WEEKEND IN MY LIFE: We Moved into a Tent!


This past weekend we decided to take a trip upstate NY to Collective Retreats in Hudson Valley for a little getaway. I hope you enjoy. ps. highly recommend glamping :p

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  1. This is literally crazy. You guys are staying around where I grew up! My dad lives in Hudson and that’s where I was born and raised. And my grandparents live in Chatham! Love you guys. This gave me chills. Maybe one day I could bump into y’all!

  2. At a certain point I was laughing because Tess was laughing 😂 this vlog is so cute! I like seeing you guys just chilling and relaxing ☺️ the tent was an amazing experience I guess! What was the "dessert" you were eating at the end of the vlog?

  3. I just watched your vlog and Pat and you are sooo cute, I love you guys, how you can play together, you really have such a connection it makes my heart melt. Tess you look so carefree it's refreshing and we can see an other part of you and I love you even more!!

  4. So close to where I live! There’s a sculpture park right in that area that is amazing called Omi, highly recommend! Hope you had an amazing weekend in upstate 🙂

  5. one of my favorite vlogs to have ever watched!! This experience looked soooo amazing and sooo cute & you and pat omg been watching you for years Tess and you two look more in love than ever! I love you guys so much! I wish to have something so amazing like what you two share one day! I know you know this but jeeeez you’re one lucky girl😍😍😍!

  6. I haven't watched a video that made me this happy in sooo long. I just love seeing the genuine love you have for each other. It is so beautiful!! ❤️

  7. Everytime I see Tess's video I just think about the awesome memories she is capturing and that someday she will watch them and be so grateful. I don't know, makes me so happy for her.

  8. this is my first time commenting on your video. i'm a silent viewer, but I have to write this. this is my favourite video of yours. soooo cozy and heartfelt. i was smiling while watching this (:

  9. I have been in a slump after parting ways with this guy I was seeing. Watching this vlog and seeing how playful and loving you both are towards each other has simply made me realize that THIS is true love. This is what I want with my future husband and I am not going to settle for anything less. Thank you for this, Tess. You both give me hope. 💕

  10. Aww Tess I miss your accent from yeaaars ago, now you say "Bags" like a valley girl when you used to say "Be-gs" 😭 I've been watching you for like 5 years now. You're so amazing and I admire you so much. Your videos have never failed to either make my day or just make me smile. Love you 💕

  11. I love pat being one with the vlog and taking it over at different points 😫😭 I love you guys . These vlogs make me so happy they are so heart warming . 💕

  12. You guys are so, so, SO cute. I love this vlog and seeing just the two of you being together, enjoying yourselves. Also, Patrick's facial expressions are the best

  13. 💕 this was so casual and real. oh i love this vlog! it also looked like such a fun little getaway! cute place, so calm and as a beautiful married couple omg love you guys 💕


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