Why is D&D So Popular Again? (ft. The Russo Brothers, Deborah Ann Woll & More)


The Russo Brothers, Deborah Ann Woll, Joe Manganiello, and more join D&D heavyweights to detail the contributing factors to D&D’s remarkable resurgence in recent years.

Dungeons & Dragons has been around since 1974, and by the end of the 1980s, tens of millions of players worldwide were plundering dungeons and slaying dragons. Though interest had waned a bit since the 1990s, D&D remained one of the most popular games in all of geekdom.
Now, more than 45 years after the birth of the game, D&D has more players than ever. But why has this traditionally stigmatized game become so incredibly successful? We asked some of the biggest names in the world of Dungeons & Dragons what they think makes D&D a critical hit.

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  1. One thing the did not touch on really is that also Electronic games are finely at an all time low in popularity. WoW on its largest downturn, Call Of Duty fanatics are finely over being blinded by the same game re-skined a 200th time, and graphics are no longer a driving force in games. Its finely back to story telling. This is the perfect environment for DnD to Thrive in!

  2. This is so great to see it take off again..,now will someone 0ease get hbo , or Netflix etc. to make a drizzt series. These are my favorite fantasy books ever..maybe even the dragon lance series.

  3. I was thinking about sending this video to potentiel D&D players, but this video only appeals to D&D fans. I loved it, but I think its only preaching to the choir, or did somebody had a different experience?

  4. Ohh I can answer this: They streamlined the gameplay to make it very easy to jump in and the rise of dnd streams that made dungeons and dragons a much more social (and less private) hobby. Essentially it was a grassroots push aided by simplifying the ruleset so everyone else could join.

  5. I don't want to start some kind of edition wars or something, and as I appreciate what classic D&D was, what DnD 3.5ed was and what 5e is right now, for me, it's funny that people only see DnD. There is SO MANY different tabletop RPGs to try! DnD is nice for begginer, but certainly not the only game that you can try as a beginner. For you guys that already played some DnD, but are new to tabletop RPGs – go, research and try other games. If you think that there are LIMITLESS worlds to discover within DnD, multiply that thousandfold! Go, explore and share your RPG experiences with others 🙂

  6. 5th edition and putting base rules online was a gift to DnD – I know I started playing again with a bunch of parents from my daughters school class and they were thrilled because now they could finally try IT 🙂

  7. I've always loved the idea of D&D. My favorite movies growing up were the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I loved the Drizzt books by R.A. Salvatore. I played WoW for years. Just anything fantasy I loved! But, I do have to admit that watching Critical Role is definitely what really inspired me to just start DMing a game with my cousins and friends. And it's been amazing! We're having so much fun with it! I'm 31 and just started a few months ago in 2019! Haha.

  8. So ease of access is the reason why there is such a surge in popularity of D&D now a days then how come they are saying how easy 5E is when 4E was easier to play than 5E is oh wait it failed that's why

  9. The DnD segment of Harmontown is the most entertaining podcast ever. Worth a shot if you haven't listened already. They're very loose with the actual rules, but Spencer Crittenden is phenomenal and the cast is hysterical.

  10. Ehh, been playing since 1st edition, and I like 5th edition, I just think it lost its allure a bit now that it's mainstream. In the past it seemed cryptic and mysterious. That's been lost in some ways and I miss that. Not down with the whole streamer culture thing.

    Also if dnd is so huge now why hasn't there been a new AAA Adnd video game since Never winter Nights 2 in 2006 or ice wind dale / baldur's gate before it?

  11. "why is D&D so popular again?"

    because america tried running off of a system of jocks. and look where we are now?
    nerds for life, nerds for congress, nerds for president.

  12. i have wanted to play all my life but havent have any friend to play with and now im 35 and dont have any idea how to play it and still no friends interested in d&d :/

  13. DnD requires friends to be played. Not quite… you can play DnD with total strangers, in a pub, in a convention, anywhere. You'll meet new people and eventually/hopefully those strangers can become friends. So it's actually a nice tool to meet new and interesting people 😉

  14. For those who got in through stranger things, check out demogorgon in D&D, depending on your expectations Two-Headed Baboons with Squiddy arms might disappoint you. At least it's the most powerful Demon Lord.

    (My brother got me into D&D, he's been DMing online since he was 10, which is odd in it's own right)

  15. For those who got in through stranger things, check out demogorgon in D&D, depending on your expectations Two-Headed Baboons with Squiddy arms might disappoint you. At least it's the most powerful Demon Lord.

    (My brother got me into D&D, he's been DMing online since he was 10, which is odd in it's own right)

  16. This makes me unbelievably happy, and yet horribly sad at the same time. I absolutely love playing D&D. A few close friends and I had a campaign going for over a year, but then work schedules changed and we haven't been able to play for longer than that. I cant bring myself to find a "public" campaign, because I'm scared of not being able to get along with the people playing.

  17. I would also argue that the analog aspect isnt that important. I play 2 campagins online on roll20 and the people i play with were total strangers, but i now call them friends.

  18. whatdo you mean "popular /again/"
    I dont think its ever been popular by the masses, just nerds. Now that 5e is growing a ton, yes, its not pretty popular with tons of people, not just nerds.
    But id say this is the first time its been this hyped.

  19. Roll20 is why I play. I struggled finding people that'd play. Game stores intimidated me and my two friends weren't interested. Now I'm a DM of 2 years and have friends scattered in the US and Canada.

  20. How can you tell us that Patrick Rothfuss goes into detail about mirror neurons and storytelling in the longer clip and then not tell us where to see that clip?

  21. We do a Roll20 session every other Thursday and it truly is the best 3 hours of the 336, and we only just recently got into it towards the end of 2018.

  22. Because generations after the Boomers aren't just taking religion at face value, the biggest opponent of tabletop gaming, and are questioning some of the things that, to put it politely, didn't make sense!

  23. I like that all these people enjoy D&D, but calling them "Celebs" is like calling Elizabeth Warren a Native American.

  24. I am 7th level Dragonborn Forge Cleric of IO, I have been playing this character for just over 6 months.

    I still like 2nd edition better but I'll admit 5th edition is a lot easier to pick up and the ability to play

    different and more races is pretty awesome.

  25. "People crave face to face interaction." Actually this is very true. So much is done via the computer or phone now-a-days, that sometimes it's fun to just be with friends and play an exciting game together.

  26. If I were to categorize D&D as anything, it'd be a Multiplayer Adventure-Action-Horror-Fantasy Role Playing Game. It has literally the best of all worlds and more. I'm glad it's getting the recognition it deserves.

    You don't need an expensive setup or anything. Just a paper, pencil, and friends (or just a group online if that's more comfortable for you). There are loads of free mediums to make it even easier now to play as well like Roll20 (for maps and positioning), D&D Beyond (for character sheets), Discord (to talk), etc. It's so fun to play and you won't regret it.

    Even a terrible experience with your characters can have hilarious memories for the players.

  27. Deborah Ann Woll really loves D&D; you can see it clearly. She was already enchanting for me from her on-screen looks alone; to now see that she is a bigger "nerd" than I am and the glint in her eyes when she is speaking so passionately and sincerely about D&D just stole my heart. I thought I'm too old to be smitten by a movie star, lol.

  28. I blame Stranger Things. Kids saw something they wanted to be a part of that they didn't previously have knowledge about. Suddenly, it was cool to be a "nerd".

  29. you can sum these 20 min' with the last 3 min' – it's. all. about. the storyTELLING.
    you hear a joke, you listen to lyrics, you watch a show, a movie, a performance of any kind – you're less likely to re-tell or remember about what was in it, as much as how the "story" was told. how the performer/s told you, with words or actions or body language, a story that made you feel a certain way.

    but the thing with roleplay – you are a part of the story,
    and you are a part of making up the story.
    so you don't just take it in, you feedback off it both ways.

    and THAT'S what's really great and outstanding about roleplay.

    you don't have to know ANY rules

    just start to tell a story, with other people,
    and make it up as you go along, togather.
    that's all there is to it.


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