I got some of the GIGI X MAYBELLINE makeup so I thought i’d put it to the test and share what I think about it!
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  1. Girls: "As a feminist you shouldn't say bad things about other women"
    Those same girls: *say bad things about Sam to make their point about not saying bad things about women"

  2. I bet majority of you people who are giving Sam shit for saying she doesn't find Bella interesting are hypocritical. There's at least one person that you wouldn't find interesting and you'd express and tell your friends freely, not expecting judgement. Same goes for Sam, she considers her subscribers as friends so she's expressing herself. It's not even a big deal. Not like she said Bella is a mean, ugly, talentless. She even said she DOESN'T GET what is interesting about Bella, and ASKED for your guys input on what's interesting about her.

  3. Uhhhrfff I always get sooo cringy when people don't remove the hair from their face while doing make up, don't know why. It's just distracting me so much I can hardly watch the video haha.. I'm like PULL YOUR FUCKING HAIR BACK. Totally overreacting.

  4. Here we go everyone jumping to say they are offended by her opinion – honestly it's a chatty try on like she would with friends and I would much rather that than a boring "I love everyone everyone is great all the time"edited version- that's not real life and not how people think and talk- however there are a huge amount if u tubers who do that so go follow them

  5. I'm really not interested in either of them but If I had to choose I'd say I prefer Bella because I like her fashion sense and she has a model face to me and Gigi doesn't tbh, yes she's very pretty but idgi what is so 'supermodel' about her. lol

  6. Sam you look beautiful.  I am not interested in this collection but thank you for the review.  Thank you for being you and not contrived or fake for the Tube.  I am tired of the overly sensitive people who get upset when you have an opinion about someone or something that does match their views.  People it does not mean she does not support women.  Any women that says she supports every women is a LIAR!!  Good bye.  Please take that mess somewhere else.  Thanks.

  7. The gold eyeshadow is perfect with your complexion and eye colour. I don’t really ‘get’ the Hadid’s tbh.. yes they look great but where did they come from? What did they do to get so much exposure? They kind of remind me of the Hilton family.

  8. I use lilash and its amazing! My eyelashes look fake they're so long! People always comment and tell me how long my lashes are! Continue using it and I promise you'll se a difference!

  9. why are people acting like they never say anything bad about anyone. I'm sure all those who commented have said something worse sometime in their life. stop acting. it's just real

  10. Hey Sammi! Oh you will make me buy some of this make up 🙂 Now I am searching the Internet for swatches 😀 What are your thoughts on the eyeliner? Also, could you please make "how to style cropped jumpers" style video? Thank you! 🙂 <3

  11. okay a question, do maybelline actually use animal testing? because i heard that and since then i can’t bring myself to use their makeup 🙁

  12. I’ve been scrolling thru the trending tab, some guy on a discord want info on the state of the trending tab for a YouTube video. This is proof that the trending tab has gone to shit. 60k views in one day? That’s hardly trending…

  13. Omg I can't beleive you said : I don't get bella I don't get what's interesting about her ! I felt it's so offensive and harsh OUCH ! and I am quite surprised cause you generally seemed a nice person 😱 ☹️

  14. Bella Hadid is the most beautiful girl I have ever ever seen. Her beautiful dark hair looks dreamy and angelic against her lovely pale face. She is so loving of her family and her relationship with her dad is so touching. She is grateful for doing the job she loves. Bella is beautiful like her name.

  15. had to pause and say that lilash gave me really crazy long lashes. It takes a few months to really see it. So just keep using it I just told myself to forget about the results and one day u wake up really noticing it – so it was for me anyways. (really hard i know) Would def repurchase. Theyre slowly falling out if u stop using it though

  16. Bella is beautiful and a very sweet person actually. Don't judge her, that's not constructive criticism, it's rude. Both sisters are beautiful as are you and your sister. Don't triger your followers!

  17. Sammy your hair? come on now. Anyway the makeup look amazing The hadid girls are so lucky, their dad bought their careers, surgery procedures because they never used to look like the way they do now.

  18. Why is this on trending with only 89k views? It baffles me. I’m not hating, I’m just stating the obvious. The other vids on trending have 1.5 million views plus, This has 89 thousand. I’ve commented but I can’t like because make up and dresses are not my thing, if I was a woman? Then maybe. Adios.

  19. I do use lilash and my eyelashes are extremely long to the point I had to trim them otherwise they were literally hitting my sunglasses every time I blinked. I love them. I would say it took a couple months to start seeing the longer length and thickness. I just started the eyebrow serum.

  20. I want to know how this is on trending but even a video with millions and views isn't aslong as it's not "politically correct" or even large YouTube channels that get millions on everyvideo aren't on any spot on trending

  21. You used the tinted primer as an all over like foundation but it's meant to be used as a primer like for your contour and in those areas which goes underneath the foundation so you have a slight contour under the foundation

  22. interesting you said about the mascara feeling like brushing on cotton wool. that was an old trick back in the 90s ! was shit tho and felt horrible. ALSO i have just re-purchased lilash because i got amazing results from it pretty much straight away. i was very skeptical but i found it amaze !

  23. Honey, you need to put the black side of the mascara first, then the fibers and then the black one again. Otherwise the fibers wont have a where to stick.
    Looking amazing as always! love you channel <3

  24. I love that Bella is so bold and daring in her fashion sense. She has a very unique look. When you go to California you'll find a LOT of girls that look like Gigi. Tall, blond, tanned, etcetera. I feel like Bella is more of a standout and has a more unique public persona and fashion sense overall and that is to be respected.

  25. When I first seen gigi on a video clip I was wowed by her beauty. I thought Dammmmn she is the most beautiful women in the world I was in awe of her beauty. I thought who is this. And still to this day I hink she is the most beautiful women in the world. She is absolutely stuuuunnnnning


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