XHIT: Triceps and Cardio Workout


Everyone wants toned arms, but it takes more than desire to achieve your goals. Today on XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to work those tricky triceps that are often difficult for people attack during their workouts. Don’t blink, because we have some killer cardio mixed into this workout as well. Get after it and let us know how it went for you!
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  1. Rebbeca louise workout please ! I love your body. I can see the different your body before and after cause i play your old post I WANT REBBECA BODY♥ *#sorryforbadenglish

  2. I've been doing several of your videos every other day for the last month and I've gone down a pant size!!! -and I now have baby arm muscles!!! (Which I've never had in my entire life until now!! ) I tell everyone I have the best personal trainer!!! Have so many others hooked on your videos as we'll 🙂 thanx!!!


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