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  1. Not that I didn't enjoy the Chris off (Team Evans!), but why was there no commentary on the references to Orwell's 1984 (the title and the video surveillance shot), which would align the sequel thematically with Winter Soldier!

  2. I don't understand why Wonder Woman is still so broken up in the modern day about Steve Trevor… she only knew him in the first film for about 3 or 4 days. Move on Diana…. jeez!

  3. Evans is kind of a one dimensional actor though. I've never seen him pull off a character performance like Hell or High Water or even something funny and improvisational like Parks and Rec.

  4. I have no issue stopping watching TV etc. if these companies pull this kind of shit! Hopefully after the midterm elections, there will be enough votes in congress to make a net neutrality law.

  5. A group of people playing tag in a time loop (they're aware of it, Groundhog Day style) would be interesting. Adapting from patterns that are observed by people and events that take place within the loop to adjust strategies might make for an entertaining game. Timing traffic or gaps in crowds of people, scoping out the best places to avoid the tagger, setting up traps or delays etc, a unique environment that lends itself to strategy in how it's manipulated. Part of the game is also learning what tactics other players favour, and using them against the player (locations, distractions, traps, signature moves etc).

  6. @ScreenJunkies News I think this deal doesn't necessarily do any harm because what it comes down to is that if companies abuse their 'power' to distribute and charge for content, someone else will undercut them. It's part of how capitalism operates. At some point one company will charge too much and people will stop paying for it. They only have the ability to 'overcharge' consumers as long as people are willing to pay for it. At some point some other company will come in with a good deal and steal all the customers. The competition promotes lower prices for the consumer.

  7. I want Chris Pine to play a different character, but also be Diana Prince's love interest in all the Wonder Woman movies. He also has to die in the third act of all the movies. And the character's name should be an anagram of Steve Trevor.

  8. Check into how much of the internet. AMAZON already owns/hosts. Netflix is hosted on an Amazon Server, so is EBay, Facebook uses them for tech support, imgur is hosted, so is Snapchat, and that’s just the very tip of a worldwide network of server hosting.

  9. The move by ATT and Comcast to potentially throttle internet rates could easily backfire. It works on the assumption that people who are not used to doing so would say "Sure, I'll pay $10 more for HBO Go." In all likelihood, you'll have password and network sharing and you'd have a lot of people going "Oh okay, Game of Thrones is over and I'm done with HBO." Kind of like how I did with Hulu. It has a lot of opportunity to backfire.

  10. Something tells me the outfits Chris Pine is wearing are just to throw us off to avoid spoilers being leaked. I really don't think hes back in that sense. I can see him being a flashback haunting Diana in a way. While we're at it, why doesn't Antiopes death have a more lasting affect than Steve's? She was her mentor & helped shape into the badass she became? Will we see a Robin Wright cameo?

  11. I don't see Pine being a hallucination. I don't buy that she would see him wearing 80's clothes. He's probably just a relative. Isn't that how they did it in the comics. His grandkid or somehting?

  12. I think it's pretty obvious what's going on. The movie is set in 1984. And Captain Kirk time traveled back to 1984 to get a pair of humpback whales to save earth from being destroyed by the whale probe.

  13. In 1948, Movie studios were told they couldn't produce, distribute, and exhibit movies, after Paramount was caught freezing other studio's movies out of their theatres. Cable and internet service providers are the modern equivalent of those exhibitors. Unfortunately, this time they are being allowed to do whatever they want.
    While I know some argue Amazon and Netflix already do that, as pointed out, I don't think you can really consider them the exhibitors, as they can't run on their own. You need that middle company to see them. And that's where companies like AT&T and Comcast come in. They've already shown they will slow Netflix down if they're allowed, that's part of why Net Neutrality laws were created, and not that those are dead, they're clearly going to do it again.
    It's all really frustrating.

  14. You guys should watch the "Who's the best Chris" video with Jack Howard and Hazel Hayes. They make a very compelling case for Chris Pine ^^
    For me personally it's 1. Evans 2. Hemsworth 3. Pine and then Pratt like far off somewhere…

  15. My father recently told my about a comic he read about as a child. He can't remember it's name but it was about a dystopian future where everything is owned by two companies at war. I feel like we're approaching that.

  16. I thought the repeal of net neutrality was not done through legislation, but rather an executive decision by the FCC to overturn an existing guideline protecting online content as a category 2 so they are subjected to much stricter regulation. Since no policy was actually inacted, not repealed, I don’t see how there would be language in place to make states enforcing net neutrality potentially subjected to the lawsuits.

    Again, I don’t know anything about the judge, but I wouldn’t put all of the blame on him. From a legal perspective, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff (the DOJ) to prove that the damage to markets and competitor meets the legal burden. Again, I’m not privy to the details with the case, what were their briefs/evidences, but that is difficult to prove when they are not directly in the same industry. Also, isn’t the DOJ appealing?no wonder AT&T is moving that quickly to finalize the merger; they are trying to beat the deadline for motion to appeal (I don’t know why, it would happen anyway; I assume for stock reason).

  17. I really don’t know if that’s Steve Trevor. Could be anyone, even a clone, or something. Who knows?

    “You said Hemsworth wrong.” 😂😂😂

    “Happy Birthday to the 3rd best Chris.” 😂😂😂

    I want a Chris-off video! Like Movie Fights or ReCast or Plate Smash(?). You break 3 plates & keep the best!

    “Not family friendly.” 😂😂😂

    I LOVE Jake Johnson! 💖💖💖

  18. Will the DOJ be more interested in whoever gets Fox's assets, in regards to more around Hulu,
    The biggest question is the around antitrust, that Comcast if they get those assets, and Disney in future could own a majority of the box office- than Disney themselves.

  19. I would like to say…. Roth at the very end telling people to “watch movie fights, its on today” when its a wednesday… threw me off my game. I ended up thinking it was a thursday drove to a meeting that never happened cause in fact…. it was a wednesday. Some might say “check your phone, it tells you its wednesday…. but as a creature of habit, ignore everything on the home screen until its something im looking for. So i just wanna say…….avatar the last air bender is out on blue ray. Pick it up probably…. didnt watch blu ray yet but avatar the last air bender is a incredible show.

  20. Wow, thanks, Roth. I need to re-watch Ladyhawke at some point. Haven't seen it since I was little. As always, thanks to everyone who worked on this for the great content. The AT&T/Time Warner merger is scary, but if there's one hope, it's that having an answer as to who owns WB will lead to more consistency in the DCEU. Wouldn't it be lovely if everybody enjoying a DC movie wasn't a fluke? Best.

  21. What has been mentioned concerning the rights of the Marvel characters is that if the studio does not use the property after a certain period of time, the rights are reverted back to Marvel Comics. I seen a lot of big sources note this but legally your licensing goes with you even if you are bought. 🙂

  22. 30:45 Speaking of Matthew Broderick in medieval times…

    “Can I get a knife or fork?”
    “There were no utensils in medieval times, hence there are no utensils at Medieval Times. Would you like a refill on that Pepsi?”
    “There were no utensils but there was Pepsi?”
    “Dude, I got a lot of tables.”

  23. If the companies are publicly traded AND the contract is a material contract, the SEC may have it on file because the company would have to disclose it. Also, it would be disclosed to shareholders through the SEC filings.

  24. what is up with Roth saying that companies screwing people over is "not evil" and reducing it to "just trying to make a profit"? AT&T/Time Warner are not some mom & pop operation just trying to survive, WTF

  25. AT&T and Comcast need to be very careful because Net Neutrality and all this other Jazz doesn't override Federal Trade Commission regulations. If they openly do things to deliberately interfere with another company's ability to make a profit or unfairly harm a competitor's product or service, they're setting themselves up for a ethical, criminal, and financial ass-whipping of epic proportions.

  26. It depends on how you judge each Chris. Based on looks? Acting ability? Movies and roles?

    1. Pine (best actor)
    2. Evans (I just love Cap)
    3. Hemsworth
    4. Pratt

    I think if you take away from Evans, he is a lot lower here. I mean what good film has he been in other than Marvel movies? Hemsworth is a solid comedic actor, but I think he struggles in dramatic roles. Pratt is probably the best comedic actor (star lord and Parks and rec), but is last for me.

  27. Disney goes, 60 billion plus 10% of total box office of ALL MCU films for 5 years. Then they win. Comcast can't get thier boxes up to tech, can't get their internet up to par, and have the GAUL to offer 65 billion not cash?

  28. The only benefit I see of AT&T absorbing Time Warner, maybe we could see maybe they can improve their communication services? TWC internet was a bit garbage. Another downside to net neutrality being gone and throttling other services, in a lot of areas if you don't go with TWC/COX (I've never seen them overlap) and Fiber isn't an option, what other choices is there? Thinking of COX does this give TWC more leverage to move into regions and potentially push COX around? I think doubtful but it's a thought.

  29. If it was a big Italian guy going to your home with a baseball bat saying "You can have our streaming or who knows what might happen to the other guy service ya'know" we wouldn't think twice to say he was evil. Net neutrality was our last line of defense here.

  30. Yeah, it's quite possible that Comcast couldn't transfer the Marvel rights away from Fox, but since they obviously won't dissolve it, that point's moot. And the idea that bankrupt Marvel's notoriously weak negotiation position back then would've managed to include a provision against all future purchases is sadly totally laughable.

  31. I'm sorry. You DONT THINK ITS EVIL? ISP charges more to websites, those websites in turn charge customers more. If you can't pay, you're screwed. What about people that don't have any extra to spare. This is big business taking over. The kinda shit that superheros fight. I'm sincerely disgusted.

  32. There’s NO proof of character rights defaulting to Disney-Marvel. That’s such an old rumor. If it were true, Why the hell would Disney buy Fox when they could just step back and get Marvel for free. It’s just wishful thinking. Not reality.

  33. Joe what is with you and the references that dig at my soul? The OG Sword and the Stone? You gave me serious nostalgia flashbacks… What's next on the list of obscure references that make me choke on my coffee?

  34. God bless you Roth! Chris E. does not get enough love or credit. He’s got such great range and does lots of interesting things. He clearly loves filmmaking. I enjoy all the chrises and wish good things for all of them, but Evans holds a special place in my heart.


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