When Your School Degree Is Useless


Are you looking for a fool-proof way to convince your parents that you don’t need to spend thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars going to university? I present to you this video:
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  1. And this is why I’m glad I got my degree in something that will apply to literally anything I do (Business degree). Because literally any job in the world is a business and understanding how that stuff works will be useful somewhere. Unless the world throws away the entire economy which is impossible. (Plus classes I took have been about stuff like how to write a resume and do well in job interviews).

  2. your degree is actually useful lilly. i think that degree has helped you in analyzing peoples mindsets and social issues which has lead you to become this youtube superstar

  3. psychology subject is very marketable skill if you can be an entrepreneur and go to your market , like here able to go to market via youtube/internet
    ,other degrees only good for salary market aka fixed salary and can be laid off anytime by one BOSS ,some degrees dont have good salary market like liberal arts degree

  4. Friend with Family and Consumer Sciences degree: Bank teller.
    Friend with Psychology degree: works for parents' side businesses, currently growing flowers for a shop.
    Friend with Human Exercise Science degree: went back to school for Nursing and is a nurse.
    Friend with English degree: teaching high school in Japan (technically not degree related–these programs allow any degree)
    Friend with Botany degree: teaching high school in Japan
    Friend with Spanish and Education degree: front desk at a financial firm

    Yup, very few stay on a career track directly relevant to their degree, like that friend with a botany degree working as a field surveyor in the Forest Service.

  5. You know what I realize about having good grades
    They gave a paper and a thing made of something cheap for your good grades
    I think that paper is only worth 2 cent

  6. Came back to watch this video because I start my 3 year Psychology degree in a few months… Wish I’d known how hard it is to get a job before actually deciding on my degree 😂😭

  7. You could use the degree …in the cop field…which can be entry level…cop stuff…idk…like probation officer or… Or a negotiator….or like…and officer of the military….or like…a counselor in the cop field amajiggger…
    Like even just be an admin cop.
    And how have you used your degree to get 10 years of experience : )

  8. I write fiction on the side and am hoping to get published…but for 13 years Ive been a secretary for a child and spousal support office on an English Literature degree

  9. Brilliant video. She is very smart. Many college degrees are useless and young people are enslaved with huge student loans because they were lied to and told that a college degree was a "great investment".

  10. “ people can take away everything from u, but they can’t take away ur education “ – all parents
    “ without ur school degree ur nothin” – been there, done that – indian parents
    felt that

  11. I think the "don't go to college" rhetoric is extremely dangerous especially for minorities in this "post-truth age". It sees as though a college education is appreciated only for the income a person hopes it would bring. While this is extremely important, a college education contributes much more holistically to the the total individual. A college education empowers you (or should empower you) to discern the truth from the lie in information that is handed to you – information that even the tech giants hand to you through various means. Don't ever regret investing in the development of your thinking skills.


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