XMen Days of Future Past Beast Transformation Explained


XMen Days of Future Past Beast Transformation Explained
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We only have a few months to go before X-Men Days of Future Past hits theaters but new set pics have fans wondering what is going on with Beast? Alright, it’s time to issue a possible spoiler alert. Hardcore fans, if you are trying to treasure every surprise in Bryan Singer’s Days of Future Past come May, you may want to check out another one of our X-Men videos. If you’re still here, then we have some details from Nicholas Hoult himself on what is up with these new set pics of Hank McCoy who we all know turns into Beast. During an interview with JoBlo, Hoult hints that Beast may be taking a cue from Hulk. Let me explain. We’ve seen several pics of Nicholas Hoult appearing very unBeastly-like and director, Bryan Singer recently released this set pic of Hank McCoy, sans the fur, sitting in a room with several hi-tech computers. Hi-tech for the 70’s of course. But how does McCoy go from this to THIS? If you’re a fan of the first X-Men sequel, you know that Hank McCoy attempted to cure himself of the mutation that gave him ape-like feet and super strength using a hormonal extract. But that plan backfired and it instead enhanced his mutant genes and transformed him into Beast. Now, according to Hoult between the end of that film and this one, McCoy has created a special serum that allows him to now control the mutation. So, McCoy can look normal “as long as he doesn’t get worked up.” And, because it is an X-Men movie, we are pretty sure that avoiding “getting worked up” wont be easy. Hoult said “Any animal instinct or urges, that kind of brings him out. So, yeah, he changes into Beast a few times throughout the story and they’ve done some great action sequences with him this time, particularly in the mansion flying around on these chandeliers and stuff.” Hoult also said that his performance will be a hybrid of animal, athletic, gymnastic, fast and agile and that we may even see some kung fu action between him and Michael Fassbender’s Magneto. As far as one of the biggest challenges Hoult had while in character? Keeping the blue fur where it’s supposed to be! He said that he has found blue fur in several amusing places and because he sweats so much, he’s even eaten a lot of it too. And while we are on the topic of X-Men, you may be surprised at which X-Men character is rumored to be getting their own standalone movie, and who is being rumored to play it. To get more info on the future of the X-Men franchise, click right here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lZWFw0GgCA So, how to you all feel about the direction Bryan Singer is taking Beast in Days of Future Past? Let us know right here, and dont forget to also go over to Facebook and Twitter and connect and follow us over there as well. Im your movie host, Erin Robinson. See ya next time.

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  1. But why? Him looking differently is important to his character, why take it away and create a hulk or werewolf thing? If there are characters in comics that really do not need changing b/c they were already so well developed and rounded, it's the mutants. I do not think that taking away from it is wise.

  2. This is just more inconsistency to flush out later, which they probably won't, and we the fans are the ones left going crazy over this stuff like always. Kelsey Grammar was perfect in X3. They should have gotten him. This whole thing is a problem. I love X-Men, but this is making me more excited for Cap 2, Guardians, & Avengers 2!

  3. The whole point of beast is the fact that he's proud to be like that, or at least from what I've seen of his character in comics and other shows alike. I think they should have done something different, instead of emotional or sense changes, I think it should have been more trench coat and scarf. Just my opinion…

  4. why the hell would they do that with beast? he never had that ability even in the comics.. Thats why directors and writers who never read the books should stay the hell away from making these movies. They read a few and they dont get invested into he characters like we did as kids and adults. they just wanna save money on make up and shit… Hey lets make him like the hulk… some idiot said.. 

  5. And this ladies and gentlemen is why Brian Singer sucks at making X-Men films. I don't care what anybody says. First Class was the best X-men movie period. And now with Singer behind this one. I'm scared it will be another let down.

  6. why cant it be long range psychic camouflage that makes him appear as human…which Professor X uses his powers to help Hank blend in with humans or it could than Hank created a device that allows him to look human and Magneto pulls it off him and it turns him back into Beast…there must be over a hundreds of ways you can make Beast appear human, without going into the realm of the Hulk change…plus this makes him seem like a werewolf. 

  7. Actually this change if similar to something they with beast in the animated series before where Hank was able to turn himself back for a short time, but I'd I remember correctly after doing it a couple of times Hank was stuck because the serum stopped working.

  8. I hate what Brian Singer has done to xmen. When you have bad ass movies like Nolan's batman and basically any marvel movie I think we have come to expect a little more then the garbage he continues to shove down our throat.

  9. I dont get it. Its set after x men first class but wolverene comes back in time. Before logan does this he is standing next to yhe bold professor x who died in xmen the last stand 

  10. well….they should've left the "beastly" transformation from fist class, not the "humanly" tranformation from last stand :(…….and please find out why Xavier is walking in the past, that keeps making me uneasy with this movie :

  11. I really don't like what that are doing to beast. He means a lot to me and i am sure others, he is a message that though you may look different on the outside it is the inside that matters. : (

  12. I still hate the costumes. guys living in their mothers basement make way cooler costumes to Cons. But Billion $$ "20th Century Fox" tells them just to wear black leather. Disney's The Avengers got it right

  13. God, could Bryan Singer get anymore lazy? I have zero respect for this man as a director, especially after listening to his movie commentary on the first two X-Men movies he directed. He relied heavily on the general public knowledge of the X-Men based mostly from that 90s X-Men cartoon and then proceeded to cut production cost corners, as well as half ass the narrative in order to make his job easier.

    This man has zero respect for the source material. In fact, he has stated he's never bothered to read or research the X-Men source material in any format. This is a paycheck; don't fool yourselves into thinking Bryan Singer cares about this franchise.

  14. WTF!!??? So now we got beast being a dang hulk!!??? OMG Marvel needs to buy ALL its products back and redo EVERY SINGLE MARVEL MOVIE except Avengers and the Thors and hopefully not Capt America Winter Soldier!!!! 1st off idk why none of marvel movies are rated r!!??? i mean tho The Wolverine was pretty good but his character is not for PG 13 neither is ghost rider or hulk or any movie with them in it!!! pg 13 is spider man and FAntastic 4 not Wolverine shit!!!! kids nowadays dont read comics…. use grown ass ppl do so they need to cater to us and i blame disney for the watering down because of their name being attached!!!! when we see Wolverine we posed to see blood guts cuts and decapations!!!! they turned wolverine into the dam Aristicats!!!! i mean EVERY X men movie has been terrible…… All the Iron mans Terrible All the spidermans Terrible All the Hulks Terrible All the ghost riders Terrible all the fantastic 4s EXTREMELY terrible WTF Agent of Shield KILL YASELF TERRIBLE!!! 1st Capt America Terrible DD terrible elecktra terrible!!!! the thors was good green lantern was ok Avengers Classic but gosh!!!! Rant over!!!!

  15. beast with super strength? damn does this girl not know anything about what she is talking? try AGILITY. i've read it in comments before and yes, someone DOES need to correct her. and give her a sandwich.

  16. If Marvel bought back the rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four and the other bits and pieces, they would probably make back that money on the first few films because EVERYONE would go and see them and be much happier. Look at Avengers. It was done well. Hell, just get Joss Whedon to do everything Marvel.

  17. This sounds like a great idea?! Beast is the best character but this way you get to see Nicholas Hoult as Hank and tbh he's gorgeous, Ido realise this doesn't solve theproblem for everyone;) Love you Nick

  18. I really don't get why you guys keep complaining that the characters are nothing like in the comics. I mean aren't the movies set in some alternate universe and not Earth-616?

  19. I think this new Xmen movie should be entitled. Wolverine Days of the Future. Why wolverine again… if it about time traveling in Xmen, It must be Bishop. Forge, Hope or Cable (child of Jean Grey and Scott Summers)

  20. Leave it to FOX to mess up the things that shouldn't be changed. In The Last Stand,  Beast wanted the cure, he had lived in his current state for decades and wanted to go back. His attempt, as shown in First Class, to cure himself from the mutation is what caused his abilities to accelerate and take the form we all know and love. Now, we are supposed to except that he has come up with a cure that keeps him normal until he gets upset, and then "Hulks Out" ???? Very Lame. He's beast. When I see previews for this film, I see cost cutting everywhere. The Mutants are all covered from head to toe. So, when we see Ice-Man finally take ice form it's will only be his head and hands. Not his body. They are doing the same with Colossus, Just Head and arms, so we won't see his whole body. They cut cost in showing us the "Marvel" of what they can do.  Not to mention, the costumes look cheap and shiny like they were salvaged from the set of Mortal Kombat. The premise excites me, and the setting up of Apocalypse excites me but, their effort to cut cost is going to hurt the movie in my opinion. And if the previews look like that, and you're suppose to show us the stuff that gets us excited about going to see it, what does it look like in the actual movie? Really not good FOX, just like giving Beast the ability to now control his powers, when his character's main struggle with Mutancy was dealing with and having to accept his appearance and over coming that appearance to rise in politics and as an ambassador for Mutants in Congress.

  21. Anyone think Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) deserves her own stand-alone film? It'd be great to see a female hero (or anti-hero) get her own movie — and it would be a first for Marvel.

    A Magneto film might also work (with Mystique playing a supporting role similar to Black Widow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier) but I'd still prefer to see Mystique take center stage.

  22. I've never seen so many whiney bitches moaning about movies, till now. Geek or not, you've got to be happy with the direction that these movies are going. Why? because they are movies, not comic books. Most of you put so much high expectations on the Marvel/DC movies, that in the end they fail in your opinions. i for one have yet to be disappointed.

  23. The day DC comics were able to generate all this world wide expectation about their JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, announced 15 years ago, and still in process today… It will be ready to be released. 1,000 points for Marvel… Again.

  24. This whole serum thing annoys the shit out of me. Even more than how they've done Sunspot wrong. Why can these movies never be 100% great? Why do they always have to throw in something to annoy me?

  25. The producer and writer is taking the right path in the new X-man. I love to watch all X-men movies. Raven looks so hard in this movie, I would say that, I like the old Raven. I do understand that she is now becoming more of a villain. I also have my own X-man who is malicious, and down right a street, nerdy as… with his hands, and this is why I love, love, just love to watch your movies.

  26. First class was great actually but prob the xmen film that had the most in wrong castings ever besides pro x and magneto. And its so wrong compared with the comics. i would have preffered it being the original xmen 5 but then again they would have contradicted angel already appearing in X3. and jean and cyclops were much younger. but then why use havok cyclops younger brother? i like the films but they are getting the main simple facts that were important in xmen facts and stories all wrong. The Summers stories, the love interests, the age gaps, the phoenix, rouge. etc. in any case people just say they cant get everything in the film and its hard to keep all the facts but thats bull.  The basics have no excuse to be wrong. this small mistakes really mess up the story telling and contradicts future stories and retcons many things. i dont mind making up stuff like pro x and mystique were once friends but get the main facts rights.

  27. First class was great actually but prob the xmen film that had the most wrongs in castings ever besides pro x and magneto. And its so wrong compared with the comics. i would have preferred it being the original xmen 5 but then again they would have contradicted angel already appearing in X3. and jean and cyclops were much younger. But then why use havok cyclops younger brother? I like the films but they are getting the main simple facts that were important in X-Men facts and stories all wrong. The Summers stories, the love interests, the age gaps, the phoenix, rouge. etc. In any case people just say that they cant get everything in the film and its hard to keep all the facts when writing but thats bull.  The basics have no excuse to be wrong. These small mistakes really mess up the story telling and contradicts future stories and retcons many things. I dont mind making up small stuff for the sake of story telling like pro x and mystique were once friends and how Pro X got paralyzed but get the main facts right Fox!

  28. so stupid i am sick of directors and writers taking a big old shit on the original story arcs, artistic freedom is all well and good but theres some things that you just leave alone.


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