XHIT – How to Burn 150 Calories in 8 Minutes



  1. I was in an accident along time ago that left me with pins in my left ankle.I was wanting to find easy but affective alternative ways to work out?Could you please help me?

  2. If the lower impact chopping exercises burn calories at the same rate as the other high impact ones (the timer was going round at the same speed all the time) I'll do 8 mins of the chopping exercises 😈

  3. If you guys are gonna keep making calorie videos, you should be more accurate with them cause some people don't have heart rate monitors and trust what you say, which isn't great. 

  4. Okay, two things: firstly, do not show someone eating a donut at the beginning of a workout video because people who come here wanna get fit n lose weight and now u have got me craving donuts. Secondly, the number of calories you burn depends on ur size and the intensity of the workout- you cannot say that this video will get rid of 150 calories because it will not for everyone. Larger people burn more calories when they exercise than skinnier people and vice versa. So, the title and point of the video (how to burn 150 cals in 8 mins) is inaccurate. 

  5. Do you have to do any exercises before or after this or is it ok if I do this 8 minutes video whenever I get a time during the day? Thanks a lot Rebecca. Your fitness inspire me! I mean wow!


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