Yes, Wendy’s Has a Tabletop RPG – IGN Daily Fix


We’ve got another fast-food game, Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to PC, and guess what – Ghost Recon Breakpoint launches today!



  1. Kool-Aid man – 1983
    Yo Noid Pizza Hut – 1990
    M.C. Kids – 1991
    Chester Cheeta Snes – 1992
    Cool Spot was a 7up Sega game – 1993
    McDonald's Treasure Land Sega -1993
    Chex Quest PC – 1996
    Pepsiman PS1 – 1999
    Taco Bell Tasty Challenge – 2000
    Sneak King Burger King -2006
    M & Ms Break Em – 2007
    Dairy Queen Tycoon – 2008
    KFC Dating Sim – 2019

  2. As i am a fanboy of the Wendy's rpg game
    I'm highly sorry for these people representing this game like it is a joke for I and many others have found eternal love for this game and have been disgusted by the hate some people, have brought upon this holy game


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