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Step into summer with some brand new Eggie items! In this video I try on everything in the collection and break it all down for you.
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They vary this time! I’m 5″1 and weigh 103lbs.


➥ Poppy Dress (XS)
➥ Peony Dress (XS)
➥ Grettle Dress (XS)
➥ Rose Dress (S)
➥ Mint Chip Dress (XS)
➥ Wrapped Up Dress (XS) — But it’s really tight. Size up for this dress.
➥ The Orchid Dress (S)
➥ Yarrow Dress (S)

⓶ TOPS ⓶

➥ Party Mom (XS)
➥ Party Dad (XS)
➥ E.G.G.I.E. (XS)
➥ The Chaz (XS)
➥ Crop It Hoodie (XS)
➥ Helena Top (S)
➥ Belle Blouse (XS)
➥ 98 Degrees Top (XS)
➥ Poppy Bodysuit (XS) –
➥ The Amalie (S) – Runs small. Size up.
➥ Creme De La Creme (XS)
➥ Daffodil Blouse (XS)


➥ Camila Jumpsuit (S)
➥ Jasmine Top (S)
➥ Jasmine Bottom (S)
➥ Iris Jumpsuit (S) –


➥ Misty Denim (XS)
➥ Morning Glory Skirt (XS)
➥ White Stripe Shorts (S)
➥ White Stripe Pants (S)
➥ Oxford Shorts (XS)
➥ Beige Bay Skirt (XS)


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❐ ON ME ❏
➥ Criss Cross Top (S)


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  1. Your collections always have cool details to them that you can’t really find anywhere else! As for the silhouettes and sizing, you’re still in just the beginning of such a large journey for Eggie! Starting a business like that takes a lot of money and time, so I’m looking forward to seeing your growth and the growth of Eggie. ❤️

  2. Please restock the Camila Jumpsuit! The moment I checked out with it, I was notified that it was sold out. I WAS SO CLOSE. Please restock as you can!!!!!!

  3. Cute stuff but most of it is made out of plastic 🙁 And I couldn’t find any information on where your clothes are made, who made them? Your prices are quite affordable, I just wonder how did you achieve such a low cost without harming the life of garment workers and environment? Hope to hear from you soon

  4. Jenn we love your clothes I mean we really do they're are gorgeous and fun , but kind of unrealistic for girl plus size and or tall. My body will not ever fit most of these stunning clothes and it's sad cause I really want to support your brand by wearing it , but right now all I feel like I'm doing it's cheering from the side/size line….not fun. Anyway I love your clothes and your channel.

  5. Any advice/tips on what bras to wear with some of the pieces? Like the Mint Chip dress, Orchid dress, Iris Jumpsuit where the chest area is a little bit more exposed.

  6. This might be my favorite collection thus far. Every piece was beyond cute. I would definitely love if you expanded sizing to plus size so I can cop all of them haha xo!

  7. Yay! Hands down my favorite Eggie drop! 😍😍 I love these videos of you explaining each piece. Really gives a personal touch to each piece. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!!

  8. Please do a video on what bras to wear under dresses and different pieces of clothing! Recommendations for good brands and things you've tried before would be nice too. 🙂

  9. These look amazing! I was wondering if you'll release a plus size line too? I know it's a lot of work but bigger girls like to look stylish too! You have such a great sense of what looks flattering on people I look forward to whatever you come up with!

  10. love the collection! but I noticed that a lot of the pieces are off-shoulder and that the dresses were all short…even though I know that you create your clothing line based on clothes you would like to wear (which is awesome ofc) it would be nice to have a wider variety imo like dresses that were t-shirt based or off-shoulder but long 🙂

  11. At first I was like dang, why she going so fast. Then I was like holy shit, that means there's gunna be hella new things. Everything is amazing! Way to whip out so many good designs.

  12. Okay, all of these pieces are to die for!! I love how unique and feminine they are, but at the same time so simple and elegant. Just UGH 😍 However, something I noticed is that most of these necklines appear to be pretty low cut, and I have no boobs at all. 😅 I’m just worried that some of these might come to far down for my liking with nothing to really hold them up. Is that something I should be worried about??? Also ps I just bought one of the skirts and I AM SO EXCITED 😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️ I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  13. Jenn! I’ve been so happy with all my Eggie pieces in past drops, and I was so excited for this collection BUT I just got my dresses in the mail today, and they were both WAY too short, neither covered my butt! I chose my sizes according to your advice and what the website said, and was really disappointed with the fit this time. Why don’t you have a section for reviews on the Eggie site? I feel like it would be helpful for instances like this.

  14. I was never interested in your early collections but damn you killed it this time! I witnessed your personality throughout the designs, kinda reminds me of how you dressed back then hehe I'd love to support you but unfortunately can't, my parents are skeptical towards buying stuff online 🙁 hopefully someday! I wish you all the best, jenn.

  15. Collection is beautiful but does not cater to everyone….:( Nothing negative you have worked really hard, but please don't forget what makes women different from each other.some of us want to support you but can't because the clothes are only for the skinny girl and not someone with curves.just kind of makes you feel left out.much love and congratulations on your success! 😘

  16. I totally understand people's concerns about the sizing, and I'm sure you will work towards improving it as the brand expands. But I don't think people understand that 1) it's really hard for short petite girls to find flattering cute clothes and 2) its difficult for a new small company to immediately cater to every audience! It makes sense that you would start with designing things for your own shape, and I'm excited to order from the collection!

  17. They’re great 👍 clothes but it seems they’re just for this years items. Next year it will not be in season. You need to create clothes that last a few more seasons.


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