XHIT: Legs, Bums, and Tums


They’re the three areas that most people are forever trying to tone, and you’re probably doing it wrong. Today, fitness expert Rebecca-Louise gives you her legs, bums and tums workout, which will get you fitter, more toned and slimmer in no time.

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1. XHIT Sandbag Workout http://goo.gl/Lwx0r
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5. Cage Match Abs Workout http://goo.gl/PhSP8

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  1. I need some advice, I can't stay away from chocolate and candy. But I want to lose some weight, mainly through the legs and bum. But the problem is with food, so could anyone give me any advice?  Thanks, I know my english is bad but I hope somebody will understand this. 😀 I love the videos so much. 🙂

  2. Hi i just wanna say thank you, that these work-outs are always there, and they are really worth it❤️ Thank you that you re always there, ur guys are amazing (sorry for my english), but im really trying to do these work-outs to get a nice figure for the summer, thank you 🙂 <3

  3. It seems Rebecca is no longer as happy as in her other videos. Are you still okay, Rebecca? I love your videos, and you are my most favorite in xhit! ^_^

  4. These workouts are awesome, but I've been having trouble with my lower back when doing the core exercises. I've been making sure my back is flat and my core is tight but it's still giving me problems. What can I do?

  5. Hi! I need some advice. How much exercise is enough for one day? I mean, should I do one exercise per day? Like this (XHIT: Legs, Bums, and Tums) today, and no other exercise needed for today? Or should I mix two or three exercise for one day? Thank you

  6. I feel that this workout works more on your legs and your butt. But in some exercises in this video, you feel the burn in your abs. Overall, it's a great workout!

  7. Thank you for motivation and i love your videos. I used to think that its hard for me to keep up with workout video, but not with you rebecca. Ive lost 18lbs for 3 weeks. And i continuely workout with your video. Its really fun. I feel like you r teaching me personally thru it. I love you

  8. Your videos always give me great ideas for workouts. I run 4 times a week and work my abs 3 times a week. I have seen improvement in my abs but I feel like I'm building muscles in my abs more than slimming them. I eat right, 90% gluten & dairy free but get plenty of protein from nuts, tofu, and eggs. Any advice on slimming them more rather than bulking them? Thanks!

  9. Definitely think that doing these work outs has strengthened my core. I used to barely get off the ground doing bridges, now it's super easy. Thank you so much Rebecca and Kelsey! ♡

  10. I have a question! I have been working out with this video for 2months. however my legs was become thick. I think that I gained some muscle.. is it right?
    Is this video help to burn leg fat? or Do I workout different way?

  11. Hey Rebecca Louise! Great work out and what a lovely space! How about doing workout for different professions…for example architects that sit all day drawing or chefs that have to stand all the time? That could be interesting! I love how you motivate people not too loud but very nice and funny! Cheers!

  12. I love your videos thank you so much!! Rebecca you're my absolute favourite – and your strength and six pack keep me highly motivated to continue. Thank  you so much guys, please don't stop and please keep adding more variety for all the areas for working out – more cardio in a crunch, abs, legs etc!!! I feel absolutely amazing after your workouts! Thank you for the motivation!!

  13. I love your work outs rebecca 🙂 i downloaded it offline the arm work out, this leg, bum and the abs work out! To totally eliminate some of my fats! Thanks rebecca 🙂 x

  14. It's a great work out ! Rebecca you're awsome but when i do it my back hurts & i don't have any back problems and in while i absolutely can't continue it's like i lose energy I always have to stop for few seconds then continue .plz tell me rebecca if it's normal cuz i'm really motivated but i cant do it 🙁

  15. Hi I'm a guy but i love your videos. I like to work out and watch how people explain or teach people how to do these work outs. I was wandering cause I hear from some of my girl friends they say they like some guys butts so sometimes I do butt workouts🙊 I'm not that good at the super man but I saw u have a really beautiful body… But I admire u over some the other girls on this xhit account. And u have a beautiful accent. Love ur vids keep up the GREAT WORK!

  16. Hvae been doing 3 of your vedios: how to get slim arms; how to get slim calves& victoria secret angel butt workout, they are brilliant workouts short but very efficiently, I can see the different after 1 week!

  17. Okay, I have a question. Once you get the body you are working hard to get, do you keep working as hard or soften it up a bit? I know you don't just stop then they'll get back to the saggy booty, and body.

  18. I do a lot of exercises on here with different people but this has to be my favorite so far! I just feel like you are very encouraging in the right way and pleasant to work out with! Thank you!💪❤️


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