prints all over it.


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