Why are you so fat? Were you bullied? Biggest inspiration? #AskCassey


Was I ever overweight? How do I deal with body shaming? What do I dream? How many yoga mats do I have? I took your questions and am answering them today!

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Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, named Greatist’s Top 100 Health & Fitness Influencers in the World alongside Michelle Obama. She is the winner of the “Social Fitness” Shorty Award and FITNESS Magazine named her their “Best Healthy Living Blogger”. She’s been featured on Dr. Oz, EXTRA TV, The Steve Harvey Show, COSMPOLITAN Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, SELF Magazine, NY Times, LA Times, and many more.


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  1. Hello Cassey,
    My name is Imogen Revell and I am 11 years old❤️ I have recently been bullied to think that I was fat🔫 They called me fat pig and a podgy donut😩 I still feel fat but you have helped me to workout and they are working very well so THANKYOU so much😘 I love you Cassey😻💫

  2. @naomi degamo its super fine to bath/shower after working out, in fact, its better. Because it gets all the sweat, dead skin cells and icky stuff off of you. Although if you bath instead of shower, before you get out, rinse yourself off so that the dirt doesn't cling to you.

  3. I don't know if you have a dog yet (since it's been a year since you filmed this), but if you DO get a smaller dog, you could totally travel with him/her! Complete your life 🙂

  4. I had a similar experience in my childhood, maybe 1st grade. One of my friends pinched my belly and said, "Look at all this fat you have!" It's like a light was turned on and I always considered myself fat after that.

  5. I'd rather have instinct! trusting your self and your body is so important to health. like mindful eating and mindful self compassion is drawing from your source of instinctual trust in yourself and body, not intellect. sending my love from a Canadian in cambodia! thank you so much for keeping me fit while overseas. love you! :*

  6. Your video an personality helped me so much during my journey to lose weight. I used to play voleyball in high school 6 times a week for 2 hours, and I didn't even realize that i was working out because i truly enjoyed it so much. Unfortunately when uni came i couldn't keep up with it (that's kind of a negative side if you are doing teamsports, i think). Since than i couldn't find anything that I liked to do, because well running is not for me plus my joints can't really handle it. Only 2 workout types can I enjoy: fitnesblender's kikcbox videios (because i can relieve stress) and YOUR VIDEOS. When I started I couldn't really do all the moves properly but I do get better each time and yout positiv attitude and cheering just keeps me going, so I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 Unfortunately now I work during uni, so i don't really have that much time. Can you (or anyone lese) give me tips to stay healthy and lose weight if I don't necessarily have an hour to work out every day. thanks and love you

  7. Cassey, it's humbling that you say we're your inspiration because you yourself are so inspiring! I've been a POPster since 10th grade and I'm in my first year of uni now. I'm so thankful to you for keeping me on track. Whenever I feel like eating junk or not working out, your bubbly voice reminds me to eat clean and do some pilates. I've never given up because of how you've never given up. So happy I found your videos that faithful day 4 years ago. Love you, girl <3

  8. Every time she talks about motivation I'm like
    Frustration, desperation
    You say I need some kind of medication
    Situation: no motivation
    Destination: permanent vacation

    I know, I'm wierd…😋

  9. Hey Cassey – it says I won the HP Stream giveaway! I realize this was over a year ago, but I was never notified :(. I can't really miss something I didn't have, but did you give it away to somebody else since I never claimed it?

  10. I think the reason why your friends are scared to work out with you is because they've seen your videos and know how strong you are. xD I honestly get scared to work out in public or by my friends that have been at it for a while because I know that I'm just not that strong YET. I've been working out and doing palates for about two months now, and I have a friend who has been doing a bit of running and palates for a couple months longer than me. It's intimidating, and I know it shouldn't be.
    I guess I just need to learn to feel free to laugh at my failures and push forward no matter who I'm with. 🙂 <3

  11. Cassey, a similar thing happened to me when I was little that made me SO self-conscious. My cousin pointed out my double chin in my fourth grade yearbook photo. Then that same year my step-mom said I needed to work out so my legs wouldn't rub together. Looking back, I think it's CRAZY they were judging a little 9 year-old who was still growing and just about to hit puberty. My little brother is 8 and thinks he's fat. He told me he sucks in his stomach when he walks by a girl. It breaks my heart that kids are so critical of each other and themselves at such a young age. Thank you for what you do for body positivity. I want to do the same thing for the kids in my life and my students when I become a teacher.

  12. I remember seeing this girl wearing one of Cassy' s shirts and I said to that girl don't give up on your fitness journey. A month later she won first place in a weightlifting competition. I was so happy.

    Your dream means you feel like when you are exercising (you use your mat to exercise so the mat must symbolises exercise, most likely) you can do anything. The fact that the water/waves came and you stayed afloat shows that exercise has a positive impact on you. It has such a positive impact that it then turned into something more stable (like a raft) It has such a big impact that you went over a wave by using magic, so the fact that you saw your dad and you sank, must mean he had put you down (in life or something), or stopped you from doing exercise. (not individually, try compare these things to more bigger things that have happened in your life).
    love you ^-^

  14. I know this a little too late and you proberbly won't see it but I might as well give it a go.
    I would just like to say thank you, for real I cannot express how much this helped me, during the past 4-6 months I have gotten really deep down into depression and anxiety again, obviously I need therapy but the thing is that I am so scared of going to therapy and especially at night when I'm alone and able to overthink I get so scared that I'm afraid I might end up hurting myself again (former cutter (finally reached my 10 months cutfree milestone!) and had one suicide attempt a year ago) but you just inspire me to get up and actually do something and oh my god it just saves me from all the overthinking and so on because exersice just makes me so happy that I just go to sleep with a smile on my face every day! So thank you!

  15. can you make a video of tips for minors who want to get healthy and don't have much of a option on what they eat and how to get a work out in when you have school

  16. Okay, so people who are craving food: Cravings usually mean that you are deficient in certain nutrients. Make sure to take vitamins, because it's hard to know what vitamins are in what food. I used to crave sweets all of the time, so I did some research, and it's a sign that you're deficient in B3. I've kept up with it and my cravings are gone! Silly body, there's no Niacin in cake.

  17. I'm trying to eat clean, but my parents get upset when I say I don't want to eat their unhealthy food. I tell them there's too much oil, and they be like "the oil makes it taste better." I say that pork belly is too fat, and they say "the fat is the best part!" And my dad always suggests to buy hamburgers and pizza….

  18. Oh my goodness the tablet seems so amazing, whenever I have to stay away from my house there's never wifi and I can't workout. That would be so useful!! My choice would be instinct too. Instinct cannot be learned, but it so useful for any situation; foe example if I had a friend that could potentially hurt me or be detrimental to my life, I'd know straight away and could avoid that suffering. Although someotimes going through suffering is really good cause it makes you stronger and better in the end I've already been through a lot and learnt all I need to at this point in my life so I definitely want instinct- it may even help me save a life one day. However I'm 13 and although intellect would be very useful, I like working hard and I do every day and I'm happy being what I am as a result of trying my best. That's my answer xx

  19. Omg, I had a very similar problem in 6th grade…yas. I never played attention on my legs hair and one day 2 girls bullied me because I had so much hair on my legs and yes…it was horrible 😐

  20. Hi! I'm a 20 year old girl from Denmark and I just wanna say THANK YOU! I have been training since I was around 12 years old. I have always been a bit chubby and really insecure about my body. I have tried a lot of different kind of training like going to the gym, going to handball, running and so on. But two years ago I starting using youtube videos for training. Then I found you! I started with the May calendar 2017 and it is AMAZING. I love it, I think it's fun and I really enjoy my workouts now. I have never been more confident, I'm still insecure, but not as much as before. But you and the other POPsters really help me. I feel a lot stronger both physically and mentally. You're doing an amazing job and without you I would probably still be the chubby, insecure girl instead of this strong, confident POPster. So thank you and thanks too the other POPsters. The light of my day is my workout, even though it can be hard and difficult I get through it!
    THANK YOU <3 <3 <3

  21. When I was around 10 I was a little chubby and overweight. My mother, grandmother and stepfather said I should lose weight. It didn't really work. Now I'm older and I still a little overweight, but I don't look fat and they don't say that anymore. They never understood that everytime they said I was fat it hurt so much more than when someone else said it. Because of them my brother, stepbrothers and stepsister also started saying I was fat. While no one else said it. The doctor said I was overweight, but at school I was never bullied for being fat. Looking back, I see they actually bullied me. They didn't meant it like that, but they were bullying me for just being who I was. Ever since than I'm not confident and happy with my body anymore. That's also because at school I was bullied for being tall. The two things that stood out most about me (being tall and being chubby) were taught to me as being something bad. Something I should be ashamed of.

  22. I'm just so stressed as i live in the UK my exams are next year and i need to revise from this moment, and i just keep eating and my tummy is just so flabby and i have literally no time to do exercise 😣😭😭

  23. hey Cassey, my parents always called me fat from a young age cause I never had a flat stomach and it led to me becoming anorexic and then when I decided to recover id been doing pretty well for a few weeks and my boyfriends likes to do a period care package usually hot chocolate malteesers and marshmallows, but this particular time he bought me ice cream and I was a little off that day anyway cause we had a really unhealthy dinner and then his mum turned round and said to me have fun eating that all tonight and my heart dropped I felt if I looked like someone capable of eating a tub of ice cream in one night then I must be really fat and I spiralled again this time though I was determined to lose more weight quicker so I took to youtube to find fitness channels and the two I decided on was you and scoladondo and between your channels ive learned to love food rather than fear and not worry about whether my thighs rub together or if I have a flat stomach I love working out and I can eat healthily and still enjoy it. thank you so much for being a huge inspirtation

  24. Have you ever put weight back on i was 177 pounds but I am back to 183 but I am not going to give up so I thake you for your weight lose videos 😀😀😀 💖💖💖💙💚💛💜


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