What I Eat In a Day | FALL EDITION


What I Eat In A Day
Welcome to day TWELVE of #YOUTOBER2019 ❤
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what do you normally eat in a day?


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  1. ughhh I am loving this intro so much! I'm usually too excited for the video and tend to skip the intro, but I haven't skipped this intro once this whole month cause it's too beautiful ❤❤

  2. I was abroad and I'm catching up on all your videos since February! I've missed them, you have always helped me so much and you are literally a ray of sunshine Love from Greece 🧡

  3. im back at my food network phase and i feel like cooking the whole time. not complaining tho this vd could really help me try new things. thanks Kayln!

  4. I never even thought about just buying pumpkin pie filling. I feel so limited with most holiday foods because I don't do animal products, but now I'm actually excited. Although, I'm not much of a sweet breakfast gal. Perhaps on the weekends I can do this for lunch 🙂

  5. I have taken SOOO much away from your videos and podcast. thank you for being you!!! also you’re super pretty 🧡🧡 subscribe to my channel also thanks loves 🥰

  6. I loved this so much. In the past ive been sorta against these type of videos. Im not sure why but i think i was on some hormonal douchebag type of trip. Anyhoo, i found myself really loving this and i was wondering about what i eat in a day cold weather brrrr edition. I think it would give some winter healthy ideas and motivation instead of just giving up and eating all the bad comfort foods.

  7. Okay I hurt my back at the same spot with a bra during summer (you basically pulled a muscle) and damn it hurts! Use ice NOT hot water.. beware of the way you sleep and stretch and move it lightly. Laying on your back and working out your legs actually puts pressure on your shoulders and back and you don’t want that.
    Also, is it okay that you had all those vitamins at once? Coming from someone with sensitive stomach I couldn’t handle all that.

  8. I’m living for the extra vlog footage in addition to your food! Also been YouTubing for like 7 years and I still don’t do the public vlogging thing either. It’s so weird haha

  9. Been a supporter of yours for years; I just love your energy and wish we were friends haha also, your videos inspire me so much and your house is GOALS😍😊

  10. Just want to say thank you and how appreciate your audience is for you working so hard to create quality content! 2 months of back to back filming and editing cannot be easy and it would be easy for quality to suffer. I hope you’re getting a good dose of self care in all this!

  11. I ENJOYED THIS WHAT I EAT IN A DAY!!🙋🏼‍♀️I’ve been doing hot yoga consistently as of October but it’s super hard for me to stay on track with eating! Some more healthy recipe ideas would be awesome. I said it on your other home tour videos but your places is soooo perfectly Pinterest hahah also I was searching podcast on Spotify yesterday and I saw yours! I was proud of you!👑
    P.s. my little dogs name is Bentley too!
    💋💋💋’s from Seattle

  12. How do you make tofu? I followed a recipe on how to make it but it turned out really bad. I’m a vegetarian and want new recipes with tofu but it never turns out. It’d be really helpful if you could show us in a vlog or something! 🙂

  13. Hey Kalyn, could you eventually do a Fitness Friday type video where you try Aerial yoga and share your experience? Thank you for your yoga flow routine, I'm loving it! ❤️


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