WEDDING SERIES | Bridesmaid Dresses + Meet the Girls!


I hope you are enjoying this wedding series so far 🙂 In this video i share with you who my bridesmaids are and where I got their dresses 🙂

Shop reformation:

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  1. I love the way you introduced your bridesmaids, you didn’t just say their names and this is the dress. You were so sweet and spoke so highly of your friends, I wish I had a friend group like yours ❤️

  2. I'm already in college and I haven't found a friend, not even from high school 😕 But I'm happy for you, you are just the kind of person I'd be happy to have as a friend. Love this series <3<3

  3. I love how you chose Reformation since it's trendy, sustainable, and you'd definitely wear it again unlike most bridesmaids dresses 😅 love this series so much and can't wait for the big day! 💛

  4. this makes me so happy & nostalgic! its so cool to see all these girls together from different eras in ur life all coming to celebrate ur love! I remember watching your florida vlogs on your old vlog channel & your studying abroad experience & its just so crazy to think how long I've been following along & seeing your life journey! love you tess & so happy for u ❤️

  5. As I have watched you from the beginning I remember your friend who you went to your grandma for holidays, and also who did a video on how to curl hard to curl hair.
    Anyway it is so amazing the way you talk about your friends, it is apparent that you love them and that they mean a lot to you!
    I totally believe friends mean the world to us and we should cherish them!

  6. Recognized all the people from high school/college too as I've been watching your videos like forever!!! ❤ It was so sweet how you all talked about them, such a sweet appreciation video, love it

  7. Loved the way you talked about all of your girlfriends. So happy you have such incredible individuals in your life. You have been a big inspiration to me. This year has been really tough for me, as I had a breakup and it’s been really hard for me to let go, but seeing how you and your friends are thriving after being through so much gives me hope.

  8. I had seven bridesmaids (which is a lot in the UK) but they are all just so special to me, I couldn’t just pick one or two! 💕 Love the dresses you picked Tess!

  9. Watching this video almost made me cry. In general your wedding series is making my cry. I have watched you now for over 6 years and I am unbelievably happy for you and I can't wait to see you on your wedding day. 😍😍 And all of your bridesmaids look gorgeous 💁

  10. Thank you for introducing us to all your beautiful bridesmaids! It’s such a treat to hear you talk about how wonderful they are. Reminds us all to hug our friends more, like you said 💖💖

  11. Will you guys be telling us who the grooms men are? 😁 and who they’ll be matched up with walking down the aisle. It’d be cool to see who and why you guys matched them up the way you guys did 🙂

  12. Aw I love all the kind words you said about your sweet friends 💕 also I really like how you chose to pick different styles that are personalized to each girl ☺️ definitely taking notes for my future wedding one day haha!

  13. Loved his video so much! Your personality is so contagious and beautiful. Your light shines to those around you. All those dresses were so magical and perfect for each of your girls. They are so luck to have you! ✨🖤😘

  14. I love that you are having your bachelorette party in New Orleans, I'm about an hour away from NOLA and absolutely love it. I've been following you from the get-go and am watching all of the insta stories from your party! Cannot wait for the vlog!!!


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