Will Daisy Ridley Quit Star Wars After Episode 9? – SJU



Roth Cornet
Dan Murrell
Spencer Gilbert
Joe Starr

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  1. Would you guys consider adding a text list of the movies you talk about when you do things like this? Maybe you could add it in post to the description. I just always find it hard to remember all the recoomendations and going back through the video for them is difficult.

  2. I don't see it as quiting, I thought a trilogy is enough for her character. Maybe a cameo here and there would be fun, but I can imagine her coming back for a trilogy like Mark hammil is now.

  3. Daisy would never be know as an actress without her doing Star Wars. Harrison became Indiana, ets because of Han Solo not in spite of it. I remember my large group of friends saying, “who is Daniel Craig” when he was being selected for James Bond. The only thing he had done was appear in Tomb Raider with Jolie. They did not believe me that he was in the movie even when I explained his role.

  4. Gonna have to disagree with Joe on the Goblin stuff from The Hobbit. I absolutely loathed it because it was just so divorced in tone and look from what had been previously established in that world that it felt cartooney in a bad way.

  5. This "Skywalker Saga" BS is really annoying, since when is it about the Skywalker's. Yes Luke and Anakin were the main focus of their trilogy but there were also characters that often felt like they shared the lead role (or were more important) in past films.

    It's not about Skywalkers or anything like that it just happens to be a point in time that the number of force users are heavily reduced (because of Anakin).

    It's been really annoying to hear people talk about how they don't want more Skywalker's or anything like that because it really doesn't matter unless you specifically look for it.

  6. didn't even watch the video. just came to write that I hope she does quit. nothing against her as an actor, but "Rey" needs to go. The whole narrative that Disney is telling needs to go. It's all Vaseline on the lens anyways

  7. Why would Rey comeback since it is in the end to this storyline. The upcoming films are not related to this. It is just happening within the universe. Honestly, I am happy. Time for new stories and new characters. I love Daisy and shouldn't have to continue making cameos and so on for this franchise. If they want to continue to breath life into this brand you shouldn't rely on using the same characters over again. They got to do something different.

    P.S. Roth is the best. Missed her fun happy vibe.

  8. One Del Toro movie that I have not seen pass development phase but that I'm very curious about is the Haunted Mansion movie. He has an entire room filled with Haunted Mansion memorabilia, I can only imagine how he's probably been thinking of making that movie since he was a kid.

  9. Roth, we'll never be mad at you for randomly talking about Daniel Radcliffe hahaha In fact you should always randomly talk about Daniel Radcliffe hahahahha

  10. Look who's back, back again…

    Seriously though, how does Roth make this show so much better? She's like a captain of this ship. – it sails so much more smoothly when she's at the wheel.

  11. By the time the cast mentioned Geteven I started to think that viewers should just check out Red Letter Media's best of the worst series.

  12. I dont think she meant quit cuz she only mentioned that she signed the contracts for the triology. There were no other plans yet for the new trilogy. More likely she meant that she doesnt know anything else yet for the future

  13. Miami Connection. Omg. Just so terribly great. Only reason I know it is because the band, Dragon Sound's song; "Friends" was played over the credits of Far Cry Blood Dragon. Highly recommended.

  14. When Joe told something about these 70s movies with Ninjas in it, I wondered if he was talking about the stuff Ed Glaser was inspired by when he did Ninja The Mission Force. But I guess that was an 80s thing. Anyway…Ninjas.
    EDIT: oh, he said 70s and 80s. Maybe it's the same Ninja stuff 😮
    EDIT: It totally is!

  15. While Star Wars is a brilliant franchise, it certainly puts the people who play those characters in a spot. I mean, just go look at the tumblr discourse surrounding Rey, of course Daisy would want to move on and away from that! One half of the fandom wrote her off as a 'Ma-Rey Sue', the other sees her as a 'uwu cinnamon roll' whose character arc completed in TFA! and in all this, Daisy is being limited! Look at the shitstorm that hit after she confessed to being friends with Adam Driver in her vogue magazine interview! People wrote detailed text-posts on how she'd 'used John Boyega' for popularity, and now was onto Driver. I mean, COME ON PEOPLE! Please, leave Daisy alone, leave John alone, leave Adam alone! Separate the actor from the character!

  16. "I bought a Vampire Motorcycle". A Brit fillm made by the cast or a tv series we had here. It also features Anthony Daniels as a priest. Particularly cool scenes involve repeling the bike with a sunbed, a the breathe of someone that eats a lot of garlic…. In other news, its holding the fort rather than holding down the fort. A fort being held meaning defended, them not being inflatable doesn't require them being held down.

  17. I noticed they didn't mention Rupert Grint who has had steady but low key career. He's been a lot of small films, mostly made in Britain and he is the lead in the Snatch the tv show.

  18. Nah,they should have her play Darth Revan in the new trilogy.Are you kidding me?Ofcourse she will leave,what would she do.Pull a skywalker in the sequel to the sequel trilogy?!

  19. I wonder what would have happened if "Dracula Untold" ended up being the 1st film in the Dark Universe series. Apparently at one point Warner Brothers was pushing for it, and it's a way better film than "The Mummy."

  20. Balas e Bolinhos is a very bad/awesome portuguese movie! The creator is currently working on one new english/portuguese spoken one called "bad investigate" that is not that bad anymore, but still got a lot of that feeling of badiness x')

  21. When you see this 2 months later and Daisy has come out and said she was misquoted and that she is more then happy to come back after the 9th is done she just has never thought about it


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