Why I will NEVER DIET Again


This is a very personal vlog for me because I’ve been avoiding coming to terms with a part of my past that I’m not very proud of. I think it’s only fair that I share this story with you so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

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  1. I'm just so confused right now
    I am working out and I'm on a strict diet and really trying to lose weight and watching this doesn't stop me, it is still important for me how my body looks and she has always said this depends 80 percent on our diet and the other twenty is workout and … and now she is saying NOT TO DIET !!! what the hell ???
    actually this makes me disappointed and doubt what I'm doing😞😟
    heeellllpppp please

  2. hi Cassey I used to work out 4 days a week and eat probably around 1000 or less calories a day. At that time I lost 10 pounds or even more, but during that time I was always upset and moody because i think i am fat and even i work so hard, my hard work didn't pay off. By now, I knew I seemed angry all the time to my friends and they didn't know what to do with me. Then, I started to develop binge eating and gained all the weight back. I felt so disappointed in myself. I realised i didn't like working out, doing cardio. I see no point in doing those things that make me feel like a torture. Luckily now i am happy with my weight and my body. I realised my friends and people actually don't really care how you look, and my friends are still gonna be my friends no matter what. I just don't really find having fun when doing exercise. Can you tell me what motivates you and you find fun in doing workout? Thank you:))))))

  3. I love this video ❤️I love how you love to help us women not to think about our weight❤️I love your workout video the must because you inspire women to be there self and not someone else 💖 I feel that I'm so fat that I need to lose weight for my husband to love me .I don't like to eat much because I'm fear that I will gain weight even eating a little. That's why I love your videos.I know I only just been watching your videos for a couple weeks but I love how you are in your videos❤️Your video have been the best ones I seen on here.Thank you again for what ya doing everyday 💖

  4. Thank you for this video! I'm doing my best to focus my fitness journey on having more energy and reducing the likelihood of things like diabetes and high blood pressure when I'm older. If I lose weight and get abs in the meantime, I'll consider that an awesome bonus but not my be-all-end-all. Thank you for the inspiration, Cassey!

  5. This video makes me think of myself. My mom is concerned that I'm getting anorexia. It might be true because I try to avoid food and exercise quite a lot( but not four hours). Also I kinda think that I'm fat even tho everyone keep telling me that I'm thin. I feel quilty everytime I eat some kinda treat. Do you think I might be getting an eating disorder?

  6. This is exactly what I'm going through. I know its superficial, but I feel like if I don't get this six pack — I'm going to live the rest of my life wishing I had one. This video urges me to go about this goal in the healthiest way possible. Nice to see how human someone as incredible you are! I'm SO TOUCHED! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this Cassey, I really needed to hear this now. I'm really struggling balancing eating healthy and being obsessive, avoiding carbs and fruit because they're "unhealthy"! I really appreciate hearing this, it's invaluable to me ❤️ (p.s sorry it's a year late comment!!)

  8. I fell in the diet trap in 2012 too. My self worth at the time was tangled with how " hot" I was to other men. Now my focus is solely on how good training makes me feel and I no longer lift up my shirt to examine my abs and pinch my fat in every mirror I pass. I only just discovered your Chanel but I think it is really interesting how we simultaneously were growing and evolving in a very similar direction and mindset. My body type is also very similar to yours and it is inspirational to me to see someone like yourself blossom the way you have. Thanks for sharing.

  9. That may have been one heck of a time but it was one of the most important for you too. Now you know and won't make the mistake again

  10. A really close friend of mind tried to go vegetarian. He has super quick metabolism, and not eating meat made him lose the weight he didn’t have. He had to quit after a few months because he was too unhealthy and skinny. Choose a diet that works for you folks!

  11. Peer presure, it's quite understable… Society should lead us to healthy choices and a sane lifestyle, not to get a ripped body for our instagram accounts with eating disorders after

  12. i love love how brave you are! youtubers like you and rawritta inspire me so much to do better! thank you for sharing your story!

  13. I had a worse eating disorder just a couple days ago. In high school there’s so much pressure. I ate only egg whites and green tea. That’s it for like 4 weeks. I wasn’t fat to begin with. I was pretty tiny. Like a medium or small clothing size. I lost so much weight!! I am now starting to add 50-100 Cals everyday to get back to the normal 1500 cals. I was working out 4 hrs a day. Like sprinting, jump rope and weight training. I am trying to slowly add back cals. Let’s hope

  14. everytime i feel horrible because i ate i come back to this video. i need reassurance/validation that it is ok to eat. it is ok to not have those lean lines. it is ok to not have a victoria secret model body. it is ok to be me.

  15. Thank you for sharing this!! It’s so amazingly helpful, I look up to you as so many of your followers do and your honesty and vulnerability only makes us love you more! Ty!

  16. I don't step on the scale anymore, since I started watching you videos! I focus more on the healthiest version I can be, healthily AND HAPPILY

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  18. That sauna thing has been discredited. It's just water coming out of you, not toxins or fat. Sorry about your trainer he shouldn't have encouraged you to develop an eating disorder.

  19. You may not have the biggest butt, smallest waist, flattest tummy but girl you're strong, you're inspiring, you're the first online fitness instructor I've followed because there's no bullshit from you and I've learned so much from you. My love and support all the way!

  20. Wow. What an inspiring tale of how a lack of basic critical thinking can screw you over. This wasn't a "journey" to self-acceptance. 20 minutes of research or an ability to question an authority figure would have thrown up red flags aplenty.

  21. I wish I had this kind of honesty or confrontation when I was 16 4 years ago when I starved myself everyday and only let myself have 600 calories a day at most. On days where I really needed to restrict myself, 300 calories. What I learned today is I did all of all out of a place of hate and resentment towards myself and the people that put me down and discouraged me. I was mutilating myself for the things I couldn't control and beating myself up and blaming myself for other people hurting me. eventhough I was successfully losing 10 ins eventually each week, I still hated what I saw in the mirror. I still had a pooch that would droop over my tummy. I went down to 98 ibs, I had incredibly pale blue and yellow skin, my face was hollow, my ribs were showing, I finally had a thigh gap, my waist was finally thin and had somewhat of a hourglass figure. I was incredibly happy I finally had some of those features I've seen plastered all over magazines and media. But deep on th inside, I was in a lot of turmoil, pain, and self hurt.

  22. One of the MOST humbling famous fitness Gurus you will EVER come across in your lifetime! This woman is a saint, an inspiration, with a gorgeous personality, who radiates beauty from inside and out! So attractive she is. Love you, and LOVE your message! No doubt you have touched many hearts with this one 😉 😘🙏💓💙

  23. Hey Cassey, I really appreciate you for this video! I went trough a similar story and so 100 people do. I had a bad eating disorder starting anorexic and than going bulemic. That followed by 5 Years bad indigestion and undernourishment, that almost felt like dying is a good option, if there is no cure in sight.

    Now I´m doing much better but still struggling with the last complaints, but they will heal and pass.
    It´s really going trough hell, like you are discribing. And I really hope lots of people get inspired and warned by you and this video!

    You are great cassy and you look so, too! Thank you for your inspiring work! 😀
    Stay yourself! Love You!

  24. Lmao at all the people in the comments saying how the bikini models “didn’t even look that good”. Can’t you see that you are part of the problem ? Stop attacking women’s bodies PERIOD

  25. I just started watching u about 63days ago iv lost 16lbs so far u really r a great leader and to have a body like yours is ideal u r beautiful. I got a 21 month old and im a stay at home mom so I had a c section and my lil pod at the bottom of my belly is the hardest thing im h aveing trouble geting rid of. But I've inspired me to try my best and I want to say thank u

  26. Love this so so so much! I’ve struggled with the same thing. I have a fitness account on Instagram and people know me as the “fit girl”. And I used to stress SO much about not having abs. So glad I’ve learned since then

  27. I suffered from 2 eating disorders. I use to be anorexic and I had binge eating disorder. Now your probably thinking that's impossible by having both of those eating disorders well I'm here to tell u it's not impossible because I suffered from it. It was a horrible experience. I use to starve myself during the week and then binge on the weekends. It was so damaging to my health. During the week when I would starve myself I only consumed 100 calories a day. I remember wanting to look like those girls on the cover of the magazine's. And for me and everyone else it's not achievable because they use Photoshop. And one day I decided to take my life back. And not do stupid diets. Now I just except the body I have. I eat whatever I want and i workout now cause I love to. In the past I use to workout to try and change the way my body looks. Now I do it for health reasons. To live longer and be strong both mentally and physically.

  28. Cassie I almost cried when you shared your experience, I could not imagine myself training for 4 hours and eat only a bloody 1000kcal. There are always misconception on the scale: the lighter you are the better. But NONE OF IT TRUE.

    Each bodies are unique and they have their appropriate portion. Diet is not about starving but eating healthy, and believe it or not my number of scale isnt budging while I am down two numbers of my pants.

    I am so glad you realise that those days past and you live a healthy life now. Being happy and positive is the ultimate goal 😀

  29. If you want to gain muscle and abs dieting isn’t going to help. Although if you want to loose some weight and body fat dieting will work. But don’t starve yourself, when you diet don’t completely not eat and sugars or fats. Once in a while treat yourself, and keep on exploring to see what helps your body whether you want to loose weight or gain muscle.

  30. I am reading an amazing book right now called Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch that my counselor recommended to me. Everyone here should DEFINITELY check it out, bc it focuses on NOT dieting but maintaining a healthy happy body and mind just by checking in with yourself and listening to what your body wants. It honestly put into words so many harmful emotions i had about food and lately I've been feeling so much better!

  31. I've only been a popster since early this year. Your 2012 videos make so much more sense to me now, you are a completely different version of yourself in those vids!

  32. Dieting f***s with your metabolism. It's better to workout and eat! You will feel much better, you feel sustained and fueled and fit.
    Dieting also clogs your brain with unhealthy thoughts: You obsess over calories, when you could enjoy food. And enjoying food is a great part of life.
    I never want to diet again in my life. I listen to my body and try to eat right (with some occasional splurging) Don't be obsessed over your body. The world needs you: Your thoughts and ideas, your creativity, your friendships and caring. Riot not diet!

  33. I’m so happy to hear that you were subconsciously not thrilled with what you were doing.
    I love love love that swimsuit tho. It’s adorable! The stress is probably what had you gain weight.

  34. THANK YOU for sharing Cassey!!! I Plead not to Diet again!!! I Personally am Weighed by my Dr. and as long as he says I am within my healthy weight range and BMI range I'm Great with that!!

  35. I tried losing weight a few years ago,but it made me feel miserable. My eyes constantly wandered to other thin people and my own belly. I felt guilty even after eating healthy foods.sometimes I used to just snap and binge on junk foods. My friendships, academics and self esteem suffered a lot at that time.
    After coming across some self- help videos,I decided to stop with the weight loss nonsense and make being fit as my main priority.Watching an amazing gymnastic performance in person was what gave me the main motivation.I exercised daily and binged on a lots of martial arts, gymnastics, mountain climbing videos and kept telling myself how amazing it would be to do such amazing things like them. Whenever I looked into mirror,I stood in a confident martial artist pose and gave myself a proud smile. I have observed that now a days I am much more happier,active and in shape than before. Quitting unhealthy food habits just came naturally to me…

  36. And this is why we shouldn’t blindly trust trainers. Studying nutrition is especially hard, and requires difficult and proper education. Thank goodness a larger number of us are learning to be suspicious and critical towards diet culture and society.

  37. You are brave for bringing up your story! I once found older videos of yours and I thought to myself "oh wow, Cassey looks so skinny in this video. It's a bit too skinny but she was younger so I guess it's her young adult body (most teens are very skinny bc of their metabolism) but I always thought your current body was goals! I even thought myself "Cassey gained a few more muscles now and she looks bomb!"
    You are so strong and your guns girl! Your body and mindset ist my goal!

  38. Watching this video till now 2019, you are such a motivational human; thanks for sharing this with us💖 and I wanted you to know that you inspire me so much to be each day the best version of myself, Thank you Cassey💖 I love you:)

  39. You are human, we learn from making mistakes. I'm glad you are treating yourself so much better now:-) You are wonderful, thank you for all the time you take for these workouts, it is changing my life. I admire your strength and fluidity when you do these ridiculously hard exercises. I strive to be as smooth and effortless as you in my pilates workouts.

  40. now I am sad… I know and I understand that dieting is not the right thing, but I just can't think of anything else to lose weight fast. And eating healthy is important but I just can't not eat all the other foods… what the f do I have to do to change my mind

  41. Dieting is eating healthy foods and it's not not eating if you don't eat your body can't handle all the pressure if your training you have to eat more before you train and when you train you will lose the calories you ate 😀 💪

  42. Love this! I would rather be weighed by my mental strength. Anytime I tell anyone my back story they’re always like, “And you’re still smiling! Wow.” Yep. I’ve been through some pretty toxic stuff and I still have my bad days but I try to keep trucking.


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