XHIT – Victoria’s Secret Angel Butt Workout



  1. Looks good.. but not sure whether it's going to work for me. I am out of shape since my second baby's born and haven't done any workouts after that. Use to run before. can these workouts be done without any extra time spent in gym? @XHIT Daily 

  2. Rebecca, could you share a video for the outer thighs and hips and longer than 7-8 min. (These outer thigh ins and outs guess I don't do htem right, don't hurt much). Cheers!

  3. I love these VS workout videos! I've been doing them several times every week.  But I've gone through all of the XHIT videos and I found a TON about shaping your booty, but none about getting perkier boobs.  Do you think you could make a workout video of chest strengthening exercises?


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