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If you find yourself overloading on dehydrating coffee beverages in the Summer, it might be time to refresh your morning routine and swap in some iced mate, a South American tea beverage that comes from the mate plant. Watch this video to get the facts about the benefits, the potential risks, and best mate practices in general.

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  1. this comes to at a perfect timing I have stopped drinking coffee but I still need something to wake me up! Yerba Mate sounds like my new friend I also love the fact that helps lower cholesterol since mine is not in the best shape! Thank You!!

  2. OMG ! I'm from Argentina.. You don't know anything about the Mate!! Please, before making a video, do a research … Don't get me wrong, I love popsugar.. Just respect the mate

  3. Umm, guys… that's not mate.
    Mate is a very comon drink in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay (there it's called Tereré), but no one in those countries drinks that weird bottled thing.
    Yerba mate are the dried leaves of Ilex Paraguayensis, Mate is the beberage. It is prepared as an infusion with hot water (in Uruguay) and everybody drinks from the same bombilla (metalic straw). That sharing makes mate more of a social beberage.

  4. I am from Paraguay and it is the first time I am seeing this kind of drink in such presentation, it looks like they have made the yerba mate leaves in a kind of juice tea flavored. Anyways the way to drink yerba mate is usually as Terere (means in a guampa or glass made from horn or wood, a bombilla kind of straw and cold water usually with our medicinal plants). Mate is the same thing but just with hot water.

  5. Flagged for SPAM. This is not Yerba Mate, it's just another pop soda.

    Hola Paraguayos, Argentinos y Uruguayos! Me gusta beber Yerba Mate, y tambien como Téréré, como ustedes dicen. Pero este producto NO es Yerba Mate, es pop soda nada mas. Viva el Mate real!

  6. Everyone know that in Argentina, Paraguay and all this countries drink it in a different way.. But for the people that can't get the plant and drink it this is the best option👌


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