XHIT – Butt Exercises For Toning



  1. Good workout, but really do not like the guy in the background….tacky and unnecessary….let the workout speak for itself….don't need the tackiness and extra stupid gimics

  2. love your accent and spunk– makes working out fun!! Rebecca I felt the burn!!  40th min into workout added 2.5# ankle weights.  If I ever get rid of my cellulite it'll be a miracle!

  3. I FEEL THE BURN REBECCA ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ Your exercices are just great thank you ! How often and how long should i exercise every week ??? I don't need to loose weight, just toning ♡*(ू•‧̫•ू⑅)♡⋆*ೃ:.✧ thanks !!

  4. I understand that this is for toning, however can it be used to enhance the butt in size? I mean, my butt isn't bony or flat, in fact it's quite bubbly..but small. Any help? Many thanks in advance =')

  5. I'm whole in sweat.. but i feel so good i did the whole exercise.. This became my favorite chanel for workout! But this is gona help me also lose weight, right?


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