Winners & Losers of Comic-Con – SJU (SDCC 2018)


Our SJU panel goes over their winners & losers of Comc-Con 2018! Who stood out from the rest? Who could have done better? What about the Chewie cam? All those equally important questions are answered – it’s SJ Universe

Hosted by Roth Cornet and Joe Starr
Featuring Billy Business

DP: Ryan Elliot
Produced by Billy Patterson
Tech Director: Josh “JTE” Tapia
Content Manger: Ryan O’Toole

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  1. Billy, you are wrong about Robin

    To anyone who actually read the split between Dick and Bruce AS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN, this dark turn for Robin sucks. It was entirely amicable and treated as a young adult moving to full adulthood. The worst that happened was Dick pointing out that he was a more experienced team leader than Bruce.

    Read the New Teen Titans/Outsiders crossover.

  2. While SDCC 2018 had its memorable moments, Groot's smile and dance abilities along with Chewie's gravitas kind of wiped my mind regarding trailers. However, this video left with me an increased respect for Paul Bettany's intelligence along with a strong desire for a latte. Yes Roth, I did also enjoy the Gail Hurd interview. And wow 99 times! I get discouraged after a 2nd no…which explains my weak karma.

  3. literally less than one min in and I'm in hysterics. you guys are the best. no matter how low things get I can always rely on you guys for a laugh. thank you x

  4. The one thing I've always disliked about Screenjunkies is the constant private jokes or giggling about things off camera.
    As a listener to the Howard Stern show he always mentions what he's laughing at even in mid giggle so "the Audience" can join in the fun.
    Try to remember your doing a "Show" for the audience. You alienate the audience, and we have so many other options to listen to.
    Its simply broadcast 101.

  5. The Shazam costume is still so dumb, thought post production would fix it, but like I already thought Zack Levi was/is a great pick for Shazam. Love him and the kids. Can’t wait for the official official trailer. Ps hope the rock is gonna give us a surprise cameo at the end of the movie.

  6. Holy crap, I'm agreeing with Billy Biz. Shazam trailer turned me 180 around. I get why I care now. Like Aquaman and Godzilla got some interest, looked cool, but can I tell you why I care, or if I care? Idk. Idk if I'm there yet. But Shazam. I get it.

  7. It was so fun seeing your panel at SDCC! You guys are great on your feet. Next year can we have a live Q&A , or maybe an impromptu honest trailer pitch? Anyway — thanks for your sustained awesomeness! 😀

  8. I don’t plan on getting the DC streaming service, but if I were to get it, it would be to watch Young Justice: Outsiders and the other cartoons, that TITANS trailer looked awful

  9. It's not just the fuck Batman line the whole titans trailer is poorly edited and put together, the music is nonsense, cliche and redundant, everything about it is loud and in your face obnoxious

  10. “Shazam” trailer brought overall judgement of the movie a long way!

    Johnny Depp’s reputation is DONE!!! He needs to just bow out!

    Feige would tell Groot cus all Groot can say is “I am Groot.”

    I’m paying attention to the SpiderMan mug & it opened at 16:45. 😂😂

    Bettany is talking like he’s a film student. Nowadays, movies are made for everyone and TV finds niche audiences cus there’s so many outlets.

    It’s said so much how MCU is like a TV show on the big screen.

    With all the media, I overlook movies on TV / Netflix. If it’s not in theaters, I probably don’t know it exists.

    I hope my job (theater) isn’t dying.

    I’d want to see a movie / show / episode about the Bloody Countess! Sounds like a very cool story!

    “Hellfest” sounds SCARY, but COOL!!!

    Never. Seen. “Terminator.”

  11. I'm finding the studio-interview-studio-interview back and forth a little strange. Was it done to integrate the interview more with the show? Or just to mess us up with that changing coffee.

  12. Other than streaming, something else that can potentially kill the theater experience is ticket prices. The more expensive tickets get, the less people wanna go because sometimes it's so much and sometimes not even worth it.

  13. I think that if they could make going to the movie theater cheaper, then you would have people willing to go and see smaller movies on the big screen. It's not a lack of wanting to see things on the big screen, or preferring to watch on phones, it's because people aren't willing to pay $12 to see a movie they don't know if they'll like when they can pay $3.50 online. Where I live, the movies are only $6.50 at matinee and $7.50 after 5, but I still don't feel comfortable going to the movies more than once a month, max, because I don't make a ton of money and I need to save it. There are movies I'm unsure about, that I wait to come out on redbox, because I don't want to potentially waste my money on something I won't like. Hell, I didn't even see Jumanji until April for that very reason, even though it was super hyped. The fact that the movie theater experience may or may not be dying has less to do with whether audiences want to have that experience and more to do with the very high cost of having that experience.

  14. I dont get the praises for Shazam and Aquaman.
    Me and my friends all thought these trailers looked bad.
    Everytime trailers come out, online channels like Collider and ScreenJunkies are hyped and in the end everyone says that these movies are mediocre at best.
    These trailers looked mediocre at best.
    The VFX look so bad and the rest is like Justice League….horrible.

  15. Interesting question about the positive things that happen after Thanos' "snap." If we consider the "snap" a holocaust with many deaths, lets look at WW2 history. The US, Japan, West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden and many other countries had a big leap towards social and economic prosperity and ended up better than before the war. Sure many suffered but many did prosper. Maybe Thanos was right.

  16. Paul Bettany's comment about the changing roles of TV and movies was astute, but it's worth digging deeper into. TV needed content that worked for everyone in the past when shows were broadcast according to a fixed schedule There were only certain hours of the day on certain days of the week when most people could watch TV (prime time), so the most profitable strategy was to make broadly appealing content that satisfied as many people as possible. Content became more niche when TV moved from broadcast to on-demand. The difference is obvious: on-demand video services offer viewers access to a whole library of content instead of only one show at a time. Everyone having their own device that they keep on their person at all times also facilitated the shift to niche programming because it made it much easier for people in the same household to simultaneously watch different things.

    It's a bit more complicated why movies moved in the opposite direction and took TV's place as the content that needs to work for everyone. It's to do with the rapid rise of the international box office and the profitability of making movies that appeal to foreign markets. Only specific genres of film reliably succeed across cultures: one of those genres is big-budget spectacle films. This lead to a massive increase in film budgets. When a studio has invested that much money, they want to ensure they will make their money back. And making films as broadly appealing as possible is one way to maximise their chances of financial return. It's interesting to think about these two very different forces at work and to imagine how future technological and economic factors will change the kind of content on offer.


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